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Terminator: The Vampire Slayer

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Summary: In the wake of the slayers no longer being under control of the Watchers Council, the Illuminati seek the help of Cyberdyne Systems to eliminate the rogue slayers, and install a new method of vampire control.

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Chapter 5

[Author's note: I'm borrowing a fictional weapon from the movie 2Fast 2Furious, to find out more, go to end of chapter]

Buffy anxiously held the phone close to her ear, listening to the "ring ring" on the other end of the line. Dawn and Spike both sat on the bed, anxious about the few words Buffy yelled as she raced to the phone to ring Xander. Buffy didn't know why she was bothering with the phone number he had given her, Xander definitely wasn't going to be at the training camp, but it was the only thing she could think of. Suddenly, the news flash that sent everyone's emotions into an uproar was repeated over the television.

The news presenter, clearly reading from her prompt cards, spoke her words just as her everyday job specifies she should do, with her business type suit well ironed and her make up spot on. "As broadcasted earlier today, a youth camp for young women was attacked by a group of armed guerrillas today, believed to be terrorists. The entire camp has been reduced to rubble, with dead bodies of about 270 teenage girls strewn all over the campgrounds. 52 of those girls were American citizens, 13 of whom were runaways reported missing to the police. Amongst the bodies are also a few of the dead soldiers who attacked the camp, and the local militia who have secured the site are not telling us who the attackers were, although they have indicated that Al Qaeda or one of their affiliates may be involved." Dawn's stomach churned as the camera panned over the camp site, not much could be seen as the media were being kept well away from the camping grounds. Buffy slammed the phone on to the hook, she looked at the screen and sighed. "What do we do now?" Dawn asked.

Buffy thought to herself for a moment. Willow has been missing for a while, Xander is now also gone too. "Well guys, I think we need to call Giles, he'll kn-" Buffy's mobile rang instantly. She flipped it open, she didn't recognize the number. "Buffy, it's Faith... Buffy,Buffy, some ..thing just attacked me.. I'vebeentryingtocallAngelbuthe'sjustvanishedouttathinair! ThoseassholesatWolfram&Hartreckontheyneverheard of 'im! I'llbetitwasthemthatsentthatthingafterme!!" "Faith! Slow down! Okay, Angel is missing I know, I'll tell you about that what attacked you?" Faith was still talking very fast, but Buffy was able to make out her words more easily now. "Buffy, this, well, guy, but he's not a guy, or a demon, I dunno, but he looks like a guy, big guy, and he was just invincible you know? I couldn't hurt him at all! Bastard broke my arm! Two cops came, shot him up, knocked him down, and he just got back up again!" Buffy was starting to get frustrated. She was also getting scared, because Faith was terrified, and Faith is never terrified of anything. Not even The First. "Faith, where are you? I'll come get you."

- - - - - - - - -

Agent Connor, of the FBI was going over the CCTV footage of 'The Limelight', he was scanning footage of various camera angles, fast forwarding to the shootout that ended up with a missing victim, a missing perp, and two dead cops. He watched a brief fight between a really plump man and someone pointed out by one of the bouncers as the victim. Then he saw a dauntingly familiar face walk up to said victim, and then the chaos that followed. "I know what did this." Agent Connor said, and he did know exactly what it was too. But what... how... what the fuck was it doing? and why was it here??

"Where did it go after it left the club?" Connor asked the bouncer. "It tried to follow the victim's car apparently, ran really fast too, if it weren't for them cops slowing him down it would have caught her car!" John started thinking about how very not good this all was. There is a Terminator on the loose, it's after someone and he needs to stop it. He also knows he can't let anybody know he believes in Terminators. He doesn't feel like winding up in a Psychiatric ward like his mother. "Which way?" he asked the bouncer. "Up the street, east. Hey, if that dude comes back, do you want me to KO or kill the dude?" John had little alarm bells ringing in his head over the idea of someone trying to KO a terminator. Probably wouldn't be a great idea. "No, leave him alone, don't touch him, don't talk to him, just stay out of his way. Call me as soon as you see him, and I mean the very second you see him!" John gave the bouncer his card and started towards the street. Forensics were going over the bullet casings and the blood drops. He walked up to one of the doctors, and asked to have as many details on the perp's blood as possible, no matter how vague or weird. He started walking east along the road, trying to look for some kind of indication about where either the victim or the Terminator were going.

He walked up to a Police Patrol car, he quickly checked the other officers, then whilst nobody was looking he grabbed an ESD. He was only carrying a Glock pistol, which may as well have been a slingshot if he met the Terminator. He made sure the EMP Harpoon was charged, and he hoped that he could hit a human-sized target with it. The ESD is used to disable a car's electronics (usually the type of car that patrol cars can't catch up to, like a hyped-up Ferrari). He got into his own car, and started driving east, listening carefully to the police radio for any reports on the unstoppable man.


Faith actually -hugged- Buffy when she came to collect her from the hospital. This was definitely not good, Faith was clearly wigged by this thing, whatever it was. Buffy was beginning to suspect that maybe the same thing that attacked Faith, may be responsible for Willow's disappearance and the attack on the camp in Africa. Buffy looked at the massive wad of bandaging that was supposed to be Faith's left hand. "That looks painful" Buffy said, looking at the X-Ray which showed that her fingers weren't broken, but the rest of her hand had 3 bones snapped almost completely in half. "Well, was nearly worse B." Faith had regained her composure, and was beginning to act like her old self again (though a tad shaken). Faith explained to Buffy exactly what happened, with the thing starting to follow her, all the way to the gangsta wannabe hassling her, and then of course the showdown and the circumstances that led to her having to change cigarette hands. Buffy walked Faith over to Spike's car (which she politely *borrowed* from Spike...) as the information sank in. They were about to do the seat belts when suddenly Faith screamed.

The Terminator had been waiting for her in the car park, he punched through the passenger window and tried to grab Faith's throat. Buffy stuck out her window, climbed over the roof and kicked the terminator in the face, knocking it back onto the ground. Buffy then leapt at the terminator, which proved fruitless as it rolled to avoid her, then as she hit the ground it ran it's fist into her side. Faith had gotten out of the car and did a kick into the terminator as it tried to get up. Buffy rose to her feet, wincing slightly and gave the terminator a sharp kick to the chest, which did more damage to her foot than to it. The Terminator got on to it's feet, then grabbed Faith's bandaged hand and used it to throw her into the car. Faith screamed in agony as her hand twisted in it's grip, and slipped into blissful unconsciousness as her head impacted. The Terminator grabbed Buffy with both hands, and proceeded to pull her arms in opposite directions. Buffy propped one foot on the Terminator's chest, then did lifted her self to kick in it's face, disrupting it momentarily allowing her to free herself. She then rolled towards a gardening truck parked nearby, she leapt to her feet and grabbed a shovel. 'Better than nothing' sighed Buffy, as she ducked a punch, then threw the shovel into the Terminator's side. 'Then again, maybe not..!' Buffy shrieked as the shovel snapped in half from the impact with no effect on the terminator.
It grabbed her arm and then threw her a few feet through the air into the car next to Faith. The landing wasn't as soft as Buffy would have liked. The Terminator picked up the shaft leftover from the shovel. Buffy tried to get up, but it was all.. very.. spinny.. being thrown around like a rag doll, not... fun...

The Terminator was getting closer and closer, when suddenly a harpoon of some sort hit the Terminator's side. It went to grab the shiny metallic object, but suddenly white sparks flowed through the harpoon and all over the Terminator, sending it to the ground, completely lifeless.

Agent Connor walked up to the two girls, Faith regaining enough consciousness to notice that the guy who just saved her life was also damn hot. She tried to straighten her hair (missed it completely, she got Buffy's eye instead) then stood up (shakily) and tried to smile and fell forward. John caught her (finally, something went right!). "Well ladies, I have a few questions for you once we get you all fixed up."


Giles was sitting at his computer, slowly sifting through e-mails from colleagues, looking for leads on Willow's whereabouts. He was also trying to look for information on what attacked Xander in Africa, and like Buffy, started thinking that it might all be related. Especially when he heard from Spike that Faith had been attacked. Someone knocked on his door, he grabbed an axe, and slowly approached the door. "Who is it?" he asked with caution. The friendly, warm reply of his neighbour came across. "Oh it's just Nancy here love, I thought you'd like some pudding?". This concerned Giles as Nancy was one of the nastiest piece of non-magic work he had ever encountered in his life, with the politest thing he heard out of her mouth so far was "You f***ing faggot, I can smell that s*** you're cooking all hours of the day. get a job!!". He slowly approached the door, which suddenly exploded, revealing a large man who grabbed Gile's axe, threw it to the other side of the room, then grabbed Gile's neck with both hands, lifted him off the ground, and began to squeeze...

[[Additional Author's note: ESD -- fictional weapon from the movie 2Fast 2Furious, the police use this "gun" to fire a 3-pronged hook into a car, which feeds an EMP into the car disabling it's electronics, thus disabling cars. As just read earlier in this chapter, it can do a really good job on Terminators too :-) ]]

The End?

You have reached the end of "Terminator: The Vampire Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Oct 06.

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