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Where I'm Always Wanted

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Summary: Buffy is saddened when her friends and family kick her out of the house and choose Faith as their new 'Captain of the Scoobies', so when she stays in an abandoned house, she gets transported to a world she once knew, and is in need of her help once more.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: BoromirWhiteLadyFR151726,57005444,66724 Jul 068 Jul 07No

Can We Go Now?

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lord of the Rings. I praise Joss Whedon for creating BTVS and J.R.R. Tolkien for writing the LOTR trilogy.

Summary: Buffy is saddened when her friends and family kick her out of the house and choose Faith as their new 'Captain of the Scoobies'. So, when she stays in an abandon house, she gets transported to a world she once knew and is in need of her help once more.

Pairing: Buffy/Boromir Sorry for not updating sooner!!!

Rating: FR15

Chapter Seventeen

Can We Go Now?

Buffy was now waiting outside of her Father's private study. Boromir and Legolas were inside trying to defend their actions, however, it took all of them a bit of time to get to this point.


Buffy decided to just watch the fight unfold, instead of breaking it up. This fight has been going on for a good 3 minutes, and even though it would at times look like Glorfindel would make a comeback by throwing a punch or two, it would end up being useless, since he would be punched by Boromir and Legolas with 10 times more power and velocity.

She could have sworn that Pippin was starting to take bets from the others watching the fight around them, and even though no one complied, her Father did hear him, and he chose to try to help the few men who tried to keep the peace and help stop the fight.

Realizing that not even the strongest man could break up this fight, Elrond stopped trying to help out physically. He began to chant something in Elvish, which made Buffy cringe, since she still wasn't use to the Elven language and it still gave her migraines when she heard it.

All of a sudden, a strong gust of wind came from behind Buffy. It was a light shade of blue, and seemed to go right around her and the onlookers of the fight, and straight towards Boromir, Legolas, and the men trying to break up the fight. The wind did get to all of them, and blasted them apart from each other, sending Boromir and Legolas, as well as half of the men to one side of the hall, and Glorfindel, and the other half of men, to the other side of the hall.

Elrond then went to check on Glorfindel, while Buffy went the opposite direction to check on Boromir and Legolas. Elrond asked Glorfindel if he was fine and his reply was,

" I fine..My..Lord. Bu..but, I do not know what happened? I was having an...enjoyable dance with Lady Celebruthiel...but..all of a sudden..I was attacked by that..boy from Gondor. I..did nothing wrong My Lord, I swear..on my hon..honor." he finished barely able to catch his breath.

This made Boromir boil with anger once more, he stood up, and shouted at Glorfindel.

"That's a bold face lie and you know it!" shouted Boromir as he started to stalk over to Glorfindel.

Buffy knew that if Boromir laid another hand on Glorfindel that he would probably not be able to go on the quest for the One Ring, so she held him back. He tried to get out of her hold, but he was not able to.

When Glorfindel left the Dining Hall, Elrond turned around to look at Buffy, Boromir, and Legolas. He gave them the most angry, and yet disappointed look that he ever gave anyone in his life, well, with the exception of Isildur.

"In my study, now." he said in a deathly calm voice.

They all followed.


Buffy was still waiting to be called into her Father's study. She has been waiting outside now for about a half an hour, and she was really starting to get tired. She knew that she needed a good amount of rest that night because tomorrow was the first day of their journey.

When Buffy was about to doze off, she heard the sound of the door opening to her Father's study. But, to her surprise, the only person who came out was Legolas. She got up to talk to him, but he put his hand up to stop her.

"Lord Elrond wishes to speak with you and Boromir in private. We will discuss everything later, I promise. Goodnight Lady Buffy." he then turned and left.

Buffy just smiled as she watched him go. Buffy knew that anytime Legolas made a promise to her, he would keep it, because he was probably Buffy's one and only true friend. Her smile, immediately turned into a look of worry as she turned and walked into her Father's study.

Boromir and Elrond both stood up as a sign of respect for Buffy, and after she sat in the vacant seat next to Boromir's, the two males did so as well.

Elrond took a minute to look at Boromir and Buffy, and his look was one of sorrow.

"Now listen to me very carefully, both of you, and please, do not say anything until I have finished." said Elrond with a grim expression.

"I realize, that you both have deep feelings towards one another and that I cannot stop that.." he started.

Buffy was about to do a little victory dance when he said this.

"However..." continued Elrond.

'Damn!' thought Buffy.

"This relationship is going to end up in disaster. Celebruthiel, you are a strong, loving, and brave Elven woman, but you are immortal. Lord Boromir, you too are a strong, loving, and brave man, but you are mortal. No matter how compatible you two are, this relationship is doomed to failure." said Elrond, who then paused so he what he just said would sink in.

What he said seemed to be effecting Boromir more then it was to Buffy. He had his eyes closed and he then covered his face in his hands. He did not cry, just took a deep breath and began to speak.

"Lord Elrond, I would rather die than make your youngest daughter unhappy." started Boromir.

Lord Elrond nodded in agreement to his statement.

"But, with saying this, I also believe that this is the reason why I should court Buff..I mean, Lady Celebruthiel." Boromir then finished.

Elrond was confused, and was starting to get a bit red, but before Boromir could explain why, Buffy decided to explain it for him.

"Ada, Boromir makes me happy. When I first talked to him, I felt this odd connection with him, and it's made me happy. Sure, he's done some stupid things, but then I saw through them and found someone that was brave, and intelligent, and I found someone in him that can make me happy. Now, I'm not saying that I'm ready for marriage or anything, I mean I barely know him. But, I'm having fun trying to understand him, and it makes me feel happy knowing that he wants to get to know me as much as I do him. I'd rather think of my happiness now, rather than waiting till he dies and wishing that I could've spent more time with him. Just let me be happy now Ada, and let whatever happens, happen." said Buffy, getting a bit emotional towards the end.

Elrond then lowered his head in guilt, while Boromir looked at Buffy with so much adoration in his eyes, you would think that she just saved his life. Buffy then looked at him as well. They didn't speak at each other, all Buffy did was nod at him, and give a reassuring smile.

Elrond then rose from his chair and walked to the back of his study. He went up to a portrait of himself and Celebrian. It was about 8x10", relatively small to the other items in his study, so Buffy didn't really notice it. But, when she did, she got a headache, not as bad as most, but it did hurt, so she winced. Boromir noticed this, and looked at her with concern, she just dismissed his look with a little wave of her hand.

Elrond just kept looking at the portrait. At first he was stoic, but he then gained a smile.

"You know, your Mother was promised to someone else before I came along. It was to an Elf named Elgerion. He was a war hero, seemingly kind and generous, but behind closed doors, he was arrogant, and pompous. Your mother saw him like this everyday, and chose me instead of him. Now, Celeborn rejected me for 10 years, but I never gave up. He finally excepted me when I saved your mother from a group of Orcs." he explained.

He then turned and looked at Buffy.

"It seems as if you inherited your Mother's destiny, except I believe that she wants you to live through all of the happiness that she missed out on." said Elrond with tears threatening to travel down his face.

"You may court my daughter, Lord Boromir of Gondor. Take good care of her, please." he then finished, and gave a slight bow of acceptance to Boromir.

Boromir bowed in return, and thanked him. Buffy had the most luminous smile on her face and thanked her Father as well.

"Now, go and rest, you have a long journey ahead." Lord Elrond said with a smile.

Both Boromir and Buffy started leaving, but we're stopped by Elrond.

"Oh, one other thing, I do believe you Boromir, as well as Legolas. As punishment for Glorfindel's actions, he shall be banned from Rivendell for one month after he regains health." he said with seriousness written all over his face.

They both thanked Elrond again, and left his study.

Elrond heard their laughter as they closed the door, and all he could do was sigh.

"At least there is still hope for Arwen." Elrond said to himself.

Once Boromir and Buffy got outside, Boromir grabbed her into a big hug, and he easily lifted her off of her feet and started to twirl her. They both laughed and Buffy had to stop him because she was starting to get dizzy. So, he placed her down, waited for her to regain her balance, kissed her hand, wished her goodnight, turned around, and left. Once witnessing him turning the corner, she turned around, and went the opposite way to her room.

When she got to her room, she didn't even bother changing because she was extremely tired and she had to get up bright and early.

In the morning, Buffy was awoken by her two maids, and she got dressed and cleaned quicker than she ever has before.

This time, Buffy did not wear a corset or a dress, but instead wore her elven armor that was in her closet. When she saw it though, she fell back onto the bed in agony. This headache was terrible. She started to get so many flashbacks of past battles that she had while wearing this armor. She remembered her battles at Lorien, and how many elves died under her command. She thought that the pain and the memories would never stop, even with her two maids trying to help her. But, after a good 5 minutes, the pain stopped, and she was then able to regain her composure. Her maids were worried about her, but she just told them that she would be fine.

When she finally made it downstairs and outside to the front of the house, she realized that she was the one everyone was waiting for. Hell, even Merry and Pippin made it down before her.

Legolas then came up to her with a smile on his face.

"Sleep in late My Lady?" said Legolas teasingly.

"No I didn't! I got up at like the crack of dawn, I thought I was going to be the first one here!" she said disbelievingly.

"The crack of dawn? No wonder why you are last. Everyone here woke up at least 2 hours before dawn." he replied.

"Well, sorry, I didn't get the memo!" she shouted.

Elrond was outside, along with the rest of her family, as well as all of the Elves that lived or worked inside of the palace.

Her family then came up to her and checked everything. Elrond then started a sort of Q&A with his daughter.

"Do you have your sword?" he asked.

"Yes." she answered.

"Do you have your maps?"


"Do you have food?"

"Yes, Ada."

"Do you have your..." Elrond was interrupted by Buffy.

"Yes, Ada. Yes. I have everything I need, I have food, weapons, maps, and a never ending supply of tampons, so can we go now?" Buffy said annoyingly.

"What are tampons?" asked Elrohir and Elladan at the same time.

Buffy just sighed.

"Can we please just go now?" she asked one more time.

Elrond nodded and hugged her, as well as the rest of the family.

"Be safe my sister." Arwen told Buffy with tears coming out of her eyes.

"I will." she replied.

"Don't come back married." said Elrohir as he gave her his hug.

"Or pregnant." said Elladan as he gave Buffy his hug immediately after his twin.

"I won't." said Buffy with a blush on her face.

The Fellowship then started to leave the main city of Rivendell.

Buffy could see the pained look in her sister's eyes as she saw Aragorn leave, and the same look could be found in Aragorn's eyes as well. But Buffy also noticed something else. Arwen's necklace was missing. That necklace was Arwen's key to immortality and it was missing. She would have to ask Aragorn about it later.

Boromir, who was basically in the back, ran up to Buffy so he stood next to her. He saw the odd look on her face and asked her what was wrong.

"Oh, I'm just thinking." was Buffy's answer.

When they were almost out of the city, Buffy turned around for a brief moment and looked behind her. Boromir stopped with her and tried to figure out what she was looking at. All Buffy was really looking at though was the city, and she was thinking about her family as well.

"Well, Merry Christmas." she said to Boromir.

Buffy then started to walk again so she could catch up with the group. Boromir just stayed back for a few more seconds, trying to figure out the meaning of Christmas, but when he realized he didn't have an answer, he went back to following the rest of the group.

For 5 days now, the Fellowship has traveled through the sometimes unbearable weather and rugged terrains with their heads held high and their courage not once diminishing.

They decided to make a resting point on a rock formation in the country of Hollin.

Buffy knew from her Father that Hollin was not a safe place to be. At one time it was, but when Sauron gained control of countless lands, this one, was one of his most evil places. Buffy was surprised though to realize that she only got not even a half-a-second migraine.

Buffy then sat down next to Aragorn and started to watch Boromir trying to teach Merry and Pippin how to spar.

"Two, one, five, good, very good." he told Merry, since he remembered his steps.

Boromir then tested Pippin, who also did very well.

"Move your feet." instructed Aragorn.

Boromir then told the hobbits that he was to go faster.

"Boromir, maybe you should slow down a bit." suggested Buffy, when she realized that Boromir was getting a little to into it, and she was right.

After Boromir started to get even faster with his sword handling, he cut Pippin, who winced in pain.

"Sorry." he said sincerely, trying to see if Pippin was alright.

Pippin then kicked Boromir's shin in vengeance, while Merry began to tackle him to the ground.

"For the Shire!" was their war cry.

Boromir then started laughing at them, as well as Aragorn. Buffy to joined in on the laughter, but was having very interesting thoughts while watching.

'He would make a great Dad. He knows how to take a joke, and he can handle rowdy sons. They would probably have his hair, and my eyes, and...wait! Why are you thinking about this?! Remember, you promised your brothers you wouldn't come back married or pregnant!' she thought to herself.

Buffy was then broken out of her thoughts by Sam.

"What is that?" he asked looking to the sky.

Buffy saw a big black patch floating in the sky, and it seemed to be moving towards them.

"Nothing, it's just a whiff of cloud." answered Gimli.

"It's moving fast, against the wind." said a serious Boromir.

"Crebain, from Dunland." said Legolas, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Hide!" shouted Aragorn.

It then became panic, everyone was trying to hide what they brought out, swords and cooking supplies for example.

Buffy was about to hide under some rocks, but she was pulled from behind, and was then suddenly pulled into some shrubs and landed on something hard. She realized that the hard thing was Boromir's chest. She tried to get up, but Boromir pulled her even closer and put a hand over her mouth to keep her from saying anything.

When the Crebain passed, everyone started to make their way out of their hiding spots, except for Buffy and Boromir.

When Boromir let his hand slide off of Buffy's mouth, he then placed it on the back of her head, and brought her lips to his. Buffy wasn't really surprised, so she kissed him back with a fiery intensity.

The kiss, sadly, was very short, because they started to hear the group calling out for them.

When they got out, you could tell something happened between them, since Buffy's lips were swollen and her hair went in every direction known to man. The same thing could be said about Boromir as well. Everyone was now waiting for an explanation.

"Um, sorry,, yeah, hair, got a bush." she said.

"Right, yes, you see, I had to help her get her hair...out of the bush." stuttered Boromir in agreement.

The Fellowship nodded, but Aragorn and Legolas gave them mischievous looks, knowing that the truth was much more than that.

When everyone gained their composure back, Gandalf began to speak.

"They were spies of Saruman. The passage South is being watched. We must take the pass of Caradhras" he finished, pointing to very snowy mountains.

"But, those mountains are going to ruin my boots." Buffy whispered to herself, because her boots seemed to be suede.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Where I'm Always Wanted" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jul 07.

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