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A New Life

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Summary: Another roadtrip ends in an unexpected manner, and gives Xander the Chance of a lifetime. Spoilers up to S5 BtvS/S8 SG:SG1

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween MemoriesXandmanFR1556,41978242,22419 Jul 063 Aug 06No

Chapter 1

disclaimer: see prologue

A little bit more serious than the prologue but some fun parts none the least (at least I think so...)

Thank you for the reviews, and now, on to the story.

Chapter 1

“For crying out loud, I’m not a stripper!”

Strangely, that stirred something in Xander’s brain but he decided to blame it on his headache.Trying very hard to focus on the situation at hand, he asked:

“If that’s the case could I see some ID?”

“Of course, knock yourself out.”

Xander took the card handed to him and read in disbelief: ‘Brigadier General Jonathan Carles O’Neill, USAF’. Memories he had long thought burried assaulted his mind.

“Holy shit! Umm sorry sir.”

“No problem, now assuming you’re Alexander Lav...”

“Hey! Don’t prononce my middle name where someone can hear you!”

Jack smirked briefly before speaking again.

“Right, I woudn’t want to advertise it either” Ignoring Xander offended look he continued.
“So as you appear to be Alexander ‘No middle name’ Harris, can I come in?”

After a brief look at the mirror hanging in th corridor, Xander answered.

“As if I have a choice here... Come in sir”

Leading him nervously in the bedroom and after checking nothing weird *cough* stakes *cough* was visible he asked.

“Um do you mind if I take a quick shower?” And a couple aspirins

“Not at all, I’ll just make myself comfortable” Jack said before taking the TV-controller resting nearby.

“Right, thank you, Col... hum General.”

Jack looked at him oddly for a moment before saying:

“Call me Jack”

In the shower, past memories continued to assault Xander’s mind.

Damn, one of HIS friends is the last person I *ever* expected to meet. What does he want with me that was so important he decided to track me in Vegas?

Five minutes later, feeling almost human again, he was ready and took a deep breath.

Well, time to face the music.

Hearing the door opening behind him, Jack shut the TV off and looked over his shoulder.

“Feeling better Alex?”

“Yes sir, and I go by Xander”

“Right and it’s Jack” answered Jack before turning around revealing the fact he was playing with a stake he found between the cushions of the couch.

Shit was the only word that came to Xander’s mind.

“Huh... about that... I use that for...Huh”

Smirking, Jack decided to take pity on him.

“As funny as it is seing you fumble for an explanation, don’t bother, I was briefed on the initiative fiasco two weeks ago.”

Xander’s answer was quick and to the point:

“Oh hell!”

“Yep that was my reaction too after reading these report.”

Trying to regain his composure, Xander went to sit on his bed while Jack remembered the morning he received the Initiative’s files.


June, 25th 2003 – 0800 hr
StarGate Command, Colorado

It’s a good morning thought Jack has he went past the final checkpoint leading to the SGC. It was his second month as the Base Commander and he was in a unusual good mood.

For once, everything is going well. All my teams are home well, and apart from SG1’s screwy mission last week, no serious injury in the past two weeks. Life is good. But I can’t stop wondering what the upper-ups will say about SG1’s last mission report. Maybe, they’ll think we have finally gone mental.

Passing the staff in the Control Room, he gave them a small nod of aknowledgment before mounting the stairs toward the briefing room and his office. Founding Sergeant Harriman in the briefing room waiting for him with a small amount of paperwork, he sighed.What I must endure for my country...

“Good morning Walter, nothing important I hope.”

“Good morning sir, and no just some everyday things I need your signature for sir and you received a package from General Hammond.”

Finishing the paperwork, Jack finally answered.

“Thank you Walter, I’ll see what good morning present the General sent me.”

“Yes sir.”

On his desk, he found a official USAF package with the mention “For your eyes only.”

For crying out loud, I knew the morning had begun to well

Opening the package he found a videotape and a big file again marked confidential. There was also a small note adressed to him.

Due to SG1’s latest mission report, I was made privy
to some things I think you should know. Trust me when
I say you’ll soon wish P9R123 had remained unexplored.
You can share with SG1, but NO ONE else, at least for now,


PS: Call me when you’re done reading and you’ve seen the tape,
We’ll need to talk.

With a frown, Jack open the report to the first page and read:

“TOP SECRET – Project Name:

The Initiative”

For the next hour, Jack read the report progressively becoming more and more pale. Once done, he tried to regain some composure and went to watch the tape. The first scene apparently took place in a mall. It shows a young brown-haired-teenager handing a blond girl who couldn’t be more than 18 what looked life a rocket laucher. She set it on her shoulder with ease before firing it at something looking like a demonic Smurf. Said Smurf literally went to piece after encountering the rocket.
Damn, these kids have guts thought Jack, smiling for the first time since opening the blasted file.

The second scene was of what looked like a graduation ceremony with some sort of politician on stage making a speech. Pretty normal until said politician somehow ??transformed?? into a snake the size of a semi-trailer and began eating kids. The ceremony then dissolved into an epic and bloody battle finishing with the explosion of the school which took the snake with it. During all this Jack tried to memorize the face of the leaders. He easily recognized the two from before, with them were a short young man with weird hair, a red-head girl and a middle-aged man. As he watched the clean up of the battle, a sad smile crossed Jack’s face.
Brave kids. They save the day and realized every teenager #1 fantasy: blowing up their high-school

The last scene shows a company of soldiers being slaughtered by monsters in what looks like an underground base. Half-way through the battle, a group of civilians enter the base and slowly the battle turned into the favor of the good guys. But even them took losses and Jack could only look in horror as a platinum-haired vampire slashed the throat of one of the young women. Said monster is promptly decapited by a sword and crumbling to dust. The young man from before fell to his knee, releasing the sword and not even noticing that the battle was dying down. Sobbing, he cradled the young woman’s head on his knees as she slowly died from blood loss. The battle finished, one of his friends approached him with a sad look on her face. She squeezed his shoulder in sympathy before saying something to him. He shook his head in the universal gesture for ‘no’ before gently laying the head of the dead woman on the floor and following his friend and the surviving soldiers deeper in the base.

As the video ended, Jack shakily stood up and violently kicked his chair. Damn it to hell! Kids dying fighting monsters! What is the world coming to?
After a few minutes venting his anger, Jack pressed the intercom.



“Tell SG1 I want them in the briefing room in half an hour.”

“Yes sir.”

Cutting the connection, Jack took a few calming breath before picking up the red phone sitting on his desk.

“I need to speek to General Hammond, NOW!”

Shaking out these thoughts, Jack watched Xander walking slowly to his bed. After a few seconds, Xander finally asked the questions that were on his mind.

“So, to what do I own the honor of having a General in my room? Am I under arrest?”

“Under arrest? What for?” said Jack with a smile.

“Um, nothing as far as I know, but if the Inititive files are as thorought as I fear it’s possible.”

Jack sniggered quietly before answering.

“Yes, I can see why you would say that but don’t worry I’m not here to arrest you. In fact I’d like to recruit you.”

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