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It's not easy being Green

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Chosen not to Fade Away". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: In which Dawn tells us just why being made of green energy sucks

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Smallville > Dawn-CenteredgothfearyFR71276065,90424 Jul 0624 Jul 06Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing! Wish I did, but alas... All material is property of DC comics, and Mutant Enemy. I don't even own the challenge. No infringement or abuse is intended.

Damn that stupid Xander and his "hey-we-just-saved-the-whole-freaking-planet-so-we-should-go-explore-it-while-we-look-for-new-slayers" road trip. The whole thing had been his fault.

Of all the boring places to end up, why did they have to come to Smallville? All there was in that place was farms, some funky weird mystic rocks that Willow said may have been used in the creation of The Key, and a few people with wacky powers. That, and two new Slayers she had to collect.

Lana and Chloe were going to be her first assignments as an official Watcher.

She had straitened the royal blue peasant top she had gotten in Italy and brushed off the road dust from her shoulder. Finding that Summers' confidence that rolled off in waves that would knock most C.E.O.'s off their feet, she had walked determinedly into the local coffee shop.

Right smack into the owner of the most dreamy blue eyes. In the confusion of his three spilt iced mochas and the tangle of legs, her hand brushed his.

She pulled her hand away the instant she noticed him gasping for breath, noticed the veins on his beautiful face become instantly more pronounced. This didn't scare her in the slightest, after all, living on a hellmouth, you see stranger things than accidental sucking the life force out of someone all the time. What scared her, what sent her running out the door, was the strangled words that dripped from his tightly drawn lips...

"Why do all the pretty ones have to be made of green?"

A/N: Yay! My first TTH fic! Hope you like it!
Total time~ 19 minutes 22 seconds.

The End

You have reached the end of "It's not easy being Green". This story is complete.

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