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Where I'm Always Wanted

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Summary: Buffy is saddened when her friends and family kick her out of the house and choose Faith as their new 'Captain of the Scoobies', so when she stays in an abandoned house, she gets transported to a world she once knew, and is in need of her help once more.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lord of the Rings. I praise Joss Whedon for creating BTVS and J.R.R Tolkien for writing the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Summary: Buffy is saddened when her friends and family kick her out of the house and choose Faith as their new 'Captain of the Scoobies'. So when she stays in an abandoned house, she gets transported to a world she once knew, and is in need of her help once more. It begins from the episode Empty Places during Season 7.

Pairing: Buffy/Boromir I love them so I couldn't resist

Rating: FR15

Chapter One


As Buffy Summers walked down the street known as Revello Drive, she was crying over what just occurred minutes before.

'I love them so much, and they do this to me.' thought a very sad Buffy.

She remembered how Dawn stood up to her making it clear that it was her house too. She remembered how Xander looked with his eye patched up from receiving Caleb's wrath, he was sad, but determined in a way. Buffy also remembered Willow who was curled up in the security of Kennedy's arms, she looked frightened mainly. But the person that made her feel the most downtrodden was Giles. Giles was suppose to be the one who always stood by Buffy, who would always help her in any of her times of need, but this time he stabbed her in the back and also told her to leave.

'What did I do wrong, a few girls died, it's sad, but it's a war!' was what now a very angry Buffy thought.

Buffy was now crying tears of frustration and kept to her thoughts.

'I protect them, I died for them, and this is how they repay me!! I love them more than myself, and they throw me out on to the streets."

After many thoughts that caused her such emotions as anger, grief, and frustration, she then mutters to herself

'If they were my friends, they would've cared enough to let me stay there with them.'

After having that thought, Buffy had even more tears leave her eyes. Buffy then came across a family who was packing their family van so that they can leave Sunny-hell forever. They were in a rush and by the looks on their faces, you could tell that they were very anxious to be headed to wherever it was they were going to.

"Lucky." Buffy muttered to herself out of jealousy.

Buffy must have muttered a bit to loudly, since the father of the family turned and looked at her. He then tried to make the family go faster and get in the car, but the kids were taking their sweet old time.

"Come on kids, hurry up." instructed the father sternly.

The mother and father waited for the little boy and girl to get in before themselves so they could slide the door shut for them. The kids saw Buffy through the window and the little girl asked her father who she was, but the father told her to keep quiet. Then the mother and father got in the van and drove down the road, never to see Sunny-Hell again.

Buffy then started to talk to herself.

"It's good to see families that still care about each other."

Buffy didn't want to cry even harder, so she put herself in a, don't-think-about anything-mode, and her mind went completely blank.

As Buffy walked down another different street in Sunnydale, she decided that it's time that she rest somewhere. So, Buffy decided on a house that seemed to be abandoned, since she didn't see a car in sight. After she burst open the door since it was locked, she wandered around the house. When she got to the kitchen, she heard a bang from behind her, she then heard a man speak in a shaky voice.

"Get out of this house now." said the terrified man

Buffy turned around slowly and saw that the man held a bat in his shaking hands. She stayed calm and didn't even look fearful as she stared at the bat.

"You should leave, it's not safe here." said Buffy in a sort of chilly voice

The man looked even more terrified, but still stood up to Buffy, which was very surprising.

"I'm not afraid to swing it."

The man tried to be brave, but ended up looking like a scared puppy.

Buffy was tired and had enough, so she took the steel bat from the man, bent it all the way, and threw it behind her somewhere. The man looked so scared that he looked like he would've pissed in his pants. So he ran out the door with nothing in his hands and a total loss of dignity.

Buffy just kept her face expression-less and entered the bedroom. The bed looked cozy so she decided to lie down on it. When she did, she took herself out of don't-think-about-anything-mode, and started to let out the waterworks. Everything just hit her at once.

'Like Faith can take care of them, she'll probably just end up killing them all. But there all so dumb and think that a war is like freaking Barney episodes where everyone sings a song and gets along again, dumb-asses!' thought a very angry Buffy.

'And what do they think I'm going to do, stay here and save them when they need help, or let them come and visit me often for afternoon tea!!'

Buffy was so frustrated, she didn't hear a pop sound from behind her and she continued crying.

Buffy began to feel uncomfortable sleeping on her right side, so she turned on to her left and screamed at what she saw. She jumped out of the bed and started yelling at the figure.

"What the hell are you doing here!!"

"Look kid, I'm here on business, don't get angry at me," answered the figure.

"First, I'm not a kid. Second, I'm having a really bad night, so please go back to the Powers and tell them to go to hell." screamed a very lethal Buffy.

"Can you just hear what I have to say, the Powers know all about your problems, and I think they'll help you out." said the strange figure calmly.

"Help me? They wanna help me? Whistler, we both know that that's a load of crap."

Whistler!! My favorite Powers That Be messenger, besides Doyle of course.

"Look, it's just a guess, but I'm almost positive something good is going to happen this time. So please come with me to see them, because if you don't my ass is going to be handed to them on a silver platter."

"What makes you so sure it's something good." asked a curious, yet angry Buffy.

"The Powers do have feelings, and they'll probably consider your condition, and you've probably done enough for them in you life, so they'll probably give you a break, besides what else do you have to lose." responded Whistler.

Buffy thought for a moment and then thought to herself.

'He's right, I've already lost everything'

"Fine, but I'm not happy about it." answered Buffy, almost painfully.

"Great. And thanks kid, if you didn't the Powers would kill me." said a grinning Whistler.

Buffy was about to ask something, but changed her mind and asked something else.

"You can die?"

"Technically no, I'm actually a form...wait, don't change the subject. Let's just see the Powers." answered Whistler.

Buffy did her famous pout, and then asked the question she at first wanted to.

"So how do we get there?"

"Just close your eyes kid and.." Whistler was about to finish, but he was then interrupted.

"Oh, I know, then I close my eyes and tap my heals together and chant there's no place like home 3 times, right," interrupted a sarcastic Buffy.

"Funny, just close your eyes and open them when I tell you too, alright?"


Buffy pouted again, but did as Whistler said, and when he told her to open her eyes, she shaded them with her hands and squeaked.

"Oh My God, it's so freaking bright in here! It's like a gigantic Clair's!! I'm blind!!" screamed a blinded Buffy.

Whistler just laughed and told her to cut it out. They both then walked until the came to a door where you can hear screaming coming from the inside.

"Is this it?", asked a timid Buffy

"Yep", answered an equally nervous Whistler.

Whistler then opened the door, and he and Buffy stepped in. Inside the room there were many different color clouds, and they were all screaming, and didn't even hear Buffy and Whistler come in. Buffy listened to the screams carefully.

"This wasn't suppose to happen!" exclaimed a voice

"Yes, but that doesn't mean that she should stop fighting." exclaimed another voice.

"We should give her a break." exclaimed another different voice.

Then a woman said something that disturbed Buffy.

"We should send her back to the place she originally came from."

"Yes, of course Middle Earth." came a voice of agreement.

Whistler then made a sound from his throat to get all the angry voices attentions, which it did. The voices stopped, and a very curious woman asked the simple question.

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