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Sweet Valley....Triplets???

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Summary: When Buffy jumps at the end of 'The Gift' she's given a new body and a second chance at life in another SoCal town...Sweet Valley. Inspired by many poorly written 'third twin' fics scattered 'cross the net.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Sweet Valley SeriesLamiaFR1521,671031,51517 Jul 0617 Jul 06No


A/N: Most of book one will happen just like in cannon, so I am going to focus on Buffy/Brianna’s experience until her presence starts to make a difference in the story.

Chapter 2

Brianna Wakefield

At the time Buffy Summers was jumping off that tower
to stop the world from becoming hell, in a literal sense,
Brianna Wakefield was living through her own nightmare.
I have these vivid memories of the earthquake, even
though I wasn’t really there. I have moments of intense
sadness over the loss of ‘friends’ I never really knew. Like
Olivia. I remember us being friends. I remember working
on art projects with her. And I remember watching helplessly
as she died. But I wasn’t really there. I was on top of a tower,
preparing to jump to save my sister. So now, I have to go
to school, again, and pretend to be mourning something
that didn’t really happen for me. It won’t be too hard though.
I am mourning, for the loss of my real family…My sister, my
watcher, my friends, are as lost to me now as if they had died.
Because I did. And this time, they can’t bring me back.

She sat on her bed in silence while memories of two lives battled for dominance in her head. She remembered her entire life as Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer. The life she really lived. She remembered her death, leaping to save her sister, and the world, from an evil hell goddess. She knew those memories were real, and all her old friends were only a couple hours away. But she wasn’t Buffy any more. She remembered another life, one she hadn’t lived, yet the memories seemed real. In her head, along side the knowledge that she was Buffy Summers and she was dead, was the memories of sixteen year old Brianna Wakefield. She had memories of this fake life that were as real as the ones of her old life. Now she knew how Dawn must have felt, learning her memories weren’t really real.

Whistler had told her that she would still be the slayer here. She searched her memories of this created life, but could find no recollection of anything slayer related. So, Brianna hadn’t been called yet. Maybe she wouldn’t be after all, since slayers are usually called way before 17. Maybe, just maybe, she could have a normal life this time around. Even if she did have to repeat her last year of high school to do it. This was her last thought before she heard her sister’s alarm. She looked at her own clock. If she hadn’t woken early, her own alarm wouldn’t have gone off for another half hour. Only Elizabeth felt the need to be up at the crack of dawn. Jessica would probably sleep until one of us went to wake her up. And how freaky is it that I know this. This whole “new life” thing was gonna take some getting used to.

Of course, this room was something she could get used to. All she had to do was die to live in a mansion. Literally. Well, it wasn’t really hers. It was the Fowlers’ mansion, and she was only a temporary resident. Eventually, the Wakefield’s house, that she never really lived in, would be rebuilt. Right about now, she knew how Dawn must have felt, knowing all her memories were lies.

She got out and dug through her closet, deciding that the important thing for now would be to act like this is normal, like all the fake memories are real. So, instead of dressing in funeral black to match her mood, she put on the lilac mini-dress she bought at the mall with her new sisters last week. They didn’t dress exactly alike anymore, thank God. It was nauseating enough to remember it, she didn’t want to live through it. But they still had similar outfits for the first day of school. Tradition…the Wakefield Triplets had to match on the first day. It was the stupidest thing she could think of, but she didn’t want to make too many waves just yet. So, she wore the stupid dress, and the Wakefields went to school in matching dresses of different colors. At least I’m a natural blond here.

Elizabeth drove her sisters to school in the Jeep they shared. The three of them walked through the halls of Sweet Valley High together, making there way to the auditorium for the first day welcome assembly. Brianna let her sisters go in, while she stayed by the auditorium door waiting for her two best friends, the ones she had never really met before, Monica Wilkins and Michelle Patman. Michelle was Bruce Patman’s younger sister, but you wouldn’t know it to talk to her. They shared similar appearances, both dark haired with blue eyes, but outside of that she was nothing like the stuck up jerk that fate had stuck her with as a brother. She was smart, and kind, and fun. Oh yeah, she was also filthy stinkin’ rich. Monica was Todd Wilkins’ red-head ‘sister.’ Well, really, she was his cousin, but her parents died when she was like two, and she’s lived with Todd her whole life, so to them she really is his sister. Her uncle, who happened to be Todd’s father, adopted her after her parents’ death.

Brianna entered the auditorium with her friends in silence. She had said hello, but decided that the less she spoke the better until she had more of a grasp on this new life. Maybe her friends deserved the truth. Maybe she should tell them who she really is, and they would believe her and understand. Or, maybe they’d call someone to take her to the loony bin. Yeah, not talking was definitely of the good.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sweet Valley....Triplets???" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Jul 06.

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