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I Wish

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Summary: Crossover with the movie Liar Liar. Instead of wishing that his father couldn't lie, Max wished that he had a sibling. When Hafrek intervenes, his wish comes true.

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Movies > Liar LiarSeeJaneWriteFR1321,572031,56018 Jul 064 Sep 06No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: The characters and whatnot from Liar Liar are not mine and the Buffy stuff is not mine either.

"Come on, Max," Audrey Reede coaxed her five-year-old son. She knelt down beside his chair and placed a comforting arm on his shoulder. The cake, complete with burning candles, was placed in front of Max on the table. "Make a wish. It can be anything you want. Anything in the whole world."

Max nodded sadly as Audrey rose, kissing his forehead gently. He thought hard, trying to think of exactly what he wanted. He only had one wish so it could not go to waste. The thing he really wanted was his father around instead of making up excuses at the last minute. But he knew that would never happen. He glanced around the room at his various friends who had come to his party. Jennifer, Andrew, Vincent, Ryan and his younger brother Tony, George and his older sister Amber.

A small smile crept onto his face. That's what I want, he decided. Someone younger who I can care about. Someone who can make me feel less alone when Dad isn't here. He smiled as he drew in a huge breath, his cheeks puffing out. I wish I had a baby sister or brother, he wished to himself as he blew the candles out.


Unknown to Max, his wish had been heard. Halfrek the vengeance demon smiled from her position outside the small house. Children with bad parents, she dutifully noted. She knew she wanted vengeance demons to be somewhat well-rounded instead of picking specialties, but this case she had to take. It would just be too much fun.

"Wish granted," she whispered with a clap of her hands as her face morphed into her vengeance demon look.
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