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I Wish

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Summary: Crossover with the movie Liar Liar. Instead of wishing that his father couldn't lie, Max wished that he had a sibling. When Hafrek intervenes, his wish comes true.

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Movies > Liar LiarSeeJaneWriteFR1321,572031,56018 Jul 064 Sep 06No

Chapter Two

Early the next morning, at exactly quarter to six, the alarm clock in Audrey's room went off. The sleeping woman did not take to notice it. Her boyfriend Jerry, however, did and he rolled over and flicked it off. He looked over at the most important woman in his life, ruffling her hair a bit and placing his hand on her arm. She still did not respond and Jerry knew there was no way on Earth he could bring himself to wake her.

"It's been a long night. For the both of us," he said to himself as he rolled out of bed. He grabbed a towel and some clothes to change into and walked over to the bathroom to take a shower.

As soon as Jerry entered the bathroom, a foul stench greeted him. It smelled sort off like vomit, he noted with disgust. He cautiously walked over to the toilet and quickly flushed it. He then reached for a spray of some sort and sprayed it around the bathroom. Once the smell had improved, Jerry took a nice, hot shower. Once he was done and dressed, he left the bathroom and searched for a piece of paper. On it, he scribbled a short message to Audrey, placing it next to the alarm clock. He then leaned over and kissed Audrey's forehead tenderly before tiptoeing out of the room and towards the kitchen.

"What's for breakfast?" Max asked Jerry as the elder man entered the kitchen.

Jerry shrugged. "Well, what would you like for breakfast, kiddo?" he asked back.

"Well, my mom was gonna make me pancakes but she's not awake yet," Max informed Jerry.

Jerry nodded, taking in this bit of information. He walked over and sat down on the chair next to Max at the table. "Max," he began as he looked into Max's eyes. "Your mom's not feeling very well and I think it's best we let her sleep. But I could make you pancakes. You want that?"

Max pondered the option before shrugging. "Ok," he agreed. "But will you make them have funny shapes? Mommy makes them with funny shapes."

"Anything you want," Jerry promised as he began preparing pancakes.
Hours had passed before Audrey finally woke up. She frowned, shielding her eyes against the harsh light of the sun coming in through her windows. She groaned, knowing that if the sun was that high and bright, she was definitely late for work and late in dropping Max off at school. She glanced over at the clock to try and see what time it was exactly. Finding that a piece of paper was obstructing her view of the clock, she reached for it. Smiling, she knew it was a note from Jerry and she leaned back and opened it.

Hey sweetie-pie,

Don't worry about Max and your work. I know you're feeling poorly, so I'll take Max in to school and find someone to sub for you at the school. You just concentrate on getting better and if there's anything you need, call me. XOXO


"Feeling poorly?" Audrey wondered to herself. She knew she had overslept, but she felt fine. A little bit of pain in her lower back, but nothing a little bit of Advil or something would not fix. But as soon as she flipped the covers off of her, Audrey knew that her problem was not something a bit of Advil could fix. "H-how?" she wondered as she stared at her enormously large and pregnant stomach. It was then that the food cravings began hitting her all over again.

Audrey walked slowly over to the kitchen and began searching the refrigerator for certain foods. She found the bagels just fine. But the other two ingredients she wanted were nowhere to be found. And on top of that, she was pregnant and two men definitely had to know about it. Groaning, Audrey walked over to where the cordless phone was and began dialing Jerry's work number.

It took only one ring before Jerry picked up. "Hello, Jerry Raveck speaking," he stated into the phone.

"Jerry?" Audrey asked in a panicked tone of voice as she sat down in the kitchen. She held the phone to her ear with her right hand while propping her left arm up against the table and using her left hand to support her head.

"Audrey!" Jerry exclaimed loudly. "Are you alright? Do you need me to come over there?" The concern in his voice was genuine.

Audrey nodded as she choked out the answer, "Yes, please."

"I'll be right there," Jerry assured her. "You just stay put. Anything you want me to get you? Anything medicine of some sort?"

"No medicine," Audrey began. "But if you could get some pickles, that'd be great."

Jerry frowned in slight confusion but nonetheless agreed to get them for her. "I'll be right there," he reiterated for assurance.

Audrey smiled, knowing that at least there was one man she could actually count on to tell her the truth. But the other man…

Audrey groaned. She knew that she had to talk to Fletcher at some point. First there was the whole idea that she might be getting engaged and moving to Boston. Now there was a baby in the mix. She sighed as she dialed Fletcher's office number.

"Hello, Fletcher Reede's office," came the answer from Fletcher's secretary. "How may I help you?"

"I really need to talk to Fletcher," Audrey began in a rushed voice. "Please, it's very urgent."

"May I tell him who's calling?" his secretary asked as if she were reciting from a piece of paper.

"Audrey, his ex-wife," Audrey answered impatiently.

"Right," the secretary noted as she knocked on Fletcher's door. "Fletcher, it's your ex-wife, and she says it's really urgent," she informed him. She then went back to the phone. "He'll be right out, miss."

"Thank you," Audrey began as she moved her left arm down so it was spread across the table. She then rested her head on top of her arm as she waited for Fletcher.

"Audrey," he began almost gratefully. "Listen, I don't know if I'm going to be able to get Max from school," he said.

"Fletcher!" Audrey yelled in extreme annoyance. "Another something has come up. I need to talk to you and Jerry in person right now. I don't care what is going on at work. You get your ass down here this instant!" she hollered into the phone.

"Woah," Fletcher began, holding the phone away from his ear. Once he realized Audrey was done her little speech, he brought the phone to his ear again. "Damn, where you this loud when we were married?" he asked. "And what is so urgent that it can't be told over the phone? I'm really busy right now."

"Fletcher!" Audrey screamed.

"Alright, alright," Fletcher cut her off. "No need to damage my ear drums. I'll be there."

"And bring some Ranch dressing with you," she added.

"Ranch dressing?" Fletcher asked in genuine confusion. "You hate that stuff." He gasped, recalling the only time his ex-wife had ever put Ranch dressing in her mouth. "You're pregnant! I know it! You want Ranch dressing so you can put it on a bagel than cover that concoction with pickles!" His face as flushed with anger. "Well if you're just going to tell my that the son of a bitch you're dating has won you over completely, then forget it! Audrey, I have things to do!"

"Fletcher!' Audrey begged as small tears began welling up in her eyes. "Please, this is quite urgent," she choked.

Fletcher groaned. "Fine, I'll be there," he grumbled. "But you better not rub this all over my face."

The End?

You have reached the end of "I Wish" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Sep 06.

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