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My Lesbian Lover

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Summary: Scrubs crossover.One night after work, J.D. meets his redheaded goddess.

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Television > ScrubsXandraFR1511,2260112,11319 Jul 0619 Jul 06No
“My Lesbian Lover” by Xandra

Pairings: J.D./Willow

Rating: PG/PG-13

Summary: One night after work, J.D. meets his redheaded goddess.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.



It had been a day like any other. I got up, went to work, tried to impress Dr. Cox and got my lunch stolen by the Janitor. Yeah, it was all pretty average until I left the hospital and saw a redheaded goddess fighting with a deformed face man in the parking lot.


In an uncharacteristic moment of manliness I run to her aid.  No matter what was going on I knew one thing, he was a lot bigger then her. It must have been the rush, but I didn’t really notice that she was having no trouble kicking his ass. I froze a few feet away and watched in shock and aw when she majestically removed a wooden stake from her jacket pocket and plunged it into the man’s heart. My inner doctor immediately took over… Oh my god she killed him! That panic, however, completely evaporated… well, when he did. 


It was extraordinary, the human body releasing from its solid form and falling to the ground like some magical waterfall. Well maybe I would have thought that if I wasn’t still frozen. Of course with my luck that’s when she first notices me standing there.


“You alright?” she says with a smile. Didn’t she just see what happened?!


I find my voice, “Yeah… what just happened?” I never got an answer because moments after it left my mouth she leaped on me. She’s nuts, I think before we are attacked.


“Keep your head down.”  She yells at me. This is where I excelled, rolling out of the way into the bushes letting her take care of the attacker. I suppose I should feel less like a man, but hey she knew what she was doing. She was amazing, the way she… she…


She helped me back off the ground. She didn’t say anything; I think she was waiting for me to make the first move. “Were those Vampires!?” I scream breaking the silence. She quickly covers my mouth and looks around seeing if anyone heard me.


“Shhh…” she says to me moving her hand away. She looks into my eyes and all my fears go away. Kiss her, kiss her, part of me chants but that little man screaming “Vampires” is stronger. Now I just wait for an answer feeling like a little child. “Yes.” She finally tells me, putting her arm around my waste helping me walk.


“And you’re alright with the fact that you just-“


She nods enthusiastically, “Yeah.” She tries to give me a genuine smile but neither of us buys it. Maybe it was the shock or the fact that I had had a long day but all my fear went away. “It’s gonna be okay.” She tells me expertly, she has had to have done this before.


“I think so but… I’m…” I don’t know what I want to ask.


We near the end of the parking lot. I am walking fine on my own. She releases and turns to be face to face with me. “Is there a bar around here?” she asks now giving the kind of smile I wanted to see. I lead the way.




There is nothing like the feeling of waking up in ones own bed. Especially if you think someone is gonna be in it with you.


Before I open my eyes I try to remember the night before… we were at the bar drinking appletini after appletini… my god she’s beautiful and funny… we built a scale model of the pyramids out of tooth picks and olives. It was fantastic.


It was after my third drink that I don’t remember things so well. I open my eyes and the presence I thought was in the bed next to me, was not. I look around the room confused and see my red headed beauty on the floor pulling on her boots. I get a glimpse of her knee, sexy. I think I’ll call her: Pale Knee.


I lean over the end of my bed, “Good morning.”


She freezes when she notices I’m looking at her. “Hi.” She pulls her pant leg back down and gets to her feet. “I’m going to go now.” I can tell she’s feeling guilty.


Oh my god, did we have sex? I can’t remember. “You don’t have too, we could have breakfast.”


“That’s sweet.” She stands up and looks at her watch, “but I’m running late, I was supposed to be somewhere thirty minutes ago.”  She grabs her jacket and heads for the door. “It was fun.” She smiles as she leaves.


“Wait, can I-” she is gone before I can ask for her number. Damn it.




My day didn’t get any better when I got to work. I had a 19 year old coma patient. She had been mugged, beaten, stabbed and left in an alley. Carla is in the room with me. Carla knows I’m worried, because the girl hasn’t come out of the woods yet. Carla gives me a reassuring smile as she redoes the bandages, “There’s some good news.” I stop marking the girls chart and wait. “She’s no longer a Jane Doe, her name is Dawn.”


“Well hey there, Dawnie. You wanna wake up for me?” I wait a moment hoping for something but I go back to work. “Is her family here?”


“Friends.” She finishes her work. “One of them stayed here all night.” She smiles, “He was very sweet.”

“Carla,” I say her named with fake shock. “You’re a married woman.”


She just gives me a look and goes about her job. “Is she ready to go back into surgery?”


“I wanna wait a little while longer. Her vitals are still a little too weak for me.”


We leave the private room together and stand next to the nurse’s station. I continue to stare at her through the window. She’s just so young. It’s weird I’m only ten years older than her. I wonder what would happen if it were me.



JD is in a hospital bed apparently in a coma. A mob led by Elliot, Cox and the Janitor are bearing down on him. They are chanting “pull the plug, pull the plug…”


Turk runs into the room and flings himself on the unconscious JD. “You’d have to take me too!”



“Oh, Chocolate Bear, I can always count on you.” I come back to reality and Carla is staring at me.


“Why would Elliot want you dead?” 


“Oh, she has her reasons.”


Carla’s mood changes and smirks at me, “Speaking of Elliot, she told me there was a blur of red hair leaving your apartment this morning.”


“Oh grow up.”


“So who is she? When can I meet her? And when can we all go out to dinner?”


“I… I don’t know her name.”


“Oh, Bambi.” Disappointed.


“I don’t remember much except she had a dynamite knee.”


“How can you sleep with someone you barely know?”


“I don’t know if-“


And then we were interrupted. There was a tapping on my shoulder and I turn around. Oh my god it’s her! Pale Knee!


She’s looking off at my patient Dawn and doesn’t see me right away. “Are you Dawn’s doctor- Oh it’s you!”



End Part One.

The End?

You have reached the end of "My Lesbian Lover" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jul 06.

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