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Forgotten Life: Pulled Sideways

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Forgotten Life". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The walls between realities are being broken, so the nightmare that separates Joyce Summers from Bruce Wayne brings her face to face with Spiderman.

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DC Universe > Batman > Joyce-Centered
Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Joyce-Centered
(Current Donor)ShieldageFR1521,924055,08823 Jul 0622 Aug 06No


BtVS by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. DC by the parent company and its many artists/writers.

This is a parallel universe to 'The Long Road to Gotham', so certain things in the backstory may diverge as I write.

The woman rolled over in her sleep as images filled her head.

...Doors closing behind her...

Arm and arm, she and her husband left the play, their young boy trailing behind them. They were the only points of light in the dark night...

A few fleeting words later they were in an alleyway, an attacker holding them at gunpoint...

She barely saw the face of the man... The first of the metal slugs entered her chest...

She and her husband fell to the ground... They landed with a sickening crunch...

Her black-haired son, her only child, cradled her head in his lap as she died.

When she breathed her last breath her soul...

Her soul
flew, a fine mist of nothingness, across the world... Into a hospital, into a sterile room, past caring doctors and...

She opened fresh eyes upon a new world, loosing the first cry of a newborn babe.

Joyce Summers came awake with such a start, it woke the man next to her from his peaceful sleep. She met his kind eyes with a gaze full of horror. Yes she knew that the man had been several years older than her, despite his athletic frame, but...

Yes her daughter had died once and came back to life, but despite all the magic and demons that plagued her that had been through simple CPR...

Reincarnation was out of the question... Right?

But she stared into the man's eyes...

She had met that gaze with such passion the night before, but now saw clearly and saw now only the young boy that had watched his mother and father die...

Joyce lept from the hotel room bed she was sharing with the sole heir to the Wayne fortune... She gathered her clothes without a word.

Despite his shocked protests and her unwillingness to explain, she fled the room.

Bruce heard the hallway door open and shut... He was halfway out of the room when he froze, dimly recalling exactly how restless she had been in her sleep.

He lifted the pillow on her side of the bed and, sure enough, there laid a small doll with long brown hair.

Grabbing the knife left over from room service the night before he sat down at the table... Within a few seconds, he had exposed the microchip within the doll's chest.

Overcome with rage, he crushed the doll's cheaply made head... He was going to get to the bottom of this.
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