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Road Trip

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Summary: As the Scoobies travel for work and fun they encounter various people. Chapters 23-28 posted on January 8, 2011

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsIndraLeighFR132819,46006670,49216 Jul 068 Jan 11No

Selecting Chains

Title: Selecting Chains
Crossover: BtVS and MacGyver
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Macgyver
Summary: Cordy and Wes had to get chains from somewhere they used in the episode Eternity
Author's notes(if any): Angel season one, episode eternity

“Those are too flimsy.”

Even though he knew exactly what hardware he needed to get to restock his workshop after building people Christmas presents MacGyver took his time pretending to pick so he could listen to the interesting conversation between the studious professor and fashionable dressed woman.

“We also need to get some locks.” The professor said stepping to the lock and connection display.

The woman hefted the chains on the spools, “I wonder what metal these are made from?”

“That is an interesting question. I can think of times when an iron chain would be very useful to have. There was a time when I was studying and one of my fellow students suggested chain confinement, but it would have been futile if the chair were not iron.”

“Wes. I think for now we just need strong chains. Who cares what they are made of.” The woman interrupted the man's talking.

Curious what these two would need strong chain for MacGyver hoped these two would keep on talking.

“This one is the strongest. That one has the least weight for its strength.” MacGyver said pointing to two spools of chains.

“Say I buy a really long chain and when I get home and get Ang... and the chain is too long. How do I cut it?” The woman asked, more interested in MacGyver's answer then him.

“I use one of these.” As MacGyver explained he saw Wes, the professor, flag down an employee.

“Cordelia, have you selected a chain yet?” Wes asked directing the employee to MacGyver and the woman.

“Great. We'll take both of these two spools and do you have anymore in the back or is this all you have?” Cordelia stated.

“I'll go check.” Scurrying off the home improvement store employee left them there.

“Thanks for your help.” Cordy said turning to look at the locks Wes had picked out.

As MacGyver walked away he wondered what class the professor would be teaching with strong chain and locks. A study in Houdini escapes? Strong man competitions? Anthropology and non-mainstream bedroom interactions? Maybe he could get the people at the Phoenix Foundation to look a college professor named Wes and Cordy. He could enroll in their class for research. What ever they taught it sure looked interesting.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Road Trip" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jan 11.

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