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The Legend of the Balance: What the Future Brings

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Summary: Multifandom XOver. A band of intergalactic time travelers brings the BtVS and AtS crews back together. What can a futuristic battle brought into the present reveal about two souled vampires, the Slayer line, and the fate of the universe? S/B, S/OC

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralROGsvgirlFR15613,762012,10119 Jul 0610 Oct 06No

Here's Mommy

A/N: Here’s a new chapter for you guys. Sorry it’s been a while. Enjoy and please R&R.

Disclaimer: Roxanne, Mina, Tra’lana, and Empress Jan’Ak belong to me. Everybody else is someone else’s property

Chapter 6

Buffy Summers watched with bated breath as the Empress stared down her raven haired opponent. For the moment, there seemed to be a cease-fire, that could break down with the slightest move from either side. The Slayer weighed her options. She could take the chance to grab Mina, but the good guys would still be out-gunned. She couldn’t risk starting up the fight again without the upper hand. Not with the little girl’s life at stake.

The fate of all present seemed to be held in the staring match going on between the two females. When the Empress spoke, her usual cold tone was laced with a noticeable hint of agitation and possible fear. “Princess Roxanne. How nice of you to join us. I must say, I didn’t expect you so soon.”

“Well, what can I say?” The black haired woman replied. “I couldn’t resist your invitation.”

“An interesting entrance as always. But as you can see, I have the upper hand for once.”

The Empress pulled a wicked looking blade from her garment, pressing it to Mina’s throat. The little girl cried out as the blade scratched into her skin, drawing a trickle of blood. “Mommy!”

“It’s alright baby. Mommy’s here.” The rest of Roxanne’s reassurance was in gentle Sebacean. The tense stare she'd locked on the Empress turned into a death glare.

“To spite what you may think, Jan'Ak, you’ve got dren. And you’ve just signed your own death warrant.”

“You’re on unfamiliar ground, Princess. I’ve got you out-numbered and surrounded. And I’ve got all the leverage I need.” The Empress smirked, caressing Mina’s cheek with the blade. “I’m taking the girl and nothing you or these puny humans can do is going to stop me.”

Roxanne’s eyes dropped to the floor a second before meeting the Empress’s again. “Well then, it’s probably a good thing, I brought friends.

Roxanne let out a cry that sounded something like an Indian war call an instant before three more figures dropped through the skylight. These were all using ropes for the descent.

Again, all hell broke loose. Mina kicked hard backward into her captor’s leg while biting down hard on her hand. The Empress let go of her hold just long enough for the girl to hit the ground and start rolling out of reach.

Angel used the momentary diversion to try to sweep his opponent’s legs out from under him. Seeing that his attack would be easily blocked, the vampire changed tactics, bringing his knee up at the last second to catch the creature between the legs. The alien was unfazed, simply tilting it’s head to the side and pitching him back into the potted plant.

“Great.” Angel huffed, dragging himself up again, “it’s a female albino giraffe.”


A voice came from behind the giraffe creature. It crumbled momentarily as the voice’s petite owner slashed into its side with an axe. She had pixie cut blond hair and moved like a tropical bird might, wielding the axe with a vengeance. She yelled out as she was fighting.

“He’s a frelling male Scaran, is all. The blighters have internal mivonx!”

She threw Angel her axe, yelling. “Aim for the neck and joints! I’ll go high and distract him.”

The former Scourge of Europe watched as the girl seemed to do a mid-air flip, landing on a low hanging structural beam above giraffe boy’s head. This wouldn’t have surprised him if she hadn’t landed on the bottom face of the beam. She was currently standing upside-down, running back and forth across the beam, and taking pot shots at her opponent with a set of Syhs. Angel shook his head slightly before going after the Scaran with the axe.

Spike continued his fight with the two Peacekeepers as if there had been no pause. Will was laying motionless atop the Wolfram and Hart sign, trying to avoid energy blasts from his opponent’s gauntlet. He knew if he stayed still, the metal helmet covering the guy’s eyes would keep him from looking up too much. All the same…

“Can I get a little help here!”

Buffy didn’t hear his call, because her attention had been totally redirected with the arrival of the three newcomers. While the blond had gone to help Angel, she was more interested in the redhead and the brunette who had quickly run to the sidelines. The redhead seemed to be trying to explain her ornate Z shaped weapon to the brunette, as Buffy made her way over to the pair. They were huddled safely behind the main reception desk, and the Slayer ran quickly there to avoid fire.

“One to stun. Two to kill. Three to vaporize.” The redhead finished saying before the Slayer caught her attention. She brought the end of her metal staff weapon up level with Buffy’s chest before Dawn noticed and shrieked.

“No! That’s my sister, Buffy.”

The redhead’s eyebrows shot into her hairline. The name obviously rang a bell for her. She regarded the blonde a moment more before nodding and lowering the weapon. Buffy took the opportunity to grab her sister’s arm and scowl. “Dawn! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Dawn wrenched her arm away, giving her sister a defiant look. “Helping save the future. How ‘bout you?”

“Can we leave the interrogation for after the battle?” The redhead asked.

Buffy glared at her. “Wait, who the hell are you?”

“My name is Kira. We can discuss the specifics later. Right now the first priority is to defeat the Empress’s people and reclaim Mina.”

“You kidnapped my sister!” Buffy growled over the din of the fighting. “How do I know you're one of the good guys?”

“You don’t.” Kira said turning her attention back to the battle. “But you don’t really have a lot of options. I know the enemy better than you do, and I’ve got more fire power. Besides, it’s my family on the line.”

The Slayer thought about this for a moment and relented. “Okay, but if you screw me over, there won’t be a place on earth for you to hide.”

Kira chuckled a bit before becoming solemn again. “Okay, I’ll take the Tavlek. Chiana’s got the Scaran. What say you go after Shi’Ang?”

“The whaty what and the what?” Buffy said as her brow furrowed.

Kira rolled her eyes and pointed to the guy with the gauntlet, “Tavlek.” Then she pointed to the albino giraffe battling Angel. “Scaran.” Finally she pointed to Toadie, who had succeeded in melting a small hole in the metal window covers. “Shi’Ang”

“I got the Shi’Ang.” Dawn said, holding up the weapon Kira had referred to as a Zat.

The redhead’s eyes went wide and she pushed the gun away. “No! No.”

Dawn looked hurt.”Why not? I can fight.”

“I know. Believe me.” Kira replied. “But you never shoot at a Shi’Ang.”

“Why the hell not?” Buffy asked. Just as the words left her mouth, a stray round from a Peacekeeper pulse pistol caught the Shi’Ang right in the gut. The result was a blast that rocked the ground and blew all the fighter’s off their feet. Shi’Ang guts flew everywhere.

It didn’t take long for the battle resume. Kira huffed and turned to Buffy. “Does that answer your question?” All she got was a glare, so she continued. “Alright, I’ll take the Tavlek, you guys figure out the rest.”

After a brief discussion, Buffy went to help Angel and the blonde with the Scaran, while Dawn jumped in to help Spike. Kira snuck up on the Tavlek, who was still firing at the Wolfram and Hart sign. She caught him upside the head with her staff, but he recovered too quickly. He got a shot off at her at point blank range.

Kira crumpled to the ground. The Tavlek walked up to her to make sure she was down for the count. As he was bent over her, Will took the opportunity to jump onto his back. The Tavlek bucked off the vampire and spun around, grabbing Will around the throat. While he was attempting to crush Will’s vertebrae, the Tavlek didn’t notice the redhead rising behind him with glowing eyes. She grabbed the side of his head. Her hand was covered with a device that emitted a surge of electricity. Kira held on, frying the Tavlek’s metal covered brain until he fell over dead.

Will blinked, staring at Kira in shock. “Bloody hell, Summers. When did you get here?”

“Spike?” Kira croaked before slumping forward, unconscious. Will caught her before she hit the ground.

Across he room, pulse weapons had fallen by the wayside and Roxanne was fighting the Empress barehanded. Rox got in a lucky shot that doubled the alien over. Unfortunately, the Empress landed near the corner where Mina was curled up, hiding. Jan’Ak dragged the girl out of the corner with an iron grip, and pulled the knife on her again. Roxanne, who was advancing, stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the blade at her daughter’s throat.

“I’ll kill her, I swear it.” Empress Jan’ Ak gasped over the pain in her limbs.

As the Scaran dragged her into a standing position, Mina cried out to her mother. Jan’ Ak sneered, poking the child in the ribs with her knife. “I want a wormhole out of here or I’ll slit the narl up the middle.”

Roxanne’s heart twisted as she turned to Mina. She was out of options. “Mina open the wormhole.”


“It’s alright baby. I’ll find you. I’ll always find you.”

Roxanne watched as the portal opened. Tears streamed down her face as she watched the Empress disappear with Mina into the swirling blue gateway. When the wormhole closed, Roxanne fell to her knees, weak with a mix of despair and exhaustion. She didn’t even notice the battle coming to a close around her.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Legend of the Balance: What the Future Brings" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Oct 06.

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