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Summary: A somewhat darker sequel to Oh what a night. In which Logan and Veronica sojourn to the Hyperion to get away from Neptune and stumble into some of Angel's troubles

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Television > Veronica Mars > General(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1853,508282,47017 Jul 0628 May 07No

a very short chapter...and wonderboy

I’m finally updating…sorry it’s taking so long but I have plot lines for other stories in my head and they are really assertive…Also this chapter is Before Benediction but after a New World.
The evening had picked up as the gang had a walk-in. A young woman who looked rather mis-matched, her jeans stylish, dark and ripped, with an over sized sweat shirt, hiding her form, and it happened to be puke green. She looked nervous as she approached the casual group devouring the cheesy goodness.

“Can we help you?” Cordelia was the first to put down her pizza and wipe her hands carefully with a napkin.

“Maybe, I’m not sure it’s kind of silly.” The girl said scuffing her foot on the floor; her soft muted blond hair slipping out of a long pony tail.

“No case is too small” Fred said cheerily, chomping on her extra cheese and ground beef slice.
“Are you sure, because it’s kinda small, and silly. I mean most people want to get rid of ghosts, I just wanna know where mine went.” She finally said, refusing to look up.

“Oh.” Fred whispered.

“Let’s go into the office shall we?” Angel said, seeming to rise out of the shadow.

The girl’s shining eyes looked like a deer in head lights, not sure what to do or where to go. “Umm, ok.” She scuffled behind Angel fiddling with her sleeve.

Veronica had leaned contently against Logan when this girl came in and now she sat straight up. Her eyes followed the girl carefully, a Veronica trade mark, she followed her smoothly without drawing attention to the fact that she had been staring very, very hard, cataloging her movements and gestures with careful detail to her eyes, and how they darted around, her honesty was apparent but so was her embarrassment.

Her story had called upon a strange surreal memory from a month or so ago. Maybe it had been a dream, or maybe it had never happened it was a comfortable lie she told herself as she fell asleep on nights after Mr. Echolls’ arrest.

“…on the side I dispense fashion advice.” Veronica sucked in a breath was it? Could it be? Wasn’t that dream when she finally said goodbye? Veronica had the distinct urge to get up and listen at the door. As she weighed the pros and cons of being her super noisy self in front of new slightly strange people, Logan finished his pizza and put his arms around her form which was now separate from him.

“I don’t think Angel will mind if you ask him about this client after, besides it’s rude to eavesdrop when no one’s life is at stake don’t you think babe?" Logan said quietly waiting for Veronica to relax and cuddle up to him again.

“Why does that girl matter to you?” Connor said using his ears to be ruder than Veronica ever would have been, not to mention could have been; his ears were better than some of Mr. Mars's "spy" stuff.

Shocked Veronica turned to where Connor had been making faces of slight confusion and remarks of oblivious disdain. He was perched away from the group but closest to Cordelia, seeming to draw comfort from her presence. “Well, Connor, did your mother ever teach you that using your super powers for personal gain will make Stan Lee take them away?”

Gunn choked on his soda as he began laughing.

“No, my mother died giving birth to me.” Connor said perplexed by the pop culture reference.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Veronica started to feel her bravado slip.

“It’s ok she was a demon from what I have heard.” Connor said
Veronica looked to Logan seeing as she was totally out of her depth. “Umm. What do I say to that?”

“I have no idea.” Logan was out of smart comments for the time being.

“It’s fine, Wonderboy over there has a few social issues.” Gunn said as he poured himself a fresh cup of soda.

“Oh.” Veronica mumbled.
Just in time to save Veronica from more of Connor’s special brand of crazy, Angel came out of the office with the young woman.

“Tomorrow at eight, I can remember that. Thanks again.” The young girl smiled softly at Angel and left.

Watching the door close Angel made a slight face. “So who wants to go on a search for a missing ghost tomorrow?”

A/N 2: sorry my updates are so sparse…I’ve just been getting a little crazy and it hasn’t helped my fics much…I’m going to try to work on this one a bit more since people really do like it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Escape" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 May 07.

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