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At the Right Time, At the Right Place

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Summary: While recruiting new slayers, Xander meets his soulmate. X-men crossover, some violence, some curse words.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredSpiralMemoryFR18712,90225957,83019 Jul 0626 Nov 08No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Flavor of the week...

~sighs~ yeah, I know. ~holds up hands in surrender~ I've been bad and haven't updated. This is short, but I figured I can give you wonderful readers something. I truly will write more when I can. Anyhow, happy turkey day and all that jazz. Usually disclaimers, I don't own anything related to these characters (cause if I did, I'd write a lot more cause I'd be staying home all day instead of working due to the nice amount of money I would have....sigh) Warning: I have not proofread this, so might have some spelling and grammar errors.


Xander, with Illyana in his arms, and Faith quickly made it back to the rental car. Xander put Illyana in the backseat as gently as he could, which Illyana fell asleep almost instantaneously. 'She's so exhausted,' thought Faith as she got into the driver's seat. She put the car key into the ignition and started the rental car. No sooner than when Xander had his seat belt on, Faith put the car into gear and peeled out of the parking lot.

"Gah!" Xander yelled as he felt himself slam against the car seat. Faith smirked, but kept on driving out of the parking lot like the hounds of hell were after them. Which, considering what happened prior to them getting into the car, could still be a possibility. Faith looked in the rear view to check their rear and to see if she woke up their blond passenger. Illyana was still out cold.

After making their way onto the interstate, Faith finally slowed the vehicle down closer to the speed limit. Xander waited for his heart to calm back down and slowly took out his cellphone. "I'm going to call Willow and see if she or one of the other witches can give us Illyana a quick lift to Cleveland's medical wing. If she's getting attacked by hell hounds, then she'll need some magic protection as well."

"Good idea," Faith replied as she nodded in agreement.

Xander dialed the number and, after a few rings, Willow picked up the phone. "Hello?" answered Willow on the third ring.

"Heya, Wills. I've got a priority three problem here and I need a flavor, " Xander said as he turned around to check on Illyana. Xander had set up his own personal rating system when it came to emergencies which Willow and most of the Scoobies were aware of it. Priority three was if someone was in trouble and needed help .Priority two was an apocalypse. Priority one was if one of the Scoobies were injured and needed some help in a major, and if needed, magical way.

"Vanilla or boysenberry?" Willow asked. It was a private joke between them about the types of people they ended up saving. Vanilla were the ones whom do not know about the supernatural or wouldn't believe it exists. Boysenberry were for those that knew about all the crazy stuff that goes bump out in the night or a very open-minded individual.

"Um, I'm going with boysenberry, " replied Xander.


"Yep, we had an interesting encounter last night. This beautiful blond fell out of the sky from a portal and landed on me. Which I don't mind women falling for me, but not ON me." Xander heard Willow giggle over the phone. "Which reminds me, can you check with some of the local witches and see if they have had a problem with portals over here?"

"Sure thing," Willow replied and Xander heard her call over someone and asked them to contact the local coven in Boston. "While we are waiting for the information, what's the emergency exactly?"

"Well, we took our mysterious portal jumper and took her to the hospital. We came back this morning and found out a few things. One, she was malnourished. Two, her name is Illyana Rasputin. Three, her luck might be as bad as mine, " Xander ticked off as Faith pulled of the interstate and was making their way back to their hotel.

"Why do say that?" asked Willow as Xander could hear her writing down what he was telling her.

"Well, two hellhounds attacked us while we were visiting her. At first I thought it was just me, but they started going after her, so I think she's involved in the supernatural one way or another. She needs medical attention and I don't believe she'll be safe at a public hospital, " replied Xander absently scratching some dry skin behind his eye patch.

"So you want a lift of the Willow Express to our medical wing in Cleveland?"

"Got it in one, " replied Xander.

"Okay, will do. Give me about fifteen minutes to gather enough magic to perform the teleportation spell and I'll be over. But you owe me, mister." Xander hung his head in defeat.

"We still have some Haagen Dazs left from last night, " replied Xander who was running his hand down his face. Faith, with her slayer hearing, heard everything said between the two and smirked.

"Oh! That'll do just fine! See you shortly." Willow ended the call and Xander put his cellphone away.

"Red's coming over to give us a lift?" asked Faith rhetorically. Xander just nodded in return. "Cool. You want me to go with you?"

Xander shook his head. "Yeah, that'd be cool of you. I don't want us to split up, we're team. I'm going to make sure I've always got your back." Faith gave a small smile, but Xander couldn't see the smile that was in her eyes at hearing that he cared about her wellbeing.

"No problem, X. I haven't been back to the Cleveland house in a while. Got a few mini-slayers I need to check on." Xander smiled and leaned back in his seat. They still have about five more minutes till they were at the hotel, so he let his mind wander a bit till they got there.


Deep within a hell dimension, where demons hid in every shadows and the sky was a color mixed with fire and brimstone, sat a massive stronghold in the center of this unholy domain. The dark energies flowed off the fortress like a dense mist. Inside, the ruling demon hierarchy dwelled.

A massive figure entered the throne room from the shadowy hallway. Its enormous size caused each of its steps to sound like small impacts and sending small tremors around itself as it walked. Only few were permitted into this dark chamber. Its dark purple skin barely lit up from the hellfires around the edge of the room. A huge horn sat in the middle of its huge forehead, while razor-sharp teeth protruded from its under-bite."Master, the hellhounds have failed," as it knelt before the throne and lowered its head.

The figure on the throne was partly covered in the shadows. Only the lower front half of an elegant dress could be seen of the sitting figure. Two blood red eyes gleamed in the dark and stared at the demon before it.

"Oh, did they fail, S'ym?" asked a surprising sweet and feminine voice, childlike and deceptively innocent.

S'ym nodded and replied, never moving his head from where he had lowered it. "Yes, master. They have failed."

"Well then, tell N'astirh that he will be punished for this failure," replied the dark ruler never moving from her spot. S'ym smiled at the thought of N'astirh being tortured by his master. "Now, it's your turn to get her. Do not fail me for I will be most... displeased," the sweetness in his master's voice was gone and a cold and psychotic tone was in its place. S'ym swallowed and physically paled to a lighter shade of purple before nodding, raising his massive frame which almost towered the throne three times in height. He walked away as quickly as his large frame could carry him.

The blood red eyes flared in the dark like fiery orbs. The shadows seem to move and engulf around the throne in the middle of the chamber.

"One cannot complete puzzle unless you have all the jigsaw pieces. I will have it and when I do, I will rule all the hell dimensions." The master started to giggle, then outright laughing. Demons that could hear shivered as its maniacal and evil tone resonated from the chamber.

The End?

You have reached the end of "At the Right Time, At the Right Place" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Nov 08.

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