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Summary: Buffy and Edward meet and stuff happens! Please read despite crappy summary.

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Okay everyone be kind this is my first try at this type of fic. It occurred to me at the most inconvenient time during my history class which basically means I spent it scribbling this story down instead of my notes. Oh well on with the fic oh and I apologize for all typos and spelling errors in advance my spell check is so not working.

Title: Annie
Author: Blaze
Summary: Xover with AB/BTVS. And things get interesting.
Rating: PG-13 for now

Pairing: B/A (mentions of), Tedward/Donna, Anita/Jean-Claude/Richard Asher/? (I'm thinking Faith)

Disclaimer: Not mine. The BtVS stuff is Whedon's. If it had been me Riley and Parker never would have happened. Anitaverse belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton. I own nobody much to my dismay because I wouldn't mind owning Jean-Claude, Richard, or Asher. I'd especially love to own Edward he is the coolest. :)

Spoilers: To be safe all of the BTVS and AtS seasons. And for this chapter before Guilty Pleasures but by next chapter it should be after OB.

Distribution: If you want it, sure. Just email and ask. I've never said no.

Authors Notes: Okay Edward already knows Anita but she hasn't hooked up with Jean-Claude and Richard yet. Conner never locked Angel in a box or turned on him instead he reconciled with him early on and turned his back on Holtz and Justine. I'm a B/A shipper and if you don't like it sorry but it will most likely end with a reunion of those two. Title is named after a song called Annie obviously it’s by Our Lady Peace and there's a piece of it at the beginning of the fic.

Annie Part 1
You're a little bit shy
A little too quiet
You're the mixed up girl
That everybody leaves behind


Buffy picked her way through the carnage. She tried to feel something...anything but couldn't. She hadn't felt a real emotion in over a year only pain and emptiness. Nothing since she'd been pulled back. She was empty and had hid it so well. They had thought she was fine that she'd gotten over it.

You never get over it. How could you when everyday was your own personal hell. It hurt to breathe to exist. Going through each day remembering that paradise had been hers until she was ripped out of it. By well meaning friends.

She tried not to blame them. They had been worried but there was no one else to blame. Dawn was the only one who saw it. Saw how desperately she hadn't wanted to be back. How she couldn't feel.

Dawn who saw so much and said nothing. She just acted out wanting her old sister back not this emotion devoid version. She made her way home, leaving behind the dead. The hell mouth was closed and there was nothing left for her here.

"Pack we're leaving" she told and anxious Dawn as she walked in the door to find her sister pacing. For once Dawn didn't argue but just nodded. Deep in her heart she already knew what had happened.

As Buffy threw things in a bag and her weapons in her chest she wondered where to go. She couldn't go to L.A. Not after what had happened the last times she had tried going to Angel for help.

For the first time she felt something other than pain in a long time. She felt longing at the thought of her old lover. She still loved him and always would. She could no longer deny it.

She hadn’t wanted to date after he left but Willow had kept pushing guys at her and she'd given in and both of them had been total disasters. But the fault had been her own for attempting to lose herself in someone besides Angel.

It couldn't be done he was her other half. She stomped down on the feeling of longing and love. She was not going down that route again. She didn't need to be slapped down anymore. She'd tried to go to him for help with Glory when she'd first shown realizing that she was in over her head.

Glory was too strong and she'd been right. So she'd gone to L.A. and had been rejected by Cordy. She'd torn her with her words and with her rant on her always bringing trouble. Cordy had always been able to get under her skin and make her feel 2 inches tall. Make her feel like nothing.

And she'd been so tired of this life of the pretending. So she's left and she'd died. Death was her gift. Ha some gift soon she'd been back in this damn hell.

And she'd tried again only this time she'd needed him to help her heal and because she was worried she'd come back wrong because Spike could hurt her. To help her feel but this time Cordy had had more than scathing comments to throw at her. This time she flung her budding relationship with her ex-lover at her and a part she hadn't known she still carried died.

She'd also learned of Connor. So she turned and left and sought out this son who was causing so much pain. And she'd talked him out of his vendetta knowing Angel would not destroy his own child and would instead let himself be destroyed. While he was not hers anymore she couldn't let him die. She still remembered the conversation even though it was months back.


"He is not evil. Trust me I know evil. I'm a vampire slayer I've seen more shades of it that you can imagine" She told the dark-haired boy.

"You would say that! I heard about you from some vamps I slayed. You were his lover at least until he left you" the dark haired 18 year old told her with a sneer.

"I lived it. Let me tell you a story boy and then maybe you'll understand. I had a normal life. A perfect life and then one day this stuffy British guys comes and turns my world upside down. Monsters exist and they are everywhere.

And then I meet this guy and I realize not all monsters are evil some of them just want to live their lives. Some want to help others and redeem themselves. And I fell for this guy this monster who wasn't a monster. And I began to realize there is not just black and white but also a whole lot of gray.

Life is rarely so clean-cut or so easy. Angel is not evil and he hasn't been for a long time. A clan of gypsies took care of that. And they also put a clause in his soul so I know his evil half well and at this moment he's not around.

Its why your father left me and why your even around. So go to him. It hurts him that you hate him. That they've twisted you so. He needs you." She told him wishing she had it in her to cry.

"You love him even after all this time" Connor said amazed, the disbelief that had minutes ago been coming off him in waves turning into belief.

"It hard to get over the love of your life but obviously he has so maybe not as hard as I thought. After all my love was never enough to make him stay" She said bitterly and began to walk away. She's done what she'd needed to do.

"Then my fathers a fool" Conner had called after her and shortly after gone to the Hyperion to give him a chance.

*end flashback*

When she'd come back she was enough of a suicidal state to fall into Spikes ready arms. After all he could hurt her and kill her if he wanted to. And she could always pretend he was Angel. And for a few minutes she could feel. The shame and revulsion were welcome to feeling nothing. She was in a cold dark place. A place where there was nothing but the ice in her veins and her heart. No she wouldn't be going to LA. She went down and started packing the car. As they slid in Dawn finally spoke.

"Where are we going?" Dawn asked as they hit the freeway.

"We'll know when we get there" Buffy said and after that there was just silence and the car radio.

A little bit weird
A little too bright
But you just might be
That little bomb at their side
They'll pull your hair
They'll leave you wide-eyed
But did anybody wonder
What Annie might have in mind
Oh, no


They wound up in Texas a few days later. she quickly got them a run down apartment and a job at a diner. She'd gotten them some flimsy fake identities but they seemed to work. Buffy was dead she was Anne once again. Dawn was adapting in true teenage fashion to her new high school. The 15 year old was very flexible.

She would always decide that it was a quirk of fate. Life always did throw her the curveballs. Here she was trying to start over again and struggling home after a hard day at work with the lousy pay and tips and she walked right into this mess. She watched wide eyed as a blonde haired man took out two of the group with a gun while another four tried to sneak up on him. He was out numbered but winning. He was also armed to the teeth. Two guys spotted her.

"A witness kill her! We'll deal with him" a man barked out.

She hurriedly back away and tripped saving her life as a bullet flew over her. She reached down and realized she'd tripped on a knife.

As the first guy rushed her only reflex had her shoving the knife out. As her now dead attacker slid to the ground and the other one came at her it was self-preservation that got her to kill him. She dropped the knife immediately after and stared at her blood soaked hands. She felt nothing. No quilt or horror. She'd done what had needed to be done.

She looked through empty eyes at the blond man as he approached and picked up the knife. Dimly she realized he'd killed the other guys.

"I'm Edward are you okay?" he asked with a slight drawl.

She looked into his cold blue eyes and realized he planned to kill her. For what she'd seen. Not if she didn't let him. She used her best acting. Hell she'd fooled her friends why not a stranger. Even a trained killer should buy this. She burst into tears.

"Its not my fault. Its not my fault" she babbled.

"Of course not darling" he drawled out putting on a good ol' boy act.

He drew her close as if to comfort but she sensed the knife at her back. And knew he literally planned to stab her in the back. Before he could she knocked him out.

"Why do guys always fall for the little ol’ me act" she huffed and left him there. She didn't need anymore kills. She didn't want to be Faith. Later she would come to regret letting him live.


Edward found her a few days later. he'd first planned to kill her but then he'd changed his mind. She was obviously on the run from something. Her identity was also a fake. And she was a natural.

He saw potential and now wondered what he could do to harness it. As the plan formed he straightened out a few details and then went looking for her. He knew the instant she realized he was there. She stiffened up and glared at him as she calmly took an order. He also knew she was weighting her options. To flee or fight. Oh yeah the girl had the instincts for this job.

Anne knew the moment he walked in. He was dangerous and all her senses were going haywire urging her to either flee or eliminate the danger. Then he went and sat in her section and she knew he wasn't here to kill her....yet. At least not with so many witnesses. She went to his table.

"What do you want" Anne hissed at him.

"You really should cover your tracks better *ANNE*" Edward said his tone and the way he said her name letting her know he knew it was fake.

"Just leave me alone I want nothing to do with you. I'm not going to tell anyone what I saw. Not like I can without be thrown in a cage with you" Anne told him almost pleadingly. she didn't need this. She was trying to start over.

"Its too late for that now Annie you should of thought of that before" Edward said and then left.

She pondered what he'd meant and why he'd been looking at her like that. As if her was assessing her. Trying to see inside her. She shiver and wondered what was going on.
* * *

She got home that night and was greeted by whirlwind Dawn on her way out. she'd been doing that alot. Hanging out with those new friends of hers getting into regular teenage trouble and she was grateful. She could handle Dawn doing teenage stuff and not supernatural stuff.

"Bout time you got here. your guest has been waiting for sometime and I didn't want to have to leave him waiting outside alone cause I was leaving. I'm late as it is." Dawn said

"Guest?" Anne echoed blankly

"Yeah your guest. Said his names Ted Forrester. I had him show me id and everything. He's a hottie I want deets later cause you've obviously been holding out" Dawn babbled and then she was gone.

She walked into the house dread in her stomach. She had a feeling she knew exactly who TED was. and sure enough she found Edward lounging on her ratty couch his gun out.

"I was just going to kill you as I'm sure you know and the lump my head confirms but then I changed my mind" Edward drawled out.

"Lucky me! So what changed your sociopathic mind?" Anne said sarcastically.

"You've got potential kid and I can use that potential .you also remind me of someone. even more now with your smart mouth" Edward said

"Are you saying what I think your saying cause if so no. I’m not a killer" Anne told him.

"Everyone's a killer Anne given the right circumstances and those who aren’t are cannon fodder. You strike me as a given the right circumstances girl especially after last week" Edward told her.

"I don't kill humans" Anne told him coldly.

"Ah now that’s telling" Edward said and his eyes homed in on her neck "But I take it you have not problem killing monsters if that mark on your neck is any indication"

Anne's hand flew to her neck "Angry puppy" she muttered.

Edward laughed "I'll bet! then its a good thing that I mainly only kill monsters now. Humans are to easy. I rarely kill humans now unless they get in my way or try to kill me. I'm not cheap and when I'm done with you neither will you. You wouldn't have to work in a diner and you could have a way better place than this" he told her a derisive eye flickering over her meager possessions.

She thought of the piling bills and how she'd considered getting another job. If he was telling the truth they could live way better. She might even afford sending Dawn to college and give the opportunities in life she'd missed out.

and its not like it'd be a big sacrifice she killed monsters for free before. It was about damn time she received some pay for it. She eyed him coolly contemplating. But she could never let him see or know what she really was or how strong she was. How much like vamps she was power wise. He'd kill her in a instant and she knew it. Especially now that was gaining more and more power of the previous slayers before her. She guessed it was an age thing.

"The pay is very good a few jobs and your set for the rest of the year. The jobs are flexible so you can pick and choose what to take." Edward sensed her weakening.

The only catch you become a murderer she thought dryly.

"Okay I'm in but I have conditions. I only do monsters and I only do bad ones." Anne told him sealing her fate.

"Good lets get stated on training but first here some stuff you'll need" Edward said handing her an envelope.

Curious she took it and took out the papers as she read over the documents her eyes almost popped out.

"Anne Forrester what the hell????" she yelled.

"You need a new identity your last one was very obviously fake this one is better and real. You are now Anne Forrester and Dawn is now Dawn Marie Forrester. As far as the world is concerned the two of you are my baby sisters." Edward told her.

"But your name isn't really Ted either." Anne told him.

"But the world believes it is and that’s what matters. Since you didn't get any farther I'll tell you the rest. Your also a bounty hunter and vampire executioner. Your license for the bounty hunter is in all states but the executioner one is just for Texas, New Mexico and Missouri. So do you have any fighting training? Own any weapons?" Edward asked.

"Umm yeah" Anne said still processing that he was rearranging her life. She took him to her small training room which had her weapons displayed and also showed him the chest filled with smaller ones and watched as he inspected the weapons.

"Okay after we assess your fighting skills we're bringing you up to date on the weapons. Some are good like the axes and knives. But the crossbow and staffs? Planning on fighting Friar Tuck? And the stakes hardly anyone uses those anymore." Edward told her.

Lord what had she gotten into?

There's something in the way she explains to me
"Please be careful, I exist in someone else's head"
Oh, no
There's something in the way that she makes
Please be careful,
Annie dreams that everyone is dead
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