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Summary: A somewhat darker sequel to Oh what a night. In which Logan and Veronica sojourn to the Hyperion to get away from Neptune and stumble into some of Angel's troubles

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Television > Veronica Mars > General(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1853,508282,47117 Jul 0628 May 07No


Disclaimer: I own nothing...Rob Thomas owns VM and Joss and co owns all BTVS/angel. All I got is a crazy idea to take smush VM and the BTVS verse together...don't sue my poor College bound butt

Finally! Escape!

When: For VMars; After the first season before the second...nothing from the second season has happened yet...

For Angel: Season three, just after Connor gets back ( after The Price)



After I found out who my father truly was, part me died. It sounds pretty pathetic, but I never thought of him as a murdering, lying, bastard. I thought of him as a violent, lying, bastard. To find out that the person who helped created him was that kind of evil, it really didn’t give me the self-esteem every growing boy needs. With both parents gone and Lilly dead I was ready to check the back of my head for 6s. I’m afraid if I put my hand in holy water it might burn, like Al Pacino in the Devil’s Advocate. Well I’m not serious about that, but I do wonder if under this "handsome, cherubic face", lies evil. And now there is a real reason. They say I stabbed someone... I think I would remember that; I think I would remember jamming a blade into someone and then falling (gracelessly I might add) onto the highway...

After the trial Veronica and I really couldn’t walk around Neptune anymore. As she says “It lacks in safety and fun.”

So here we are in the car speeding down the freeway. Angel’s address circled on the map. I hope he’s ready for me to take him up on that offer.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking