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A New Life

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Summary: Another roadtrip ends in an unexpected manner, and gives Xander the Chance of a lifetime. Spoilers up to S5 BtvS/S8 SG:SG1

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween MemoriesXandmanFR1556,41978242,32619 Jul 063 Aug 06No

Chapter 4

Disclaimer : see prologue

Sorry for the wait. Next chapter should be ready at the latest this week-end.

Chapter 4

July, 8th 2003 – 1000 hr
Nellys Air Base, Nevada.

“Well kid, we’re almost there, want to show me how you usually sneak into a military base?”

“It would have been a pleasure sir, really, but you lack certain assets needed for that mission. Plus, I don’t think the sentries are as dumb as the ones we get in Sunnydale.”

“What do you mean?”

“All I had to do was bring my highschool girlfriend, ask her to wear something flashing a lot of skin and and the idiot at the gate just laped up the story I made of how it made her get hot and bothered to see guns...”

Jack had to chuckle at that. “That must have been some girlfriend.”

Xander had a small smile of remembrance. “Yep that she was...”

“Any chance of meeting her?” asked Jack with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

With a laugh Xander answered. “Maybe, but I have to warn you. She was out of my league when we were together, now she’s way out of my league.”

“How so?”

“Well, have you seen the new TV-commercial about sunscreen that is shown over and over again?”

“Um Yeah”

“Cordy is the brunette...”

“Damn, lucky man...”

On that note, they arrived at Nellys’ checkpoint. Jack showed the guard his ID who promptly went to attention before letting them pass. Once parked and out of the car, Jack spoke.

“Come on, we’ll catch some late brunch.”

On the way to the commissionnary, he intercepted a passing airman.

“Airman, could you tell Lt-Colonel Carter that General O’Neill will be waiting in her office in 15 minutes.”

“Sir, yes sir.”

“Thank you airman. Dismissed.”

Fifteen minutes later, armed with coffee, cake and jello they entered Sam’s office.

“Hi Carter, we come bearing gifts.”

“Hello sir, did they have jello?”

“Yep, here you are”


Turning to Xander. “Mr Harris I presume?”

“Yep but please call me Xander, ma’am.”

“Only if you call me Sam.”

“Carter, do you have the NDA we brought?”

“Yes sir, you want it now?”


She opened one of her drawer, extricating a large file which she handed to Xander with a pen. Not even bothering to read it, he quickly signed it. Seeing Sam’s look, Jack answered her unasked question.

“He knows the basics of what’s in it. I won’t go into the details, but basically, he was the victim of a magical SNAFU a few years ago and somehow gained some of Kawalsky’s memories.”

“Huh? Kawalsky? Our Kawalsky?”

“Yeah our Kawalsky... The memories stopped somewhere after the first mission to Abydos, so he was able to more or less guess what was our job. And Carter, that doesn’t goes into ANY report. I’ll tell Hammond face to face and we’ll tell the rest of SG1 and Ferretti later but that’s all.”

Still stunned, Sam answered. “Um yes sir, but why Ferretti?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Hge answered with a smirk.

“Um.. Ok sir.”

Turning to Xander who had taken a seat in front of Sam’s desk, he said:

“So how do we do this? We tell you whatever comes to mind or do you ask questions?”

“I’ll go with the questions sir, if you don’t mind.”

“Ok shoot.”

“I know I can’t be told everything, but what happened after abydos?”

“Well, the project was burried but you knew that. About two years later, some bad guys came through the gate and kidnapped a young officer who was on guard. We went back to Abydos and discovered that Ra wasn’t the only one of his kind and that, apart from a small number of them who form a kind of resistance, they are all nasty SOB bent on worlds domination. Because of that, the SGC was reactivated with orders to explore, make allies, and find technology to protect Earth. So for the last seven years, that’s what we’ve done. I was promoted a little over two months ago and learned about the Initiative two weeks ago.”

“Wow, a lot has happened.”


“So, if I sign, what happens to me?”

“Sam, you want to field this one?”

“Yes, sir. Well, for the next year or so, you’ll be going through an accelerated version of Basic Training and ROTC. After that, you’ll be assigned to the SGC training center while finishing your bachelor degree. Then you’ll be signing in the Airforce for at least 5 years with the starting rank of Lieutenant. Did I miss anything sir?”

“For once, yes but I’ll let it pass since you didn’t know about it.” Jack answered with a smirk before turning to Xander.

“So kid, still interested?”

“Of course sir, but I have another question, will I be allowed to study for another degree, even if it takes a long time?”

It was Sam who answered:
“Yes, contrary to what many think, the military loves well-educated officers. What’s your plan, Xander?”

“Well, I think I’ll be majoring in Military Strategic Studies with a minor in Ancient Languages. And then I’ll try for a Master Degree in Engineering, but I don’t know in what field yet.”

“Unusual combination” remarked Sam.

“I know, but I hope Kawalsky’s memories will help me for my major, and it’s something I’ll need to know.”

“True, and Ancient Language?” asked Jack.

“Well Jack, where do you think we found the informations we needed in Sunnydale?”

“Stone tablets?”

Xander chuckled. “Almost. Old and dusty book written in languages I wish I had never heard of.”

“Such as?”

“Um.. Latin, Greek, Sumerian, Hebrew, well you see the picture...”

“Great another geek...” Jack said with a sigh

“Hey! I learned them under threat of death, most times literaly”

“How many languages do you speak?”

“Not many; English...”

“Smart ass..”

“Thank you sir. I can hold a semi-decent conversation in Spanish and Latin. I can more or less understand the gist of texts in maybe 5 or 6 languages and if things are desperate I can go through texts in a few other languages and pass them to someone more experienced if I find some words such as ‘massacre’, ‘ritual’, ‘death’,’end of the world’ in it.”

“Daniel will love him sir.”

“Well he can’t have him. I’ll need him for something else.”

“For what, sir?” Xander asked.

“Well, during your own training at the SGC, you’ll teach SG1 and your future team the basics of what they need know if they encounter the nightlife on or off-world.”

“Um, sir I don’t know If I’m the best qualified for that...”

“For crying out loud! We really need to work on your confidence kid. Carter, pass me the prints I ask you to bring, please.”

“Yes sir.”

Sam reached for her brief case before fishing three sheets which she handed to Jack. He laid them in front of Xander while saying:

“Ok kid, pop quiz. These are some of the uglies SG1 ran into offworld. What can you tell us about them. Strenghs, weaknesses, ways to kill.”

“Um...Ok” He reached for the first photo. Seeing it, he gained some confidence.“Vampire. Can pass for human, on average 4 times stronger and faster than a human. Young ones are usually stupid and too arrogant for what they are. Older ones are often very strong and intelligent. Can’t enter a house without being invited by the owner, Holy Water is like acid for them. To kill them, the movies are right: Fire, sunlight, decapitation, stake throug the hear.”

He reached for the second one. “Um... Chaos demon. A little weaker than vampire physically . Not really intelligent but their hide is thick. Heal *really* quickly unless your weapon is made of silver. Preferred method to kill them: decapitation, or silver edged weapon through the heart.”

He reached for the last one.” Um... never seen that kind. Can I borrow your laptop, Colonel?”

“Of course, but I told you it’s Sam.”

“Yes ma’am.” He anwered with a grin.

Xander reached into his jacket pocket revealing a CD which he inserted in the laptop Sam has justed handed him. After a few minutes of research, he finally looked up to Sam and Jack.

“I think, I’ve got it. Gruna’ch Demon. Same strenghs and weaknesses as humans. They have become extremely rare in the last century. Most likely, they must have been almost wiped out since they are one of the few race of demon to be affected by modern weaponry.”

“Well kid, still trying to tell me you’re not good enough?”

“Ok, I’ll admit I know a few things...”

It was Sam’s turn to ask a question:

“Xander, what was the disk you used?”

“Oh that, it’s the latest version of our modern occult library. We still mostly use book for research, but a friend has been regularly updating this as a backup for Giles’s book. And before you ask I’ll have a copy made for you by the time I join you at the SGC.”

“Good kid, so you agree to train some of our people to hold their own against the nightlife?”

Xander sighed. “Yeah I’ll do it... Are you sure you’ll be able to convince my future team that the supernatural exists on earth to?”

“Well actually, apart from your future CO, I don’t have have anyone picked out yet.”

“Really? And who is the unlucky man?”


“So that’s why you want him to know about me? And are you sure he will take me seriously?”

“To you first question, yes. As for the second one, I pulled some strings and at some time during the next year, he’ll have a two-months assigment with the remains of the Initiative.”

“Whoa! With friends like you who need enemies? Um sorry sir...”

Ignoring, Sam’s not so quiet giggle, Jack answered.

“Funny, kid. But he has been briefed and has already accepted. And I made it clear to him that I’ll want him back in one piece.”

“You’ve already briefed him, sir? How did it take it?”

“Actually, Carter, about the same as you did...”

Next chapter: Ferreti’s briefing, among other things...

The End?

You have reached the end of "A New Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Aug 06.

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