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To Watch The Storm

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Summary: FFA, Post Season 7. Xander is called to a small African village to deal with an unusual creature. Meanwhile, the X-Men search for one of their own...

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredValandarFR1546,85342731,41724 Jul 0624 Jul 06Yes


Disclaimer: Buffy and all related characters belong to Joss Whedon. The X-Men and all other Marvel Comics Characters belong to Marvel Comics Group


Xander Harris dove to the ground, with a lot less grace than he would have liked, and the shaggy form flew right over him. The instant it landed, it twisted its hips, and changed directions, charging off into the night and out of the small African village it had haunted for several weeks now.

He had been staying in the small town of Serenje, Nambia, when he heard rumor of the beast. From the description, he had thought it was a werebeast of some kind, and packed up his silver ax, a tranquilizer gun, and several doses of elephant tranquilizer. He then had hopped in his Land Rover, and headed out.

The slayer he had been training, a young girl Hasana, had remained behind with Thomas Jorgensson, a member of the old Watcher's Council who had been a Progressive, and was eager to see the further changes Giles and the rest would introduce into the New Watcher's Council. She wasn't happy about it, because not only was she a Slayer with all that the title entailed, but she was also another of 'Xander's Girls'. It seemed that every new Slayer found by Xander became quite emotionally attached to him, usually seeing him as an older brother or father figure (though there were more than a few with a serious crush on him), and he saw every one of them as a daughter or sister. It was partly his courage, for being a normal man who still fought the darkness, but mostly how he treated them- with respect, love, and kindness. He didn't know it, but he was used back in England as the shining perfect example of what a Watcher truly should be.

Upon reaching the small village, which really didn't have a name beyond a phrase that translated to something like "Place near the Kasanka Park with fifteen huts", he quickly discovered that whatever was harassing the place was not a werecreature. For one, it attacked throughout the month and not just on the full moon, and more than a few of its raids had been done in daylight. He also discovered that the creature may not have been entirely malevolent - it only stole food, and occasional random trinkets. It was also a deep and oddly soothing shade of blue.

Now, here he was, flat on his back, and watching the thing scramble off and out of sight into the night. If it wasn't for the shade of blue, he would have thought it was a lion, or some form of mutated or possessed lion. But then something caught his eye as he crawled to his feet. Something he dimly remembered had actually come off the creature during their brief tussle.

It was a belt. Whatever that was, it was at least sentient, and there was a good chance it had once been human. Pondering this, he limped back towards the hut the villagers had offered to him to stay in, idly fingering the X-shaped buckle of the thing's belt with his right hand.


"Professor, we're getting a signal!" called out a tall, slender man. A red visor covered his eyes, while a blue and yellow suit covered the rest of his body.

"Where is it, Scott?" asked the bald, older man behind him. He was strapped into a seat, and the interior of an advanced aircraft could be seen around him. A blanket covered his legs, and hid the fact that they were slightly wasted away from complete disuse.

"Just a moment, triangulating... The signal's coming from Zambia, sir. Only a mile or two due south of the Kasanka National Reserve."

A third individual, this one a dark skinned woman with white hair, spoke up. "Africa is my old home," she noted. "Please, allow me to go on ahead and begin the search myself. It will make dealing with the people who live there much easier."

"Of course, Ororo. And good luck," said the older man. To himself, he thought, "Hank... what has happened to you?"


A/N: This is a slightly AU X-Men time line. It's set in the relatively early days of the New X-Men, between the death of Phoenix and arrival of Rachel Summers. We'll see what other changes have occurred when we begin the next chapter.
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