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In Dreams

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Summary: BtVS/Nightmare on Elm Street. Post-Chosen. As Willow awakens the slayers, Freddy Krueger meets someone deadlier than he is.

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Movies > Nightmare on Elm StreetMikeDavidFR1816254172,68922 Jul 0622 Jul 06Yes
Title: In Dreams
Author: Mike David
Crossover:BtVS/Nightmare on Elm Street
Rating: FR18 for violence and disquieting ideas
Spoilers: Chosen, Restless/Freddy's Dead.
Summary: As Willow awakens the slayers, Freddy meets someone deadlier than he is.
Pairings: none
Disclaimers: I do not own anything to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Nightmare on Elm Street. All I own is a powerful desire to do good!
Authors Note: This is an idea that I have had in my head for a long time. I hope you enjoy it.

At the edge of the Hellmouth, with a Spell and a Scythe, a witch once dark called forth the might of the Slayer to all who could be destined to hold it....
Springwood, Illinois

On and on, the young woman ran through the endless boiler room. Steam hissed from the pipes as the thing pursuing her got closer. This was the worst nightmare she ever had. All she wanted to do was wake up.

Freddy Kruger was enjoying himself immensely. It had been too long since he was able to hunt the children like this. His daughter and her friends thought they had destroyed him, but like many times before, he had survived. Prey was so hard to find now, with his remaining children either gone from his reach or drugged not too dream. Freddy now skimmed the dreams of the mad and the comatose.

His current quarry was the best chase he had in years. Freddy could smell the fear in her from where he stood. It was intoxicating. She was a crafty one, finding enough bits and pieces lying around to make traps to stop him. They had met several times, but he had let her go each time.

The time was now. It was time to claim his prize.

With a single finger-blade Freddy began to scape along the pipes. The harsh screech echoed through the boiler room as he walked.

"Here girly, girly.", Freddy cackled gleefully. "Freddy's everywhere! You just wasting your time!"

Stretching around the corned like a snake, he saw the girl hiding under the stairs. Slashing out with his clawed glove, the blades bit into the girl's arm. Blood spilled on the floor as she bolted down another corridor. Freddy began to run after her.

As he ran down the corridor, he noticed no longer the familiar hissing of the steam pipes. There was no clanging of his shoes as they hit the metal walkways. He looked down.

Freddy saw sand blowing into the boiler room.

"What the hell?!", he rasped.

Looking up, Freddy saw the boiler room open up into a vast desert. Sunlight burned down upon massive dunes that stretched far into the horizon. In the canter of his vision was the girl. She was surprised as well, gazing all around the endless sand. Not watching for him.
Freddy leapt at the girl with a snarl.

He was yanked back with a solid grip on his neck. As he struggled, the girl turned around and saw her pursuer.

"What the hell did you do, bitch?", Freddy roared. He tried to take another swing at the girl. His clawed glove was gripped by another hand.
The girl said nothing as she began to fade away. Freddy struggled to get to her, but the hands holding him back held firm. He craned his neck to see who or what was holding him back.

It was another girl.

A scrawny, filthy girl with mud caked over her body and face.

A short, wiry girl with corded muscles and a feral stance.

A deadly, relentless girl with glaring eyes and a steel grip.

A hunter more dangerous than he ever could be.

"What do want?", Freddy coughed out.

The feral girl tilted her head, than roughly pushed him forward. In the direction of the fading girl.


She clamped down on the hand that bore the clawed glove.

Bones began to break.

Freddy began to scream.

"Mine," the feral girl said as she began to tear Freddy apart.

The End

You have reached the end of "In Dreams". This story is complete.

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