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Summary: In typical fashion, Willow's plans go awry.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyechoFR1512,160053,57419 Jul 0619 Jul 06Yes
disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They belong to Joss Whedon and JK Rowling.
shout: for Meer. Prompt words: suicide watch, rescue, fencing lesson, insipid, rose


"If this is a suicide watch, you really needn't bother. I didn't actually like the man. I'm not going to do myself in over him. Last night was an accident... a drunken accident."

Willow looked up from her book and quirked a red brow.

"Truly. I did not like him all that well. Yes, he was my father, but he was actually sort of a bastard, so no harm no foul. I'm fine. Can I have my wand back now? I promise not to hex myself with it."


He then proceeded to throw himself to the floor and have a tantrum. Willow blinked in surprise. She didn't think grown folks did such things, but then Draco Malfoy did a lot of things she did not expect.

"Stop that." She tossed her book into the chair she'd been sitting in as she stood and moved to where he was flailing about on the floor like a fish on land.

Yes, unexpected was the word of the day with him. Always. Willow shouted in alarm when he grabbed her legs and took them out from under her. She hit the floor hard, knocking the breath from her momentarily. Draco used her temporary incapacitation to try and escape.

But he did not get far. The door was locked, and with no wand he was effectively trapped. He spun on her with a growl and lips curled back in an ugly snarl. Willow narrowed her eyes and held up the key while she sputtered and regained her breath. She waved it at him in a taunting manner.

"Give me that."

Willow shook her head no as she slowly got to her feet, her eyes never leaving his. This was a rescue. Others doubted her, he could be saved. She believed it. Even if it was saving him from himself. It was for his own good, and she had planned on a bit of a fight. He was resistant to help in any form.

"Give me that soddin' key, you mudblood bitch."

Willow pulled out the front of her jeans and panties and dropped the key down them.

"You think I won't go after it there?"

She allowed some energy to crackle over her hand in a way she had not let it do in years. It was frightening, she knew. It also left an acrid stench in the room. "I think you should go on and try. You say you aren't suicidal? Come get some. See what happens, you big dumb EMO wizard brat."

"What did you just call me?"

Willow held up her fists in a comical boxing pose. "You wanna wrassle? Come on, Albino boy. Come get some. You haven't been eating right. Don't think I haven't noticed. A stout wind could take you. I figure I got a sporting chance here."

"You're mental."

"I'm not the one who had to have a haircut because I got drunk, tried to hex myself, and lit my head on fire instead."

He growled and rushed her. All his wizard training went right out the window. Willow caught him to her. They fell to the floor. She banged her elbow pretty hard, but Willow was laughing. He'd actually attacked her like some sort of rabid animal. Where was all this pureblooded gentleman breeding she'd heard so much about?

Somehow she managed to end up on top. Draco became incensed. He was trying to buck her off of him. Willow's thighs ended up getting quite acquainted with his ribs, abs, and pelvis area. So this was riding a bucking horse was like. Well, a really skinny and pale horse.

"This is kinda naughty. I'm not into boys, so seducing me won't work."

That only seemed to anger him all the more. He was in the middle of a full-blown mental break now. Willow was just along for the ride. Literally and figuratively. Somehow he got the slip on her though. It was all fun and games until the was under him on the floor, and his face changed somehow.

He was only eighteen. She was several years older, but in that moment she didn't see that. She didn't even see that he was a boy. What she saw was a pale face infused with a rose color from exertion. Wisps of blonde hair hanging over his forehead, and silvery eyes that had a lot of pain and some wonder in them. The wonder was new.

She acted on instinct. Willow lurched up and pressed her lips to his. When she pulled back, she blinked and made a face. He was all confusion now. She tried to escape. She should not have done that. It confused things that were already way too confused. She shoved him away and tried to crawl off. He grabbed her arm, dragged her back to him, and kissed her quite forcefully. She scrambled away again, crab-walking on her hands and feet, still looking at him. Confusion and pain had given way to hunger. If silver could burn, his eyes were. Those gray eyes had been hollow and expressionless until now. Now they held what looked suspiciously like passion.

Willow got to her feet quickly and made for the door. He was just as fast. Her arm was grabbed once again. She was spun to face him. One arm went around her back and lifted her from the floor. The other hand delicately cupped her cheek as his mouth descended on hers. She grabbed his shoulders. He was tall and wiry, but he still managed to get her off of the floor. This was not what she'd had in mind, but she wouldn't have stopped if the room caught on fire.

And it could have. They were definitely giving off enough sparks.

She finally pried herself away to gulp in air. He let her slide down his body until her feet were once again on the ground. Literally. Figuratively, she was bouncing off of the walls and nowhere near the floor.

"What are you doing?"

He shook his head no. Apparently words were quite beyond him. He sighed loudly and kissed her again softly. His lips lingered. His teeth pulled and her own lips in a seductive manner. He closed his eyes and smelled her hair. Willow stood perfectly still. How had this happened? He wasn't supposed to... well, whatever this was. This definitely had not been the plan. It wasn't supposed to happen. She dug girls with all their girl parts now. Didn't she?

But boy howdy, this little barely legal piece was getting her hot.

He then buried his face in her neck and began nibbling. His hands were roaming as well. Willow tried to remember to breathe. It was because he was so pretty. That's why. That had to be it.

His hand at the top edge of her jeans sobered her immediately. Ah ha!

Willow used her magic to literally toss him away from her and onto the bed he'd thrown himself from either in a fit. He slid up the thing and to the iron headboard that she contorted with her mind effectively binding him there.

"What in the hell?!" He shouted. Draco struggled in vain. The iron of the headboard effectively held him immobile.

One of his pale eyebrows arched when she reached into her pants.

Willow held up the key. "You think I'm stupid?" Despite her determination not to be upset, her eyes watered with tears. She had let herself get lost in this. She had wanted it, and it had turned out to be all a trick for his escape.

"You think I was pretending?!" He shouted, seeming equally wounded. He closed his eyes. "Hide it then. Be done with it!'' Draco paused for a moment and swallowed. "Just don't leave me like this."

Had he just begged? What?

"Leave me bound to the headboard if it makes you feel safer... just... I want you. I couldn't have played that even if I'd wanted to. I'm not that good at pretending."

The key fell from her fingertips. He was serious. He was so serious. Draco's eyes snapped open.

"Well?" His brows were furrowed, and there was no denying his being into this by the state of his pants. They were looking a bit snug due to certain things. He hadn't been playing, and even if he had, it had gotten away from him, and now it was quite real.

"I'm a lesbian."

"Were you always a lesbian?"

"Well, no."

"Pretend I'm a girl then."


"Stop making excuses and get into this bed with me!"

Willow blinked in shock.

"Please." He gritted out.

"I'm too old for you."

"Where was too old when your tongue was in my mouth?"

"I know!" She paced a bit. "And I'm sorry about that."

"Be anything but sorry for it. I don't want to hear your insipid excuses. I want to feel the heat of your body against mine. That interests me now. Nakedness... interesting."

She tried to remember to breathe. This wasn't fair. He should have this effect, but he did. She did want him. She wanted to save him so she could have him. Damn. This was not going to go over well. "Draco-"

"Dammit, woman!" He tugged at his bonds again. He was going to tear his skin if he didn't settle down with that.

"This wasn't what I had in mind." She waved her hand and the headboard released him. Willow turned away, so she would not have to watch him leave. "You can go. I'm sorry."

What she had forgotten was that it had been mentioned, more than once too, that he did not give in easily. A Slytherin with an ambition, with a goal, could be worse than a deranged stalker. She heard him moving behind her. Hands circled her waist. They were long and knobby like a guy's hands ought to be. He pulled her back against his chest.

"You thought you'd sit in that chair and read while I did whatever, ay? You thought I couldn't touch you? I want you, and I usually get what I want. I was spoiled that way. I'm not playing or pretending. The moment you kissed me, it was not about that key any longer."


He was kissing and nibbling on her neck. "Shut up."

Willow pulled away and turned to face him. She opened her mouth to argue more.

Draco immediately moved into her personal space and loomed over her. He pressed his fingertips to her lips. "I said shush. I won't let you run." He punctuated this by kicking the key she'd dropped across the room and under the chair she'd been sitting in.

"This is wrong." She said as she moved his hand from her mouth.

"Probably." He agreed.

Willow sighed. Her will was weak here. It was wrong, but she didn't care. She'd taken on the responsibility of him. Perhaps she'd just keep him. She'd dated boys before. She'd dated younger people before. Younger boys, no, but he could be her next adventure.

"Giles is gonna be so mad at me."

"For shagging me? I'd say that's none of his affair whom you shag."

"No, it's just that I'm supposed to have a fencing lesson tomorrow morning."


"You're kinda cute when you're dumb."

"What?!" he scowled. "If you think insulting me will get you in my pants, well... you'd be right. Though you could clear this us for me."

"I don't think I'll be finished with you before my fencing lesson begins. That clear enough for you?"

"Oh." He smirked and looked really satisfied with himself

Willow shoved him hard, sending him sprawling back onto the bed.


She waved a hand and the black tee shirt he'd had on ripped off of his torso.

"Bloody hell."

She borrowed from another version of herself. "No smirking, puppy. Willow's gonna make you beg."

"Strangely, I like the sound of that. What does that say about me?"

"I would just like to point out, again, that this is very wrong and not what I had in mind as far as you're concerned."

"Duly noted." He then patted the bed next to him. "Some of the best things ever are not according to any sort of plan. Will you please seduce me now?"

Who was seducing whom here?

It was too cute. He was too cute. She had not planned on that. Plus, she was finally getting to live out her bad boy thing here. He was definitely naughty and bad and wicked and definitely a boy.

"What are we doing?"

"Whatever you want to me."

"Now how can I resist that?" Willow said with a grin.

"Precisely." He held out his hand and wiggled those long fingers at her in a beckoning manner.

He was just too cute, and she had not planned on that.



The End

You have reached the end of "Unplanned". This story is complete.

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