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Terminator: The Vampire Slayer

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Summary: In the wake of the slayers no longer being under control of the Watchers Council, the Illuminati seek the help of Cyberdyne Systems to eliminate the rogue slayers, and install a new method of vampire control.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel are both owned by the one, the only, and the legendary Joss Whedon. The Terminator is owned by James Cameron.

I have absolutely no permission in any way shape or form what so ever to use these characters, nor to twist them as horribly as I do. And no, I’m not making money for this at all, so yeah.

I take no responsibility for any pain caused by reading this horribly written story, but do offer my apologies :-)

This story is rated FR18 – It will contain some violence, possible some mild sex, but mostly violence. There may also be some naughty language.

Important info: This following fan-fiction does not acknowledge the existence of Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, largely based on the fact that it was crap (I’m hoping this will be better), as well as it makes my story somewhat impossible. This story is set after the events of "Chosen" and after the events of Angel's "Not Fade Away". Warning: There is potential for spoilers.

Chapter 1.

It was a very nice board room, but one that all the other members of the Illuminati have been to so often that they felt like it was a dull, boring plain room. Quentin Travers on the other hand, has only been here a few times, and this place made the Watcher’s Council boardroom look like a one-star hotel in the middle of Queens.

“We are incredibly displeased at the news of the somewhat hundreds of new fully-powered slayers roaming around the world, Travers.” One of the figures spoke, his face as always cloaked – but Quentin was certain that this particular member was a very, very, very wealthy banker. “ – we demand an explanation. We were aware of Buffy’s rebellion against you, and we are aware of Faith’s multiple switches of allegiance. But the news that ALL of the potential slayers, which according to our calculations, 277 girls, now have their full capacity of power as a slayer. This is absolutely disturbing.” Quentin was about to open his mouth to speak in his defence, how was he supposed to know Willow was going to perform such a task? How was he supposed to know that such a feat was even possible? The figure cut him off “ – this, combined with the Vampire’s successful attack on one of our primary underling cells, the Circle Of The Black Thorn, clearly illustrates your incompetence to protect our interests!”

Quentin finally got his own words in. “Noble Illuminati, you surely cannot hold me responsible for the Black Thorns, my duty was to the slayer, and that’s where I focus my attention. Just because the slayer has had relations with Angel, does not make him a concern of mine!”
At this, the figure stood up, and Quentin could feel the scowl coming his way. “And yet, you could not even control ONE girl!! You failed miserably at controlling two!! How on this miserable earth do you plan to keep 277 of them under your pathetic institution? Especially as you’ve even managed to screw up keeping –that- protected as well! Yes, despite your efforts to cover up the explosion, as futile and somewhat insulting as it was, we know all about The First”.

Quentin was aware that trying to hide the decimation of the Watcher’s Council HQ was a longshot. No wait, longshot was a serious understatement. But he hoped he could cover it up for a little longer, just until he could get a few more recruits in place.

Another figure then spoke, “Quentin, your Watcher’s Council is completely broken. And the Slayers are clearly beyond any means of falling under our control again. You are hereby relieved of your command, and the Watcher’s Council is hereby disbanded.”

Quentin’s jaw ricocheted off the ground in shock. He was not surprised at his sacking (he was seriously hoping that he will get away with only a sacking) but he was gutted at the idea of the Watcher’s Council being disbanded. Quentin was in shock as he asked “..well, um, sir, what about the Slayers? What is going to be done about them? What is going to control the Vampire population?” the standing figure decided that Quentin did deserve at least an answer to his questions. He wasn’t going to tell anyone other than the devil about it anyway, and he was going to spend a long time with him. It had been arranged. “Well Quentin, there is a firm known as Cyberdyne Systems, computer and robotics specialists. They provided a lot of the hardware and software that made the cyborg prototypes used by The Initiative, before your precious little slayer reduced it to a mausoleum. They have, well, they have developed a unit called a Terminator. It passes itself as human, and, well, it’s going to take care of our little slayer problem, as well as control the vampire population.”

Quentin knew of Cyberdyne’s Terminator program. He was one of only a few people who did. He laughed. “You expect me to believe that those rubber-skinned freaks are ever going to pass for human!? I mean, unless they made one that looks like Michael Jackson, I don’t think it will convince anybody! Let alone a vampire!” Quentin was highly amused. The figure shrugged. “The 600 series we do admit, wasn’t the most convincing. But, the new 800 series are definitely more life like. They’re also significantly stronger than even the toughest slayer. I don’t even know of too many vampires who could take one on.”

Quentin considered this for a moment. “I can think of many demons who can. The Terminator is mostly about raw strength, it has no defence against magic of any kind.” The figure, for the first time in Quentin’s life, laughed. Actually, everyone in the room laughed. “Quentin, dear boy… The Terminators are going to replace the *Slayers* (he emphasized slayers, to indicate that Quentin missed the point). The Slayers aren’t the ones who keep the demons in check, we have other agents who can do that, it’s just that Buffy was very good at what she did, and took on more challenging tasks than your average slayer could.” Quentin realized that this was actually true, very few slayers took on anything other than vampires and the occasional werewolf. Most slayers had no need for serious magical defence. In fact, the only reason Buffy was successful with most of her demon slaying sessions was because she had a very powerful wiccan on hand.

“Anyway Quentin, our point is made. You and your slayers are finished. But if it’s any consolation, you’ve been granted a great honour, the senior partners themselves want a word with you. They have only ever personally punished 5 people in the entire existence of the world. The fourth one being Angel. He’s been in their cells for about two weeks now, although to him it’s been about five thousand years… Have fun Quentin, oh, and do please remember to send a postcard!!”

Quentin was carried off by invisible hands, dragged to a door that revealed a horrifyingly cold place behind it, to the sound of riotous laughter erupting from the table behind him. He was crying like a three year old girl having a foot cut off. He had no idea what awaited on the other side of the door, but one thing he did know – no matter what pain they put you through there, you never lose consciousness...

This is my first story, PLEASE give me constructive criticism, positive comments, marriage proposals, or offers of free beer. :-)

Flames and harsh criticism, can be tattooed to your rear end and mailed to:

The Hon John Howard MP
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