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Typical Tuesday Traumas

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Summary: Dawn gets kidnapped, seems old Voldy-boots wants a key. Very strange, bit of violence - not for the easily confused. The pairing is (technically) dawn/fredw, but you wouldn't really know it! So whatcha waiting for! Get to reading my weirdness!

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredmopingqueenFR151692011,11922 Jul 0622 Jul 06Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Btvs or Harry Potter characters

Typical Tuesday Traumas

“Crucio” The humourless lips whispered. The victim bit her lip, trying to hold in the scream bubbling up in her throat, but to no avail. Piercing screams shattered the atmosphere and the lips smirked as the victim writhed in her chains.

“I’ll ask you again, once more.” The lips whispered in their soft tones, “Where is the key” The victim coughed, spitting blood out on the ground, before emitting a dry chuckle.
“Aren’t you supposed to be the big-wig mind reader guy? Why don’t you tell me?” Cold eyes hardened.
“Insolent child” The hissing whisper came “How dare you speak to me in such a manner? I am Lord Voldemort, you should bow before me!” A snort erupted from the victim,
“And how exactly do ya expect me bow before you? Have we not noticed the chains?”
“Avada…” The voice came, this time louder, before being interrupted again by the victim
“You do realise that if you kill me you’ll have lost your only source of information right?” The eyes narrowed
“Then I’ll find another source” the voice hissed before calling out “Sectumsempra!” Deep cuts slashed open the skin of the victim, causing her to scream in agony. The screams resounded around the cavern, before a bright emerald light filled the cavern and Dawn Summers, 17 years of age, died.

“So, this is what it’s like huh Buff?” Dawn whispered to herself, looking down at her unmarked skin. “Guess a person’s spirit’s heals at least.” There was no question in her mind about her death, she’d seen the light, granted she hadn’t expected it to be green but it’s not like any one had gone into the specifics of death with her, she just knew there was supposed to be a light. She didn’t have time to dwell on this, however, before a horrified voice interrupted her thoughts,
“But, why aren’t you dead?” Dawn looked up in surprise, to meet those cold eyes, she smirked.
“Guess I brought you with me huh Voldy-boots?” She didn’t know how it was possible – she knew the curse, only she should have died. But she did know that she was dead, she had to be, so the simple conclusion was that he too was dead.

“Dawn!” Three voices yelled simultaneously, their accompanying bodies flying into the cavern where she remained, she remarked, chained up.
“When did you guys die?” she questioned in confusion. Two of the bodies halted perplexed and the third, a small blonde female came flying into them - sending the three toppling to the ground. They were barely on the ground before the woman had leaped up, carrying on running. She stopped suddenly, bemusement overtaking her also
“Dawnie, we’re not dead.” Dawn quirked an eyebrow.
“Then why can you see me? I mean, I’m dead,” She pointed to herself with her barely moveable fingers “And he’s dead,” She pointed to Voldemort, who was stood frozen still at the thought that he had actually died. “So, you must be dead too. I mean, I know that we” she now waggled her finger in between herself and Voldemort, “are dead ‘cause, well he killed me and somehow I managed to bring him with me. So we’re dead, but living people can’t see dead people…well unless they’re ghosts or it’s some freaky ‘sixth sense’ style thing…oh or if they’re vampires! But still…” She stopped abruptly, “I’m babbling, I have Willow babble.” There was a pause in which no one spoke or moved before suddenly the silence broke and chaos ensued.

“You killed my sister!!!” A voice screamed, whilst it’s blonde haired body whaled on a still horror-stricken Voldemort.
“You made my girlfriend think she was dead!” Another voice yelled, it’s redheaded body also pummelling Voldemort.
“You killed me!!!” Came another shocked shriek from yet another redheaded male.
A simple sigh and a pair of rolled eyes was all that came from the chained up girl against the wall.
Another older male entered the cavern, gasping and panting for breath. He took in the scene before him, along with the accompanying yells and, in one movement, turned and promptly walked back out.

The End

You have reached the end of "Typical Tuesday Traumas". This story is complete.

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