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Summary: Buffy just wanted answers. What she ended up getting was a whole lot more.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-Centered(Recent Donor)BuffyCharmedFR1821,62225317,10216 Jul 063 Apr 07No

Prologue: Just Another Day

Prologue: Just Another Day

Author: BuffyCharmed

Summary: Buffy just wanted answers. What she ended up getting was a whole lot more.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything related to BtVS or X-Men

Setting: Buffy: AU after Primeval. X-Men: second movie.

Author’s Note: For those of you who care, this fic is being completely redone and under reconstruction. I went back over it and thought to myself, ‘self, you need to get your ass in gear and work on this fic.’ I hope I don’t disappoint you with my attempt. Not sure how often I can update, as I have school and another story I’m working on. Remember; Review, review, review!

Kick. Punch. Jump. Kick. Flip. Hit.

In the midst of the chaos, those were the only things running through her mind. Fight. Defend.


It was like a dance; each move choreographed to perfection. With every graceful move, every kick, every punch, every flip.

They knew.

They all knew. The demons and the vampires, and even the soldiers; they knew.

She would win. It was fruitless to think otherwise. You could see it. In her eyes, the determination.

She knew it too.

This. This moment, this feeling; this was the Slayer. What she is, what she breathes and feels and tastes. This is what she was made for.

But all beings have a weakness. And hers would be her downfall.

About 20 feet away she saw her. Red disheveled hair, a mixture of determination and fright in her eyes as a demon was closing in on her. Right then, she started seeping through.

Past the determination, past the warrior, past the deadly grace; there was a girl.

There was love, there was compassion, and there was friendship and worry. The girl was the heart. The soul. Seeing the red haired girl, now lying facedown on the ground barely conscious, tore through to her.

As life seemed to animate her eyes, the girl would venture towards her fallen friend.


As her head whipped around she looked into the panicked eyes of the dark haired boy who seemed to be calling to her.

That would be the last thing she saw before a violent shock enveloped her body from behind her, and everything went black.

Somewhere in Canada

Throughout the quiet of the cheap motel, all that could be heard was the shrill scream that came through the second floor.

Through one of the rooms, you would see a girl who looked no older than twenty bolt up from her sleep. Not that it was all that restful in the first place.

Trying to calm her nerves, Buffy only sat still, breathing in and out slowly, wiping the cold sweat from her face.

She’d had them again. The dreams. Though, she couldn’t remember a time when she hadn’t gotten them. They were all the same. Glimpses, flashes, and none of it concrete. She saw the scientists so eager for their results as they poked and prodded her, doing everything possible to find out what makes her tick. She got an involuntary shiver. There were some nights when her skin still tingled afterwards, as if someone had touched her, violated her. She commonly wakes up stunned that she’s still intact.

She wasn’t exactly sure herself how she’d gotten out and survived. Wherever she was, security definitely wasn’t feeble. All she knew was that she was free.

She seemed to recall a line about gift horses…..

It was this particular dream, though, that really got to her. She always saw them. The redhead and the dark haired boy. It always played out like it had been recorded somehow. She was in her zone, wiping out whatever the hell those things were coming at her, when she suddenly saw the girl hurt. The only reason she even knew her name was because the boy had called to her before she passed out. There were so many questions that came into play, and everything about that scene told her it was a memory. Just like the others were. So close, yet so far off. If she’d only known who they were…

Don’t go there, Buff. You know where it leads.

Desperately trying to divert her thoughts, she walked to sink and splashed her face with cold water. With a brief glimpse into the mirror, Buffy knew she looked like hell, but couldn’t bring herself to care.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she turned on the cheap TV. And surprise; the news was on. She growled in frustration at the particular topic. Then again, who wasn’t talking about the ‘mutant problem’ these days?”

The controversy of it all sickened her. But what could she do? It was in mans’ DNA to fear things you don’t understand. With the abundance of ignorant people in the world, she couldn’t stop people from not wanting to understand anymore than the rest of the world could.

Buffy snorted. Yeah, she was really one to talk. She couldn’t count on one hand the number of things that made her less than what human standard were. Either way, no matter what she was, it was unjust.

Anger rolling off of her, she unconsciously let out six very sharp claws. Winching slightly she brought them back to her knuckles. Speak of the devil…..

One nifty little gift the people that held her left were the lethal weapons imbedded in her skin. Some might say it was beyond cool, and hey, she wasn’t completely lost to the appeal. It was everything that was associated with them. They served as a constant reminder that she was a freak, that she’d never have a normal life.

And God, call her cliché, but a husband, two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence….sometimes she cried herself to sleep just thinking about all the things she knows she can never have.

Exhausted from her thoughts, Buffy simply turned off the TV and pulled up the covers on the bed.

“Life sucks,” she muttered to herself in a small voice. And with that, she closed her eyes in anticipation of yet another restless slumber.
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