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The Other Side Of Courage

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Other Side Of Compassion Trilogy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: BtVS/AtS/The Mummy/POTO/Charmed/Gargoyles/HP x-over. Sequel to The Other Side Of Compassion, the adventure continues when Buffy, Erik and the rest of the Scoobies go to England to fight a new enemy and at the same time protect the Boy Who Lived

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The Gathering Part Two

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel belongs to Joss Wheldon, The Phantom Of The Opera belongs to Joel Schmacher, Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charmed belongs to the WB, Gargoyles belongs to Disney, The Mummy belongs to Steven Sommers and Harry Potter belongs to the wickedly amazing J.K Rowling. The songs in this story belong to the songwriters who wrote these amazing songs. Please don't sue me, I'm completely and utterly broke and it's for entertainment purposes only.

Timeline: Post-season seven, Buffy. AU:post-season four, Angel. After the movie The Phantom Of The Opera. AU:post-OOTP, Harry Potter, AU: post-season two, Gargolyes and AU: post-season five, Charmed

Pairing(s): Buffy/Erik, Dawn/Erik (friendship), Dawn/Draco, Willow/Erik (friendship), Willow/Snape (friendship), Willow/Imhotep, Angel/Cordelia, Wesley/Fred, Piper/Leo (a little bit), Piper/Cole, Piper/Erik (friendship), Raoul/Christine (a little bit), Snape/Christine (friendship), Snape/Phoebe (?), Paige/Sirius, Elisa/Goliath, Harry/Christine (?), Ron/Hermione, Xander/Anya, Giles/Narcissa

Author's Note: I'm so sorry for the delay. I've been very busy with work and other life-related issues. A big thank you goes out to those of you who reviewed so far and for your patience. You guys rock!!!! Anyway, I know I said that Demona would rethink on her hatred for humanity thanks to Imhotep but after writing this chapter, it didn't really click with the flow of the story so I changed it a little bit just to make the story flow a little better. Anyhow, I'm also working on other story called Forever To Touch You which is a crossover between BtVS and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (My other crossover story Safest Place To Hide is on hitaus until I finish both this and FTTY) but don't worry, I'm not abandoning this story. I'm working on this one as hard as the other so don't expect updates to be speedy. Anyway, please enjoy!!!

Summary: The Scoobies, the Fang Gang and the former Phantom meet Dumbledore for the first time and they learned a shocking revelation regarding both Dawn and Christine.

Three days later …

As she was getting ready for the next meeting to discuss the sort of classes that she and Erik would be teaching, Buffy glanced up at the former Phantom. She could tell by the look in his eyes and on his face that he was still reeling with the story that they were told about the student that they had to protect and with the events of the meeting three days previous. It was oblivious that he was also struggling with the knowledge that his former love was a witch just by looking at him.

~Hell, I’m still struggling with this too. I mean, both Christine and Dawn are witches. Okay, I understand that Dawn can be a witch because of her being the Key. But Christine? How can she be a witch and not know it? Then again, Willow didn’t know that she was a witch either until high school when she restored Angel’s soul.~

Buffy was pulled out of her thoughts when Erik finally spoke breaking the uncomfortable silence between them. As he spoke, he sounded weary and a little upset.

“I still can not believe that Christine is a witch. How could she not know after all this time?”

Buffy laid a hand on her husband’s shoulder in a comforting gesture. “Like Imhotep said, she needs to be in an environment where she can develop and discover her power. When Christine lived in the nineteenth century, she wasn’t in a magical environment where she could learn to use and practice magic. Sometimes, people who are born with magic in their blood need to be in a world where they can learn to use and practice magic. Giles once told me that after Willow began to learn to practice witchcraft plus living on the Hellmouth, which reeked with magic mostly dark magic, kind of helped a little bit.”

“When we arrive at Hogwarts,” Buffy continued with a small smile creeping on her face. “Christine will be with people who can help her and teach her how to practice magic and so will Dawnie.”

Erik returned his wife’s smile and was about to say something when Dawn burst into the room out of breath and looking very freaked out.

“B-Buffy. Erik.” She said trying to catch her breath. “I think you guys better come downstairs before Phoebe declares World War III on Cole.”

~Christ’s sake, not again!!!~

Buffy groaned inwardly while Erik let out an annoyed sigh. “For God’s sake, what now?” he muttered as he and the Slayer followed Dawn out of their room.

Meanwhile …

Dawn and Christine were suddenly nervous when they saw Phoebe approaching them and Cole. After the meeting three days previous, the relationship Cole and his ex-wife was anything but peaceful. Phoebe had tried several times to vanquish the ex-demon only to foiled every time by either Piper and Paige or one of the Scoobies and the Slayers or one of the members of the Fang Gang but mostly Angel or Nadir. Goliath had caught Phoebe the previous night trying sneak into Cole’s room to vanquish him and stopped her in time. By the look on her face, Dawn knew that Phoebe was up for another round to try to vanquish Cole despite what everyone had tried to tell her that the ex-demon had truly rejected his evil ways and turned into one of the good guys.

Dawn turned to Christine who nodded her head in response. //I’ll go get Buffy and Erik. Stay with Cole.//

//All right, Dawn. Christine replied. Be careful.//

As Dawn turned to run up the stairs to get the Slayer and the former Phantom, Christine stood in front of Cole and glared at Phoebe.

“I will not let you hurt him.” The former young singer said with a confidence that she didn’t know she had inside of her.

Phoebe glared at Christine rather viciously. “Get out of the way, Christine.” She said with a hint of a warning in her voice. “Cole is evil. He can’t be trusted. He had tricked all of you into believing that he made that deal.”

“Phoebe …” Cole tried to say but was cut off.

“Shut up, Cole!!!” Phoebe shouted at him.

“Have you learned nothing of what Nadir told you three days ago?” Christine snapped unexpectedly sounding furious. “Are you really that blind that you can not see that he has truly changed? That he is no longer evil?”

“What do you know about evil?” Phoebe demanded. At that point, Christine’s eyes filled with tears of anger, grief and frustration and she lost control of the raging emotions that she had held in check for the past sixty-two hours.

“My husband was murdered by the dark wizard who wants to kill me and destroy the world!!!” Christine screamed in rage and grief. “An Alga demon tried to kill me four months ago because I am the mother of a Slayer!!! I lost everything that I held so dear, my husband, my friends … Voldemort has taken everything from me!! My daughter is all that I have left and I will lose her too when she is born!! You know nothing of the evil that has taken everything from me!!! Cole has been nothing but gracious toward you and yet you treat him like a monster because of his past and what he has done to you. He is …”

At that, Christine fell down onto her knees and started sobbing uncontrollably letting loose her unresolved grief for Raoul and her anger over what had happened in the last three days. Cole went down beside her and took her into his arms to comfort her. With tears in her own eyes, Phoebe took a step toward them but stopped when she saw the tear-filled eyes and the glare on Cole’s face.

“You’ve done enough damage already, Phoebe.” The ex-demon replied in a voice filled with emotion. “Please. Just go.”

At that point, Phoebe dropped the vanquishing potion that was in her hand and she ran up the stairs crying and ignoring the looks she was receiving from Buffy, Dawn and Erik who were coming down the stairs. Once she reached her room, Phoebe slammed the door and fell onto her bed sobbing uncontrollably. As much as her mind was telling her that what her hatred for her ex-husband was justified, in her heart, she knew that Christine was right.

~Cole’s been nothing but gracious toward me, Piper and Paige and yet I treated him like a monster because of his past and what he has done to us in the past few years. God, what have I done!!~

Phoebe was crying so hard that she almost didn’t hear the door open or the near-silent footsteps as Willow crossed the room from the door to the Charmed One’s bed. She didn’t even acknowledge the Wicca’s presence until she felt her hand on her back rubbing it soothingly like a sister comforting her sibling. Phoebe lifted her head to look up at Willow before she broke down crying again. This time, Willow took her into her arms in an attempt to comfort her.

“What have I done?” Phoebe sobbed. “What have I done?”

~Poor Phoebe. She definitely feels remorseful now with what she said to Christine and what she tried to do to Cole.~

That was the thought that crossed Willow’s mind as she held Phoebe in her arms and she did nothing but let her weep knowing that she needed to get all of her emotions out before meeting up with Dumbledore again in the next gathering three hours from now.

Two hours later …

~Elizabeth was right about one thing when she speaks of Angel. He does have a temper worse than my own.~

That was the only thought that ran through Erik’s mind as he and Spike were watching Angel rather worriedly and nervously. Telling him about what had happened between Cole, Phoebe and Christine was something that both the blonde haired vampire and the former Phantom didn’t want to do but they didn’t have a choice. Once they told him what happened, Erik had to back away slowly out of fears that Angel would lose his temper on both him and Spike. To his relief, the vampire didn’t but at the moment, he looked like that he wanted to take his phone and throw it across the room in rage and frustration.

“What the hell is her problem with Cole?” Angel bellowed angrily.

Erik winced at the vampire’s shouts. “Must I point out that Cole and Phoebe had a rather unpleasant history?” he said in what he hoped with a calm voice. Inside, he was nervous and a little afraid of what Angel might do. He turned to Spike who had a look of concern and worry on his face that the former Phantom was sure mirrored on his own.

“Erik’s right, Peaches.” Spike agreed. “Piper did warn us that there was some bad blood between her sister and ex-brother in law.”

Angel glared at them both. “But does it justify what Phoebe tried to do to Cole? What she said to Christine?” he spat unexpectedly.

Erik felt his nervousness disappear and returned Angel’s glare. “I do not defend what she has done.” He said in a deadly calm. “And I am not justifying it at all.”

“What Phantom Boy is trying to say, Peaches.” Spike said also returning his grandsire’s glare. “Is the same bloody thing that Nadir told us three days ago. If Wicca Girl can’t accept that Cole is with us then that’s her loss. Now is not the time to be pointing fingers or hold a bloody grudge against each other. If we’re to defeat Snake Face and protect Christine and the Potter boy, we need to be together on this.”

Angel sighed wearily. “I know.” He said sounding very weary. “Goliath said the same thing last night after he caught Phoebe trying to vanquish Cole. He was furious that she didn’t listen a word of what Nadir said to us but neitherless, he warned her that it would ruin us if she kept this up.”

Erik was about to say something to the two vampires when he heard Imhotep’s voice from the doorway of Angel’s office.

“I would not worry about Phoebe trying to vanquish Cole again anytime soon.” The former High Priest said with a smile. “Willow managed to get through to her. Phoebe feels very badly for what happened and she has already apologized to her sisters for her actions. She has yet to apologize to Cole and Christine for her actions.”

Spike couldn’t help but gape at Imhotep. “How the bloody hell did Red manage to get through to her?” he asked.

“Phoebe was crying when Elizabeth and I came to the lobby to help Cole and Christine.” Erik pointed out. “I believe what Christine had said to her made her see the folly of her ways.”

“And Willow decided to try to talk to her after what happened.” Angel replied finishing the thought.

Imhotep glanced at them with the smile still on his face. “Very good, both of you.” He said. “Willow did talk to her and she has given her advice. I do not know what kind of advice she gave her but Phoebe is trying now to make amends.”

Spike could tell that there was something else on the former High Priest’s agenda just by looking straight into his eyes and at his body language. He folded his arms across his chest and glanced at Imhotep with a neutral expression on his face.

“I take it that coming here to tell us that Phoebe is now trying make peace with Cole is not the only reason why you came to see us.” He said.

Imhotep’s smile disappeared at Spike’s words and was replaced with a grim look. “I am afraid you are right.” He answered. “I just received word from Goliath that Demona has arrived in Los Angeles and possibly looking for all of you.”

Angel growled while Erik and Spike glanced at each other worriedly before looking back at the former High Priest.

“What’s Demona’s game this time?” Spike asked rather sourly.

Imhotep shook his head. “I do not know.” He replied. “But I do know this. Demona may be trying to seek vengeance against you and Angel for stopping her last time. I just hope that Demona does not run into Lord Voldemort or any of his Death Eaters while she is here.”

Angel, Spike and Erik glanced at each other worriedly knowing exactly what would happen if Demona did encounter the dark wizard or any of his followers and it didn’t sit too well with either of them.

At the same time …

“Erik’s got some cool books in his collection.”

That was the one thought that Xander said to himself out loud as he was reading a book from the former Phantom’s collection. It was a book on famous Slayers and their Watchers. The one-eyed carpenter had no idea how Erik managed to acquire such a book but he knew that he would have to ask him one day. Just as he was starting to get back to his book, Xander stopped when he heard something from his window outside the Hotel. He put his book down on the table next to him, got up from his chair and went to the window. What he saw shocked him beyond belief. A large blue-colored winged creature flew toward the window. Xander saw that it was another gargoyle.

~A female gargoyle by the looks of it.~

After a few moments, the blue-colored gargoyle snarled at him with red eyes flashing from outside then glided up onto the roof leaving Xander shell-shocked and shaking in fear.

“Well, that’s not good.” He said in a shaking voice as he started toward the door to run to the lobby of the Hotel. “Must warn somebody.”

Sparring room
Meanwhile …

As she was preparing to spar with Dawn and help her with her fighting skills, Buffy felt her thoughts drifting to what happened earlier in the day when Phoebe had tried to vanquish Cole. After spending some time comforting Christine, she and Dawn managed to reassure her that it wouldn’t happen again and that Phoebe won’t try again anytime soon. It was some time later that Phoebe apologized to Christine and Cole for what happened and to her sisters for the way she was acting for the past three days.

~And we’re going to hold her on her word.~

As she took out an Egyptian sword and put it under her arm, Buffy closed the weapon’s closet and walked back into the room where her sister and Christine were waiting for her. Despite being pregnant and unable to join in on the lessons, the former singer was invited to watch the Summers sisters spar against each other. Buffy gave the Egyptian sword to Dawn with a smile.

“Ready to rock, Dawnie?” Buffy asked.

Dawn gave her sister a wicked grin. “Bring it on, sister.” She replied. At that, the sparring began as the two sisters blocked each other’s strokes. When Buffy pretended to try to thrust her sword into Dawn, what happened next stunned her. Dawn blocked the move perfectly and knocked the sword right out of her hands.

~Whoa!! Where did that come from? Usually, she wouldn’t be able to do that. She usually drops her sword after five minutes!!!~

Buffy knocked herself out of her stupor to say something. “Very good.” She said. “Let’s try something else.” She went back to the weapons closet and took out a wooden spear. As soon as she returned, she saw that Dawn was ready and tossed the spear to her. Then she bent down to pick up her sword and held it in front of her.

“When you’re ready.” Buffy said smiling.

Dawn waited for Buffy to make the first move and she did when the Slayer raised her sword to attack. Dawn blocked it and managed to push the blade back. Then she rushed back to grab her fallen sword and just as Buffy was coming toward her when her sword high, Dawn swung her spear and managed to catch Buffy in the legs and she fell onto the ground. The Slayer quickly recovered and she got onto her feet on a back flip. Grabbing her sword, she made an attempt to cut Dawn’s legs out from under her but to her surprise, Dawn was too fast for her and she managed to leap out of the way. Just as Buffy moved in for the mock-kill by grabbing her sister from behind, Dawn flipped her over her shoulder. Then she placed the tip of the spear at her sister’s throat.

Buffy stared her sister wide-eyed. “Where the hell did that come from?” She asked stunned.

Dawn was shocked and stunned herself. “I don’t know.” She answered as she moved the spear from Buffy’s throat. “Just all of a sudden, I felt this strange thing coming over me. Like I already knew how to fight. It was weird.”

Buffy was about to ask Dawn another question when she turned to see Gunn standing at the doorway with a grim expression on his face.

“What’s up?” she asked rather worriedly.

“Dumbledore’s here. He wants to see us right away.” He replied.

Hotel Courtyard
Meanwhile …

“Where the bloody hell did she come from?”

That was the question that ran through Angel’s mind as he heard Spike shout it out in shock and disbelief at the blue-colored gargoyle standing before them, Goliath and Erik. As the vampire had suspected when Xander burst into his office to warn him of her arrival at the Hotel knowing that she had trespassed on the Hotel property and scared some of the Slayers to death. Erik held a battle ax in front of him while Angel, Spike and Imhotep had swords as their weapons of choice. Cole, Phoebe and Willow entered the courtyard and stopped when they saw what was happening before them. The redheaded Wicca lifted her hands with a spell at the tip of her tongue.

Goliath turned to them with his eyes flashing. “Stay back if you value your life.” He said with a growl. The lavender-colored gargoyle turned back to face Demona and waited for her to make the first move. She did when she made a move on Erik. The former Phantom swung his ax at her catching her in the arm. She hissed in pain as the blade sliced her in the arm. Then Demona grabbed the wooden handle of the ax and pulled it out of Erik’s grasp. Then she hit him in the knee causing him to gasp in pain. As he struggled to recover, the blue-colored gargoyle grabbed him and threw across the courtyard. As he crashed into the door leading the inside of the Hyperion Hotel, Erik’s last conscious thought was of Buffy.

~Elizabeth, forgive me.~

Horrified and concerned for the former Phantom, Willow ran to the unconscious Erik’s side. He had blood all over his face and on his mask which lay a few feet away from him. Then she looked up to see that Demona had a shocked look on her face upon seeing the blood-covered mask and of the deformity on Erik’s face.

“It can not be!!” Demona exclaimed in a shocked voice. “The human who calls himself the Phantom of the Opera!!”

~Looks like we’re not the only ones who knew about Erik crossing over to this century.~ Willow thought as she muttered a spell under her breath to heal some of Erik’s injuries. Then she looked up to see that Angel, Spike and Imhotep had cautiously lowered their weapons but it was the former High Priest who made the first move by walking toward Demona.

“He was the Phantom of the Opera.” He replied. “He is now the husband of the Slayer and one of the ones who have come to fight against Lord Voldemort and those who support his cause to destroy the world. To rid it of humanity.”

“And of gargoyles as well.”

Angel, Spike, Goliath, Cole, Phoebe and Demona all turned to face Albus who was kneeling next to Willow and an unconscious Erik at the doorway of the Hotel. The elderly wizard took out his wand and murmured a couple of spells. Once he was satisfied that Erik would be fine, he looked up at the group staring at him.

“Perhaps it’s best if we go indoors.” Albus said. “Where we can discuss this with everyone.”

Conference Room
Twenty minutes later …

“What would bring Professor Dumbledore here this early?” Christine asked as she, Dawn, Buffy and Gunn walked toward the door of the conference room. “The meeting is not for another hour.”

“I’m not sure.” Buffy answered. “Maybe something came up regarding Voldemort and he wants to tell us in advance.” She was about to say something else as she was opening the door when she looked up and recoiled when she saw Demona standing in the corner of the room.

“You!!” The Slayer exclaimed and took out her sword from her backpack and held it in front of her. Dawn took out her dagger while Gunn froze in place in a fighting stance. Christine trembled behind Dawn.

“Slayer.” Demona said in a casual voice.

“What is she doing here?” Dawn spat angrily.

Demona narrowed her eyes at Dawn before setting her gaze on Buffy. “Would you prefer to kill me or to have me explain for my presence here with you and your companions?”

Buffy glared at her coldly. “Fine.” She said in a cool voice. “Explain.”

“I have information for you that would concern you greatly.” Demona explained. “Concerning the wizard who is called the Boy Who Lived.”

“What do you know about Harry?” Albus asked sounding concerned.

“Only that his parents were killed by Lord Voldemort and of the prophesy regarding him.” The blue-colored gargoyle answered.

Spike snorted. “I’m surprised you didn’t join up with Snake Face with the way your hatred for humanity is.” He said in a rather conceding and hateful voice.

Demona glared at the blonde-haired vampire viciously before speaking again. “I have no interest in joining in leagues with a wizard who wants to destroy the world to rid it of both humans and gargoyles. Especially a wizard who hates our kind just as much as humans with no magical blood in them what so ever.”

“What is it that you want, Demona?” Angel asked not trusting her in the slightest.

“To help you in your fight against Lord Voldemort.” The blue-colored gargoyle replied. “I know that none of you trust me because of my actions in the past but I would rather die than see the world be destroyed in the hands of a dark wizard.”

Demona glanced at Christine who was trembling in utter fear behind Dawn. “I am also here to help you protect both the Boy Who Lived and the young human girl whose mate Voldemort has murdered.”

Despite not trusting his former mate completely, Goliath sensed no falseness in her claims. He saw that Demona had no love for Voldemort or his Death Eaters. She also sounded and looked very sincere in her offer of help. As he glanced at all of the distrustful looks in the room, the lavender-colored gargoyle knew that he and the others would have no choice but to accept Demona’s help whether she was going to actually do it or not because of her hatred for humanity.

Albus must have shared Goliath’s views because he spoke up. “In spite of your actions in the past regarding humanity, Demona, I believe your love for this world and your desire to protect it is genuine. However, it is not my decision to make on whether or not that you join us. But I should press to everyone we will need all of the help we can get.”

Cole turned in his chair to look at Angel. “As much as I hate to say this to you, Angel.” The ex-demon said. “But Albus is right. We’re going to need all of the help we can get to defeat Voldemort. As Spike said three days ago, now is not the time to holding grudges or pointing fingers.”

“I agree with Cole.” Wesley chimed in. “As much as I hate to say it but we might have no choice but to accept Demona’s help.”

At the ex-Watcher’s words, Goliath turned to him. “That, Wesley, is what I am thinking.” He replied.

~I know I’m going to regret this later.~ Buffy thought to herself as she spoke up. “So am I. We’re going to need a lot of muscle if we’re going to defeat Voldemort and his Nazi followers.”

Faith stood up angrily. “B, you can’t be serious!!!” She exclaimed. “She has a big vendetta against humanity and yet you’re going to let her join us in spite of that? Has it ever occured to you that she’s using this situation to her advantage?”

Nadir stood up from his seat beside Xander. “No, Faith. She is right.” He said in Buffy’s defense. “We can not afford another enemy. Not while we are already at war with one. As Albus has said, we need all the help we can get to fight and defeat Voldemort and his Death Eaters. If we fight each other now then we can not win and when divided, we will fall.”

Giles cleared his throat before he started to speak. “Nadir is right, Faith. I know you don’t trust Demona. I know that there are a lot of people in this room who don’t. But right now, our list of allies is thin. Very thin. I’m afraid we have no choice.”

“Demona is, as of tonight, one of us.” The Watcher finished with a grim expression on his face.

If Faith was looking to argue the matter further, the looks of all of the faces of the Scoobies, the Fang Gang, the former Phantom and the Charmed Ones and the firm look on Albus’s face were enough to discourage her and she sat back down but not before sending a distrustful glare at Demona’s direction.

“All right, now that is settled.” Albus said. “I believe, Demona, you said that you have some information for us regarding Harry.”

Demona nodded. “I do.” She replied. “Voldemort and his Death Eaters are planning an attack on this place.”

Angel was shocked and concerned. “Voldemort is going to attack the Hotel?” He said.

“He knows that you and your companions are harboring the human he tried to kill.” Demona replied. “He also knows that you are going to Hogwarts to protect her and the Boy Who Lived. So he is also seeking to attack the boy before he returns to Hogwarts.”

Giles and Albus exchanged worried looks before looking back at Demona. “How did you get this information?” The Watcher asked.

“He came to seek me out.” Demona answered. “He tried to recruit me. To have me join him in his quest to destroy the world. He promised me that he would make me powerful enough to create a pure gargoyle world as well as a pure-blood wizarding world. But I did not trust him. I knew that he hated our kind just as much as he hated humans with no magical blood or wizards and witches whose parents were humans. When I refused him, he tried to have me killed. I barely escaped with my life. Then three days ago, I spied on him and his Death Eaters and that is how I learned of the plans he had in mind for all of you.”

Albus sighed sadly. “That sounds like Voldemort.” He said. “He does not take kindly to rejection to offers or orders.”

“He does not take kindly to traitors either.” Demona said rather sourly. “Just before I left, he murdered one of his own Death Eaters for betraying him. From what I had heard, he had been looking for this man for two years.”

Christine paled slightly at the blue-colored gargoyle’s words. “That is horrible.” She said.

“Not to mention crazy.” Dawn piped up. “So what do we do?”

~I’m going to regret suggesting this but we might not have a choice.~ Angel thought as he started to speak again. “I have a suggestion.”

Albus turned to the elder vampire rather anxiously. “Yes?” he said.

Angel took a deep breath before speaking again. “Do you think it’s possible for us to come early to Hogwarts instead waiting till September? That way, Harry and Christine would be better protected there from Voldemort than here.”

“I think it’s a good idea.” Demona said.

“I think it’s an excellent idea.” Nadir agreed. “That way they will be better protected and there’s a very small chance for Death Eaters to try anything at the school without getting pass the Whitelighters placed all over the school.”

Phoebe stood up from her chair with a look of utter surprise on her face that she was sure mirrored on the faces of her sisters and everyone else in the room.

“There are Whitelighters at Hogwarts?” she asked sounding very surprised.

Nadir nodded. “Of course.” He answered. “The Elders stationed some who were available to guard the school. This happened after the fiasco at the Department Of Mysteries and the unfortunate misunderstanding with the Minister Of Magic.”

At first, Phoebe didn’t know what he was talking about but then she remembered the story that Albus told everyone three days earlier about Harry and what happened during the battle of the Department of Mysteries. She turned to Piper and Paige and saw that they were remembering the same thing. As she sat back down on her chair, Phoebe saw that the elder Headmaster was giving Angel’s suggestion a lot of consideration.

“I believe Angel’s idea has merit.” He said. “I also believe that Harry and Christine will be in safer hands at Hogwarts than here. Yes, it is possible for all of you to come early and stay at the school for the rest of the summer.”

“Now that this is settled.” The Headmaster continued. “I should probably tell some of you which classes you will be teaching. I have created two new courses for the school that I believe would be perfect for the students. Demonology and Music Studies.”

Dawn turned to Christine with a smile. “Three guesses on who’s going to teach the Music Studies class.” She said.

Christine nodded. “Of course.” She replied in a whisper.

Albus was looking at Erik as he spoke. “Your skills when it comes to music are superb, Mr. Destler. Miss Summers has said that you would make an excellent teacher which is why I decided that this class is perfect for you to teach with Miss Summers as your assistant.”

Erik was stunned and shell-shocked. “Professor, I’ll be deeply honored to be able to teach what I know to your students.” He said.

Albus smiled at him brightly. “Excellent.” Then he turned to Nadir. “As for you, Mr. Khan. Your experiences so far as a Whitelighter make you an excellent candidate for the position of Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher.”

“Professor Dumbledore.” Nadir cut off with a smile. “If you are asking me to teach the class then yes, I will be honored to do so.”

“Thank you, Mr. Khan.” Albus said and then he turned to Giles. “Now, Rupert. Your experience as Miss Summers’s Watcher will benefit for the new Demonology class. Would you teach the class?”

Giles smiled. “Of course, Albus.” He said. “I have only one condition. That Wesley is made as my assistant.”

“Of course, Rupert.” The elder wizard replied with a smile.

Wesley was shocked. “Rupert, I-I-I don’t …” He stuttered.

“Your insight into the demon world and your experiences with Angel could be useful for the class.” Giles interrupted him. “I will need someone from the old Council to assist me.”

“He’s right, Wes.” Angel said in agreement. “You’re the best of all of us when it comes to the demon world. I think it’s time to put that into very good use in terms of teaching it to the students of Hogwarts.”

Seeing that he couldn’t object to the points that both Giles and Angel made, Wesley nodded. “Very well. I’ll assist you.”

“Okay, now that’s settled.” Faith said with a grin. “Who else is going to teach classes at Hogwarts?”

Three days later …

“I can’t believe that Demona is going to teach a class during the day!! What the bloody hell is she going to do at night?”

Erik couldn’t help but wince at Spike’s rant. It had been three days since the last meeting involving everyone in the Scoobies, the Fang Gang and the Charmed Ones. It had lasted another hour before everyone retired for the night and they met again the next day this time Goliath brought his daughter Angela, her mate Broadway and clan elder Hudson with him to the meeting. There had been some tensions at first because of Demona but once Albus explained why she was there and what she had told them, it ceased but the former Phantom suspected that neither Angela or Broadway or Hudson trusted Demona because what had happened in the past.

~If I had known what she had done in the past, I would not have trusted her either but now is not the time for that if we are to defeat Voldemort and his Death Eaters.~

What shocked everyone was the fact that the Hogwarts Headmaster had assigned Demona a class to teach during the day called Earth Magic Studies with Phoebe as her assistant. At first, Demona objected because of the company that she was running during the day but then Phoebe volunteered to teach the class on alternate days with Willow as her assistant to which the blue-colored gargoyle agreed gladly. Piper was given the job as assistant to the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher and Paige and Xander were named tutors for students who needed help on certain subjects.

~Except for my class of course. That would be left up to either Elizabeth or Dawn.~

Spike had been given the job of teaching another new class called Muggle Defense while everyone else in the remaining members of the Fang Gang would remain in Los Angeles just to run Wolfram and Hart. Right now, however, the classes were the least of the former Phantom’s worries as he watched Spike pace around the room.

“I’m very sure that she will still able to protect the students during the night.” Erik replied.

Spike spun around to face him with a look that suggested to the former Phantom that he was not reassured. “Are you sure about that, Erik?”

“I have faith in her if that is what you mean.” Erik said. “She has lived for the past few years as a human during the day and gargoyle by night and still she was able to function well.”

Although, he still didn’t feel any better about the situation, Spike nodded his head. “Maybe, you’re right.” He said. “You’re like Buffy in a way. Always able to think things in a logic way.”

Erik smiled at the mention of his beloved wife. Out of all of the things that he loved about Buffy, this was something that the former Phantom loved most about her. Her ability to give wisdom at a time when it was desperately needed.

~Something that I inherited from my mother.~ Buffy once told Erik. Although, he had never met Joyce, the former Phantom wished that he could have met her. He knew of her only from stories that Dawn had told him about her but they were enough for Erik to picture her as a kind, gentle and loving person just like Buffy and a wonderful mother who would have loved him had she lived long enough to see her eldest daughter marry him.

Erik was so lost into his thoughts that he almost didn’t hear Spike call out his name and looking very annoyed.

“Hello!! Phantom Boy!!”

Erik pulled himself out of his thoughts and turned to Spike with a glare with the usage of the nickname he hated.

~Damn you, Xander for that cursed nickname!!~

“Spike, please don’t call me that.” Erik growled sounding very annoyed himself “What is it?”

Spike returned the glare for a moment before he spoke. “Peaches just called. He wants the both of us to go with him and two of Albus’s men to pick up the Potter boy.”

Erik was surprised that he and Spike were chosen for the job of recovering the Potter boy from his aunt and uncle’s house. He was also a little nervous that he would meet a future student before school would begin. However, he pushed his nervousness aside and looked at Spike.

“Tonight?” he asked.

Spike nodded. “Then we’re to take the kid to Hogwarts and set up shop there.” He replied. “If you’re worried about clothes and your stuff, don’t worry, Buffy’s already taken care of it. She and the others will meet us at Hogwarts once we have the Potter boy.”

~Leave it to Elizabeth to think ahead.~ Erik thought with a smile as he and Spike began preparations for the mission ahead.

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