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At the Right Time, At the Right Place

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Summary: While recruiting new slayers, Xander meets his soulmate. X-men crossover, some violence, some curse words.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredSpiralMemoryFR18712,90225957,82219 Jul 0626 Nov 08No

Free Falling

X-men characters are owned by Marvel and Stan Lee! (Bastards)
BtVS is owned by Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon! (Bastards, again)


‘I need to cut back on the Twinkies,’ Xander thought for a brief moment, before dismissing the thought. Xander ran as fast as his long legs could take him, trying to catch up with Faith. It was rather pointless as Slayers have all those nifty benefits, like increased strength and speed, but he had to keep up and provide backup. None of his "girls" would ever be without backup as long as he was around. Life lessons learned from being part of the original backup team on Team Scooby have helped paved way to ensuring that his "girls" would make it out alive each night and kicking demon butt the next. Xander sucked up a big breath of air, whispered a few colorful words, and pushed his legs faster to catch up.

‘This was supposed to be an easy mission to recruit any slayers we find out here,’ Faith thought to herself, ‘not chasing down ugly damn hellhounds.’ Faith was hauling ass after a particular smart and elusive hellhound through alleys in the backstreets of Southern Boston. Where it came from no one knew, except that it was spotted exiting out of a portal near Lincoln Square Park at the corner of Emerson and East Fourth Street. It went after a couple the children around the tire swing, but was luckily distracted by children's father enough to get away to safety with their mom. Unfortunately, the hellhound's attention was completely on the father and he was mauled to death and his brain eaten for his efforts. ‘The pops was brave, gotta admit,’ Faith thought as she jumped over the few trashcans in her way, landing gracefully and taking up the chase with full vigor again. ‘Poor bastard, hope his family'll be alright.’

Faith pushed back any further thoughts and distractions as best as she could and concentrated on the current hunt. She could dwell on the depressing stuff later. The hellhound cut back across an empty parking lot near a McDonald's and back into another alley. Faith decided to take a shortcut she knew of, but she needed Xander to keep running after it to lure it to her.

"Xander!" Faith called on her walkie-talkie she had strapped to her upper arm. "Xander, can you read me?" she asked as she turned her direction through an alley running to the right of the street that the hellhound took. She unsheathed the blessed short sword she had attached to her waist since she was out of sight of any civilians.

"I'm..~huff huff~ here, over." came the reply over Faith's walkie-talkie. "What's..~huff~..what's up?" Xander had managed to get out between breaths as he kept his pace up.

"Hey, Stud, I need you to take the left alley behind the McDonald's. It ends and cuts to the right. I'm going to head it off, but I need you to keep chasing it. Think you could do that, X?" Faith asked, not even breaking stride or slowing down as she communicated to Xander. ‘Thank the Goddess for Slayer stamina,’ Faith thought with a grin.

"Yeah...~huff~ Understood, over." Xander replied. He kept his current course, through the vacant McDonald's parking lot, and heading down the alley that Faith had described. Sweat beaded down his face, under his eye patch, and his eye socket burned from the salt in his sweat. Xander bit down on his lip and forced himself not to think about the sting in his eye. Up ahead at the end of the alley he could see the hellhound looking around, mouth still stained with blood. It caught sight of Xander and bolted right.

The hellhound was a blur when it bolted, but Xander kept his pace and pursued after it. He could see it quickly escaping his view once more. Just as it was about to get to the open street, Faith came out of the alley entrance to right and caught the hellhound with a vicious flying kick. The hellhound went airborne and smacked hard into the brick side of the building behind. A loud crunching thud could be heard, but the hellhound scrambled back to its feet. It let out a snarl and growled with disfigured, but sharp teeth. The breath of this thing caused Faith to scrunch up her nose in disgust, but she circled around to block it exiting from both exits on her side. Xander was coming up the other, so she had to wait for him to catch to ensure the Hellhound won't escape.

Xander finally caught up to Faith and the Hellhound and took out his trusty axe he had strapped on his back. He could see the Hellhound trying to circle by Faith, but Faith stood her ground and it growled at her for her efforts. Finally registering that Xander was there, the Hellhound looked between Faith and the One-eyed Wonder. Sensing the handicap that Xander had with his one-eye and seeming to be weaker between the two, the Hellhound knew its best chances of survival was to attack the weakest link. It turned around and with a fluid motion it leapt at Xander.

"Oh shi-!" Xander tried to finish his cursing, but was knocked to the ground by the Hellhound. Using his axe as a shield, Xander pushed the Hellhound out of biting reach. He could smell the stench from the Hellhound's mouth and goblets of drool was on his face as it snapped at him. Taking advantage that it's attention was on Xander, Faith rushed at the Hellhound with her sword in right hand. As the blade was mere inches from making contact with the Hellhound's head, it suddenly ducked the blade, turned around, and launched itself at Faith's sword arm. It was so quick that Faith had no time to respond, only registering a gross, crunching/snapping sound and an intense pain raced through her arm and registered into her brain..

Xander heard the sound of Faith's sword clanking onto the asphalt and the fountain of curse words currently being yelled from the Boston Slayer. He got to his feet to see the Hellhound slowly stalking up to Faith, her back to the brick side of the building and her left arm clutching her right. Xander could see her right forearm bloodied, mangled, and sticking out in the middle at a very unnatural angle. Faith was trying to crouch to her feet to jump out of the way, but there wasn’t enough room or time to do much of anything.

NO ONE HURTS PACK, the voice yelled loudly in Xander's head. Xander could have sworn his head ripped in half from the yell. A ferocious roar echoed off the buildings in the alley. Both Faith and the Hellhound jumped, the Hellhound turned around. Both the Hellhound and Faith were wide-eyed looking at Xander. It took a split second before Xander realized that he was the source of the roar before all rational thoughts simply stopped and a feeling rage took over. A dangerous grin crept onto Xander's face. PROTECT PACK, KILL DEMONDOG, the voice yelled again, this time with a snarl, in Xander's head again. Xander took a step, the Hellhound cowered back, its tail between its legs. Xander took another step in the Hellhound's direction and it took a step back, whimpering.

The Hellhound knew it had to get out of there, this man was no longer a man. It was just as terrifying as his Alpha, it was the dominant one, and the hellhound knew it just pissed it off royally. It looked out to it's left and found the exits were clear. Just as the signal from it's brain had reached it's limbs to run out of the now open exits, Xander's axe cleaved right through it's thick skull. With a sickening THUNK and the axe settled in the middle of the Hellhound's body and it fell to the ground as its legs went limp.

"Holy Shit!" Faith yelled, looking at the Hellhound as its final death spasms started to die out. Green and yellow ooze started to bleed out and horrendous smell permeated from its corpse. Faith looked up at Xander and her jaw dropped. He was hunched over, hands out to his sides, flexed as if ready to strike. She saw that his good eye was glowing with a golden hue and his teeth were bared in a unnatural, predatory grin. Strings of saliva dripped off his teeth and landed onto the warm asphalt.

"OW!" Faith yelled, clutching her bloody arm closer to her body, as a shot of pain went through her arm snapping her out of her trance looking at Xander. Her outcry must have caught Xander's attention as he shook his head and seemed to be broken out of whatever had taken hold of him. She watched as the glow faded from Xander's eye and he instinctively wiped the drool off his face. He looked at the carcass of the Hellhound, his axe imbedded in it, and jumped back.

"What the hell happened? Did I do that?!" Xander exclaimed, staring wide-eyed and pointing to the remains of the Hellhound. Then he shook his head as if denying it couldn’t have been him and looked at Faith, then her mangled arm. "Oh shit! We got to take care of that ASAP!" Xander quickly remarked, looking around for anything he could use for first aid. Seeing as there wasn't anything he could use for cloth, he took off his flannel shirt and ripped it into bandages. Finding a wooden crate, he kicked it hard and broke pieces of the board off.

"This is going to hurt, Faith. I've got to set the arm back before your slayer healing starts to kick in. If I don't, it'll heal like that and probably hurt a lot worse when they have to rebreak it." Xander said, as he gathered up the materials together for the splint.

"Just do it, Xand." Faith said, as Xander offered his wallet to her. Faith looked up at him, confused as why would he be giving her money at a time like this.

"No, I'm not giving you money, " Xander smirked. "It's for you to bite on so you don't grind your teeth together when I set your arm." Xander tried to smile to help put Faith at ease. It helped a little and she took the wallet and placed it in her mouth. "Ready?" Xander asked, which Faith nodded. Xander quickly pulled each side of the forearm and heard a snap. Faith bit hard on the wallet and let out a muffled yell. Xander heard another snap, but noted it wasn't from Faith's arm, but from his wallet. He shook his head and dismissed the sound, then proceeded to wrap Faith's forearm with bandages to stop and cover the wound. Afterwards, he put two pieces of wood on each side forming a splint and tied them together to keep her forearm from moving.

"Thanks, Stud. That hurt like a bitch." said Faith as she grabbed her sword with her good hand and put its sheath. She handed Xander's wallet back to him. "I think something broke in there when I was biting it." commented Faith, as she leaned up against the brick wall for support. Xander inspected his wallet and found a couple of holes in the leather. Xander opened up the wallet and found his driver's license and debit card in multiple plastic fragments. Only thing that Faith could find to say was "Oops", which earned her a chuckle from Xander.

"Well, that's one way to get me to go to the DMV." Xander commented. "You okay to walk? We need to get you back to have the arm looked at by a physician."

"Ugh, not doctors." groaned Faith. She really did NOT like doctors at all. She hated hospitals, the smells, the sick people, worse of all the needles.

"Yep, going to need it, Faith. Unless you want that arm to heal without making sure I set it correctly." Xander replied, going over to the Hellhound and started to attempt removing his axe. Faith shrugged in acceptance of her need of an emergency room and watched Xander try to pull his axe out. After a few tugs and pulls, Xander gave up. It was lodged really deep in the Hellhound. "Um, Faith. I know your hurt and all, but, um, can you give me a hand?" Xander said sheepishly, feeling his manly pride shrink. Faith gave a chuckle.

"Sure, X, but you owe me chocolate ice cream after the hospital visit." Faith said while casting her own version of the Resolve face Red had taught her.

Xander deflated, acknowledging his defeat. He knew that when it came to Faith and ice cream, he would lose the battle, especially with the Resolve Face she gave him. ‘I’m going to have to get Willow back for teaching Faith the Resolve face,’ Xander thought as he watched Faith walk over to the Hellhound.

Faith gave the axe a hard tug with her good hand, but it didn't budge. "Damn, Xand, you really put this one deep." Faith commented, before she finally was able to get the axe free, smirking as her thoughts drifted in the gutter over her comment. She shook her head and remembered the golden glow of Xander's eyes that she saw minutes before. "Hey, what was up with your eyes going all glowey like that? It was giving me the case of the wiggins. And how did you do that wicked throw? I didn't even see you throw that axe, that’s how fast it was" Faith asked, handing the bloody axe back to Xander.

Xander accepted the axe from Faith with a confused, dazed look on his face. "I...I don't know. I don't even remember what happened. I saw you hurt and..." Xander straightened his back as if something had hit him. Faith looked around to see if anything was actually thrown or who could have thrown it.

"X-man, you okay? You get hit with something?" Faith inquired. With a worried expression on her face, she looked at Xander. His face had paled and he looked like he figured something out. "Xand?" Faith asked, soft and cautious. Whatever Xander had figured out was not good from the look on his face.

"Uh, yeah. I'm okay, um, I think it might have just been the lights or something. Don't worry about it." Xander said, snapping out of whatever daze he was just in. Faith started to ask if he was sure, but Xander quickly cut her off. "Don't. Don't worry about it. If it's something, I'll have Willow take a look at it. Our first priority is getting you to a hospital, then ice cream, and then we can get some sl- OOF!" Xander was abruptly interrupted when something landed on him and knocked him and his axe to the ground.

Faith awkwardly pulled her short sword out with her left hand and stood guard. After a moment to absorb the situation, she resheathed her sword in its scabbard. Xander groaned and rolled out from whatever hit him and Faith helped him to his feet. "Owies, " Xander remarked, "what hit me?"

Faith pointed to the messy tangle of blond hair on the ground and replied, "Her." Xander rubbed his eyes in focus and saw a woman on the ground next to his axe, unconscious. She was dressed in a long, light blue dress with no shoes. Xander and Faith looked at each other, both wondering the same thing. ‘Where did she come from’? Since the woman fell from above both Xander and Faith looked up to see if she had jumped off the building or something. Just as they looked up they caught a portal winking out of existence.

Xander sighed, "It must be a Tuesday."

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