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Greek Fire

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Summary: From some stroke of fate, Buffy lands in 17th century-Caribbean; smack-dab in the middle of the Golden Age of Piracy.

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Chapter One--A Rescue

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl. All of the characters, settings, themes, movie, show, titles, witches, slayers, creation, references, ships, and basic gist of the two fantasy worlds all belong Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Warner Bros., Jerry Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski, and Walt Disney. All rights reserved.

Timeline: Post Season 5 for BtVS—takes place right after the Gift. As for Pirates, although containing some probably major spoilers for Dead Man’s Chest, I’m gonna have to go off-canon from that movie on this one. Although it takes place after the Curse of the Black Pearl.

Summary: From some stroke of fate, Buffy lands in 17th century-Caribbean; smack-dab in the middle of the Golden Age of Piracy. From whence she meets the infamous Captain Sparrow, along with the never-ending headache he seems to bring.

Notes: Well, I’m back in the realm of PotC/BtVS crossovers, although I’m really hoping that it will go far better off than my last one, even though its got great reviews. Here’s to hoping that Greek Fire will have an even greater chance of actually seeing the light of completion. Without further ado—here you go!


Chapter One—A Rescue


Throughout her slayer life, not once did Buffy Summers truly have a moment of such clarity until now. Not even when she speared that sword into Angel’s chest; not when she realized she couldn’t deal with her actions so she ran away; not even when she realized that she was taking care of more than herself when her mother died. But this—realizing her purpose in the world—lifted up some weight off her shoulders that she must have been carrying it for a long time. It gave her some sort of piece of mind.

Even if it was through an ironic sacrifice and during in a most inopportune moment.

“Dawn, the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave… live...For me.” Hugging her for the last time almost broke her heart, but Buffy knew things had to end this way—Death was her Gift after all wasn’t it?

She couldn’t bear to see Dawnie falling apart like that anymore, so after that one last kiss to her forehead, a compensation for not saying ‘goodbye’ out loud, she turned around and sprinted. Buffy ran towards what would surely and undoubtedly cause her death.

Which was her gift. To them.

I love you.

Buffy jumped, spreading her arms into a perfect swan dive. She failed to see the irony until much later when she dared to open her eyes after several long seconds. The most peculiar thing about her jump was that she didn’t feel any pain—not even a sting or a spark—and so, the last thing she saw was something big and blue, before it engulfed her in a massive white foam, knocking her out completely.

Oh…and did she mention it was wet too?


“Oh, for the last time, Char! There’s nothing going to happen in these waters! We’re in the middle of the bloody Caribbean,” a boy of thirteen years moaned to his little sister, her freckled face pouting unladylike at him.

“What do you think they all say before they get attacked by those sea creatures who live beneath the crushing depths? Or before those sirens came and lured sailors off their ship then eating them alive as a result? Or—“

“Those are all stories made to scare little girls like you!”

“I’m not scared! Or little—I’m nine and a half Thomas!”

“Well then, you’re just an imaginative—“

“Children please!” a stern looking lady came out of the lower deck of the St. Louis before her face broke out into a tired, worn-out smile, “I know we’re all getting a little stir-crazy, having been on this ship for more than when we were supposed to be, but it’s no excuse to go arguing like there’s nobody else listening.”

Both Char—or Charlotte—and Thomas had the decency to look ashamed, when they realized they were causing a scene. “Sorry Mother.”

“Good. Now I have some great news. The captain just said that we’ll be arriving in Port Royal—“

“Mother look!”

“Charlotte, how many times do I have to tell—“ Mrs. Lamburg started before getting interrupted again when a loud splash that came from the starboard side of the ship.

In a frenzy, all of the sailors and passengers as well as the Lamburg family rushed towards the starboard side, all hoping to take a peek at what exactly caused that splash. People were whispering to each other, predicting what happened.

“It’s a ghost, I tell you!”

“The heavens is falling on us…”

“Davy Jones has come to curse us his’self!”


A few more rumors of the like, and it was to be sure that it got all of the people onboard crying hysterically, spreading their own thoughts and thus causing even more of a panic amongst them.

“Alright! What’s all the fuss about?” Captain Burns came out of his quarters once he realized something was wrong. The unrestrained screams were a dead giveaway.

“Captain! Something splashed the water, sir! Something cursed…something dangerous,” Daniel, one of the more superstitious-believer out of his crewmembers, whispered.

With a dry look, “You sure it isn’t just the dolphins playing about there, sailor?”

“Yes sir. Besides, dolphins travel in groups, Captain. It’s awful bad omen to see just one of ‘em swimming these waters.”

Rolling his gray eyes, Captain Burns huffed with annoyance before ordering his subordinates to move aside and let him take a peek at the cause of all the hubbub. “Fine you paranoid lot! Let me see what’s coming around ‘ere.”

By the time he came around to the railings of St. Louis, the bubbles that indicated where the disturbance in the waters occurred were almost done settling back to their normal state. He squinted his eyes curiously, as if it would help him distinguish the rising white figure from the blue waters.

A strong wave later and the figure was turned around, only to show—

“A woman! There’s a woman overboard!” Two of his men quickly jumped over while two others threw rope at them. Several seconds later, three wet figures came out of the water with one suiting an abnormally bluish parlor; the girl.

Now that he was able to look at her clearly, Captain Burns realized that she was just that—a girl; young and petite and quite very frail. “Stand aside!” he yelled as he too rushed over to the unmoving figure on his deck.

“Is she dead?” a girl whispered amongst the crowd.

“I don’t know,” someone else replied.

The captain looked calmly at the figure for a second before deciding to slam his big fist right on her chest. The crowd didn’t even have time to response in outrage because the girl suddenly vomited gulps-full of seawater while frantically trying to get some air, her eyes full of fear and confusion as her body shook uncontrollably. She finally fell back down after her convulsions stopped, exhausted and unable to keep her eyes open any longer. But while she almost resembled her state awhile ago, her face was now changing back into a healthy pink, and her chest was rising up and down rather rhythmically.

Everybody was still too stunned to do anything so when Captain Burns barked out an order to open one of the rooms down below, everybody jumped in surprise before a hum of excitement started.

And amongst them, a smirking little English girl was looking at her brother defiantly, “’Nothing’s going to happen,’ eh?”

“Oh, do shut up.”


“…and really bad eggs.”

“Uh, sorry Captain?”

The dark haired pirate looked at the one questioning him as if he was surprised he even heard him. “What are you doing here?” after a moment of trying to answer that very same answer himself. Obviously, he didn’t succeed.

Gibbs looked at him exasperated, “You called me here, remember?”

“Did I?”

“Yes, Captain, you did.”

It took Sparrow another couple of seconds before nodding in remembrance of his simple request just a few moments before. “Oh, right…I did. Well, Mr. Gibbs,” walking off slightly to the side while dragging his first mate along with him. “Since your person is already here and said person is waiting for the being waited to tell your person what the being waited wanted to tell who was waiting for him, the person who was being waited will tell what your person wanted to hear. Aye?”

Gibbs thought for a moment at his odd way of talking, before smiling and nodding his head in agreement, proud to have deciphered his short speech in just…ten seconds, “Aye.”

“Good. You see Mr. Gibbs…I don’t particularly, like our new…mate although he has a…rather lovely accomplice here,” he grinned perversely for a second before dropping his smile when he saw Gibbs’s look. “Point being, I would like you to keep a closer eye on them, without being too…conspicuous, savvy?”


“Good. Now head way for Port Royal. I’ve got a newlywed to visit,” a small, almost twisted sort of a grin, grew.

“Aye captain!”

Good thing nobody else saw it.


Buffy stirred uncomfortably in her bed.

Wait…bed? Wasn’t I supposed to be dead? We fought off Glory, I said my goodbyes…I jumped off the portal…and then…

“Oh god.”

“Look, Char! She’s waking up!”

In a flash, Buffy was up and ready tackle down that son-of-a…”Kid,” she said bluntly, after holding him a second or two up in the air with one hand, blinking owlishly for a couple more.

The boy squeaked, frightened at the sudden turn of events, “I’m so sorry miss! I didn’t mean to wake you up…please, please let me go! I’ll do anything! I…”

“Oh sorry!” Buffy let him go, unceremoniously dropping him down his bottom on the floor, just when the door opened to reveal another girl dressed in a little cute—although waay outdated—dress. “I’m just kinda surprised to see you is all. Or anyone for that matter,” she muttered to herself.

“It’s alright Miss. I mean you have been through quite a traumatic situation,” the girl who just entered soothed her, “Right Thomas?”

The once frightened ‘Thomas’ picked himself up from the ground and dusted off some imaginary dust out of his equally outdated clothes with dignity. “Of course, Charlotte.”

Their wardrobes took her by amusement. Then, looking back and forth between them once more, and then looked around at the cramped room she was staying in, Buffy suddenly got a horrible sinking feeling when she added in the fact that her luck nowadays was nowhere near close to being meager. “Uhm…do you happen to know what year it is?” Crap no…

“1679. June 15th, 1679,” Thomas said huffily, but she took no notice.

“1679! Are you sure? Spike didn’t set you up with this, did he? Where did…where the hell am I? Who are you people?” Buffy asked frantically. Oh god! This can’t happen to me! I was supposed to die for crying out loud! Can’t a kid do something for the world without getting some messed up result afterwards?

Although surprised at her sudden outburst, the little girl tried her best to help calm her down, “My name is Charlotte Lamburg and this is my older brother, Thomas Lamburg. You’re on a ship…the St. Louis, on its way to Port Royal where we’ll see our relatives and where St. Louis will drop off its cargo; cotton and a shipment of clothes, I think. Uhm…we don’t know who this Spike is, and he most certainly did not ‘set us up’ with this. You were floating—half drowned near our ship. Which was quite peculiar ‘cos if you were drowning you’d be sinking, not floating…”


She blushed, and Buffy had to smile at that, in spite of the situation. But she did have a point…bah. Must be those pesky Powers that Be or whoever who is ‘trying’ to keep her slaying days as long as possible.

“Well, anyways…where was I? Oh! And it is most certainly 1679. I remember, ‘cos its four more months until my tenth birthday.”

Shit. Damn all those Higher Powers screwing up my life…as if it doesn’t need to be screwed over anymore. “Congratulations. How long have I been asleep?” she asked after a moment.

“Hm, so today’s Friday…that would mean…”

“Three days, Miss,” Thomas said quickly, “and if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your name?”

“It’s Buffy,” she answered distractedly, “My name’s Buffy Summers.”

Mmhm. Damn them all to—

“Hey, where’d my clothes go?”


Reviews appreciated!

(unedited version)
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