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Delectable Brunet

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Summary: Post Tara's death, Willow goes to Hogwarts. However, this story is about Buffy Summers and Oliver Wood.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Oliver WoodDemongirlFR1553,7320154,46120 Jul 0620 Jan 07No

Chapter One


Title: Delectable Brunet
Author: Demongirl
Timeline: Warping and entwining the HP and BTVS timelines here, don’t mind me. Let’s pretend that Buffy and Spike were just friends after Buffy was brought back, okay? Seeing Red never happened, and Spike’s taking care of Dawn and helping the Scoobies in Sunnydale. However, Tara did die, and Willow is now teaching wiccan magic at Hogwarts and learning to live with herself and heal again. Dumbledore is not dead, Draco is not a mini-deatheater, Snape did nothing of the killing-DD sort, and still resides in Hogwarts, working as a spy for Dumbledore.
Disclaimer: Everything Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter belongs to Joss Whedon and J. K. Rowling, respectively.


“Buffy! Buffy, over here!” Willow Rosenberg had evidently had too many lattes that morning, and was bouncing like a rabbit on an easter-high next to a giant pitch with large hoops that could only have been used if the players were relatives of Bigfoot. Well, that was what Buffy thought. They could have been using brooms, but no, that wasn’t possible. At this thought, Buffy stopped, and quickly re-evaluated her opinion of the giant hoops. After all, Willow was a professor at a magic school, anything was possible, wasn’t it? Anything, except perhaps curing Anya of her rabbit-phobia.

Actually, Buffy was ecstatic that Willow seemed so happy, and generally at peace at Hogwarts. She had been afraid that Willow would never recover from Tara’s death and Willow herself going temporarily-evil. The Willow she had known after Tara’s death was a broken, incomplete creature, and judging by the shine Buffy could see in Willow’s eyes from afar, it really did seem that going to Hogwarts was the best choice for Willow. And for that Buffy would be eternally grateful to Albus Dumbledore.

Buffy quickly exited the carriage that she had arrived in, and boy was she glad to be on solid ground. The carriages actually flew, and Buffy was sure that broomsticks would be much better for her, seeing as at least on a broom she would be able to drive herself. The gruesome, beautiful horses, or thestrals, as Willow had informed her in her last letter, weren’t exactly Buffy’s idea of a safe mode of transport.

Next to Willow, still bouncing, stood a gorgeous brunet boy, with beautiful blue eyes that Buffy could see from where she was standing. Said blue-eyed boy looked to be about Buffy’s age, give or take a year or two, and was looking at her with curiosity and definite admiration. Buffy didn’t have much time for observation, as she was immediately overwhelmed by a red-headed whirlwind, squeezing the breath out of her.

“W-Wills, breathing’s… becoming… an issue here”, Buffy choked, glad that with her slayer lungs, she could stand a little more of Willow’s friendly torture.

“Oh, goddess, I’m sorry, Buffy! I’m just so glad to see you!” Willow was bouncing again, “I mean, it’s been so long since we’ve had a Scooby hug, of course, this isn’t a Scooby hug because Xander’s not here, but you get it, because it’s a Scooby hug in the way that the two of us are Scooby hugging, and you know, if Xander were here it’d be a full Scooby hug, and oh! If I could just teleport Xander here, we could-”

“Hold it right there, missy. I’ve missed your babbling, but sooner or later I’ll have to perform CPR on you, and I don’t really want my bestest female bud to die of babbling before my first ten minutes at Hogwarts are over”, Buffy said, attempting to be stern, but releasing a giggle or two at Willow’s face, which was red from her effort. “How about you calm down for a second and tell me how you are?” ‘And who that delectable brunet over there is, as well’ Buffy was startled out of her thoughts by Willow’s giggle, and a chuckle that definitely did not come from Willow.

“Oliver Wood, Flying Instructor, at your service, Ms. Summers.” Buffy went red, she hadn’t been aware that she’d spoken her last thought out loud. Buffy grinned shyly, and elbowed Willow gently, to stop her best friend’s apparently uncontrollable giggles.

“Call me Buffy. Ms. Summers was my mother, and, uhm, by the delectable brunet line, well you know I didn’t-” Buffy wasn’t exactly clear on how she was going to explain her thoughts to the decidedly amused-looking Oliver, and she hoped that he’d stop her before she made a fool of herself. Willow couldn’t be trusted to get her out of this mess, her dear best friend was snorting and cackling like a hyena, a Willow-hyena.

“Оh, don’t go takin’ that back, Buffy. It’s enough to make a lad feel unwanted, a lovely girl like yourself changin’ her mind like that, it is.” Oliver’s words spoken in his soft Scottish accent made Buffy blush even more, and she decided to take charge of the blush-inducing.

“Well, Oliver Wood, the last thing I want to do is make you feel unwanted,” Buffy said softly, walking closing to Oliver, until there were barely five centimeters between them, “that would be a horrible thing of me to do, and I really should apologise for that, don’t you think?” The last few words were accentuated by Buffy walking her fingers up Oliver’s chest, which she was pleased to find was hard and muscled, a perfect match to his athletic figure, which probably came from this ‘quidditch’ sport Willow was raving about.

Oliver blushed slightly at Buffy’s actions and words, and ducked his head slightly, which only succeeded in getting their lips closer. A daring thought prompted Oliver to place his lips over Buffy’s lightly and softly, the intimate action one that made Buffy’s heart race and breath quicken, as she-

“As much as I would love to watch this beautiful moment go on, don’t you think we should move on to the Great Hall some time today? Dinner is about to start, you know, and just because the official school year hasn’t started doesn’t mean that the teachers are any less strict,” Willow had evidently recovered control of her laughter, and was watching Buffy and Oliver’s impromptu almost-kiss with amusement and a tinge of.. satisfaction? dancing in her eyes.

Buffy and Oliver awkwardly moved away from each other, Oliver reddening as Buffy had done so earlier, and Buffy glaring at Willow for interrupting their ‘moment’. It had been wonderful to feel as though there was no one else in the universe except for Buffy Summers and Oliver Wood.


Thanks for reading, feedback would be wonderful. Plus it would give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside that previously I only thought drinking pure chocolate could give me.

One question: How old were Buffy and Willow when Willow became evil!Willow? I won’t ask about the Hogwarts gang, because I’m going to twist their timeline to suit the Buffy timeline =D.

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