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Road Trip

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Summary: As the Scoobies travel for work and fun they encounter various people. Chapters 23-28 posted on January 8, 2011

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsIndraLeighFR132819,46006670,49216 Jul 068 Jan 11No

Stop in Dallas

I do not own the characters from either Buffy: The Vampire Slayer or Walker Texas Ranger.

This is set after "Chosen" for Buffy and for Walker, after Sydney and Gage join the show.

This particular bit is for Rob.

Jimmy Trivette watched as the taller of the two girls walking down the street stopped at
the entrance to the alley way across the road, as her shorter blond companion disappeared
into the shadows. Gage was in that alley. He and Trivette were undercover as homeless
men living in the alleys near a night club. The very night club where a seven missing
young women were last seen. So far six of the women had been found dead. Sydney and
Walker had positions inside the club as they had every night this week. Sidney was a
skimpily dressed club hopper with Walker working as a bouncer. The quiet street
allowed the sounds of a fight to carry across the street. Hurriedly heading into the scuffle
Trivette noticed that the brown haired girl now had a cell phone out. Smart girl, to call
for help and not jump in over her head.

"So meet at tomorrow at three o'clock at the restaurant. If we're early we'll get a
table....Five, who else is coming? Hold on a second." The girl's stance shifted as she
peered around the side of a building to look in the direction her friend's travel.

Trivette was shocked into stillness at the sight of a hulking giant running out of the alley,
right at the brunet. The girl, with her phone in one hand, pulled something from her back
to shoot the giant in the chest. Was that a crossbow? And what happened to the giant?
The girl sighed seeing her spectator, "Willow, I'll call you back. See you all tomorrow."

"Hey Dawn, where's a hospital? This guy got hit a couple hard times." The sight of Gage
being carried over the blonde’s shoulder and the simple conversational tone of voice
jolted him to action.

"Walker, Sydney, get out here now." Calling over his concealed microphone, Trivette
was trying to remain calm, then demanding, "Who are you and what are you doing with

"Uh, I'm the neighborhood watch? And I'm helping an injured neighbor out?" She
repositioned the unconscious man's weight as she attempted a casual blow off answer to
the question.

"Hey neighborhood watch." Dawn slid her phone into a pocket, smirking at the
uncomfortable questionee.

"Yeah?" Turning to look over Gage toward Dawn, hoping for help on getting attention
off of her the small woman plead for help, unsuccessfully trying for puppy dog eyes that
some people were born with.

"We're meeting them tomorrow at three." Grinning Dawn blatantly ignored the request for
a distraction.

"Them? I thought it was only Red." Turing to fully face the taller girl, Trivette worried
that Gage was about to fall with his carriers quick movement.

"She's bringing The Pirate and Dungeon Master." Because a stranger was within hearing
distance the unburdened girl used nicknames for privacy.


"What is it Trivette?" The man running up demanded to know why he was summoned.
A skimpily dressed woman followed a few steps behind.

"The girl carrying Cage went into the alley and really big guy came running out and the
other girl shot him with what might have been a cross bow and appeared to disappear.
Then she comes strolling out with Gage. We haven't gotten around to introductions yet."

Both girls cautiously shifted to face to new comers.

"Texas Rangers and you would be?"

"A couple of girls on vacation shopping in a new city."

"Try again. You're carrying our friend because?"

"He needs medical attention, check his eyes would you Lockpick?"

Prying open the unconscious man's eyes the taller girl pronounced, "Uneven pupils.
Definite concussion."

"See, now can we get this guy to a hospital or something?"

"Sydney, go get my truck while we keep an eye on the girls."

"Why should we trust you? How do we know you didn't do that to him?" The dirty road
worn black man demanded of the girls, a bit more agitated now that his fellow rangers
were there to back him up.

Ignoring the questions the girl got a better grip on her unconscious human load as she
tilted her head down the street. "There's one walking toward us, feels about the same age
as Harmony."

The girl refered to as Lockpick moved a bit away from the cluster of people tucking her
hand under her jacket in the small of her back. When the man in out a disco suit got close
to the girl he took a flirting stance. Very quickly she moved her hand from behind her
back to hit the guy in his chest. As he disintegrated Trivette pointed and yelped. "There it
happened again. Please tell me you saw it too."

"I saw it Trivette. We need to get Gage to the hospital. come on." The man in charge
herded everyone into his truck before Sydney fully stopped it's movement. Walker and
the injured man in the cab, the two unknown girls and two rangers in the back.

In the waiting room of the hospital emergency room three Texas Rangers anxiously
waited on news about their friend and coworker they would trust their life too. The two
girls that Trivette keeps giving funny looks at were on a long bench and had been playing
games on their cell phones since they sat down. After a few moments of studying the
girls he sat down next to the one who carried Gage. "So are both of you the night warrior
or is it just one of you?"

"Huh?" A slight widening of the eyes was the girls only reaction until she poked the
other girl.

"What? I'm about to win."

"Do the words night warrior mean anything to you?"

"Common term for a particular calling. I thought you read the e-mail I sent out last

"Why should I when I have you with me? I am, she's not."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Ranger Walker."

"Will someone please tell me what's going on here."

"Well Trivette there is an old legend...." Taking pity on the exasperated man Walker
started to repeat something he was taught as a child.

Not breaking attention from her game the younger girl happily crowed, “Told you we
should have skipped Dallas.”
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