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An Irish Selkie

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Summary: Angel must visit his past and it is not happy to see him. O'Neill must betray a trust that has be kept for over 80 years. All to save the world....again!!

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Stargate > GeneralholmesFR1354,006076,73826 Jul 065 Nov 06No


En-route across Ireland

The Airbase outside of Belfast welcomed SG1 frigidly. The United Kingdom was still wary of Stargate Command and the US government, despite the treaties signed. They couldn’t get over the fact that the world had been jeopardized by the US’s seemingly gun-ho attitude towards intergalactic travel.

The trans-Atlantic flight itself had been tense. Whilst Teal’c could understand the supremacy of family matters over that of ones job – he had after all defied his ‘god’ in order to secure a better future for his son, Sam and Daniel were unable to get over the fact that Jack had lied. That his fishing lake wasn’t up in the mountains but over in Ireland and that he still had family. Jack was certain that Sam would be even angrier when the real implications of Dúncarraig were revealed to her and the others; her true military background would revolt against this type of secrecy. Daniel’s reaction was easier to determine, after pouting and sulking for a few minutes, he would badger Kathy and the others for information on the town and its history.

Kathy. That was going to be another problem. She was Irish down to her red hair and fiery temper. Her reaction was going to be the most problematic; and the one that Jack was most worried about. Despite his closeness to his team, Jack didn’t know what he would do if Kathy was furious with him…or worse, disappointed in him. She was family. She had cleaned his knees when he scraped them looking for fresh water crabs in the loch, had stammered though the ‘birds and the bees’ talk when he was 16 and had become interested in girls and had held him through his nightmares after Charlie’s death and after his mission to Abydos. She was a mother to him in all ways but blood and he felt closer to her than his own mother even though he had only been able to come to Dúncarraig during summer holidays and leave.

The drive now, down over the border into Eire, was silent. Daniel had fallen asleep just an hour before and Teal’c seemed to have gone into some sort of meditative state gazing out of the window across the lush green Irish country side. It was the first time that Teal’c had been outside the US and he seemed almost excited. Or at least as excited as any Jaffa could be. Sam was sitting up front with Jack, looking out of the window as he drove down the windy country lanes towards Ballyconneely and County Galway’s coast. She was going to explode any minute. She took a breath – there she goes thought Jack.

‘You never actually explained why you would be exposed to this device, did you Jack? And why this exposure would have taken place here of all places – in the middle of Eire? I’ve crossed the Atlantic Jack, I think it’s about time that you explained what was going on!’

‘I can’t Sam.’ Jack waited, and not for long.

‘Well, why the bloody hell not. This is a matter of global security Jack!!! You can’t let sentiment get in the way that!! Hathor could get hold of this crystal and destroy the world. Or even better the universe. We wouldn’t want her to be planetist!!!’

‘Carter, you’re being sarcastic! Good for you.’ Jack replied. ‘I would like to remind you that the Asgard were unable to locate this crystal thing with all of their shiny-doohickies so I’m sorry if Hathor doesn’t really worry me. If it was Anubis, maybe, but his glowiness isn’t in the picture.

‘The planet Jack…’ Sam started.

‘Yes Carter I know. The world is at stake so it seems and I sorry if I’m not giving you the answers that you want BUT I can’t. So be patient. And quiet. It’s getting dark and I don’t want to miss the turning.’

‘Yes sir.’ Carter muttered.

Well this is fun. Thought Jack. I wonder if Baal needs a toy at the moment.


Dusk – undisclosed beach on the Galway Coast

‘Bloody ‘ell!!!!’

A thick cockney accent was the first sign of life on the beach that night. Low waves caressed the sand and the sun finally lowered in the West. Its harsh burning light fading into a warm pink glow. The oyster catchers scattered across the beach as a small group of people landed haphazardly out of nowhere. Spike unfortunately was at the bottom of the pile.

‘Get off of me. I can’t effing breath!!!’

‘You’re a corpse. Breathing isn’t really a big deal, Spike’, Buffy said as Angel helped her on to her feet. Her heeled boots weren’t really suitably for the damp sand that was underfoot.

‘We all seem to have arrived in one piece.’ Giles remarked as he and Xander helped both Cordelia and Tara onto their feet thus revealing Spike face down in the sand.

Spike rolled over onto his back and looked up into the night sky. Sighing he sat up, removed his duster and bundled it up creating a make-shift pillow to rest his head on. Leaning back he resettled himself and started to stargaze. He finally looked up again when he realised that everyone was staring at him.


‘Get up!!!’ Buffy ordered kicking Spike’s side with her boot. ‘We have a crystal thingy to find and destroy. Lying there isn’t going to get it done!!’


‘Do get up Spike we have to make headway.’ Giles sighed tempted to clean his glasses.


‘Why not?’

‘Why not what?’

‘Spike!’ ‘William!’

Spike internally chuckled. Slayer-baiting could only be topped by Sire-baiting. Let the games continue. Hehe. ‘Huh?’

‘The area past the dunes is warded.’ Tara’s small voice interrupted before any arguments could start. ‘We have to be let in.’

‘Wards?’ Cordelia looked confused partially because she had never really heard Tara speak.

‘Yes they run up from the dunes into the hills and are designed to prevent anyone not keyed in from entering.’

Xander smiled, ‘Look at the witchy knowledge, always comes in handy.’

Spike just smirked at Glinda, who blushed when she caught him. Witchy knowledge indeed.

‘You mean we’ve come all this way, across the world only to be turned back at the last minute!!’ Buffy almost screeched causing Angel and Spike to wince. The only sign that Angel was really listening to the conversation, he was busy looking around the area brooding.

‘Oi! Glinda said we have to be let in. Just make yourself comfortable and wait.’

‘Buffy’s right. What’s the likelihood that someone will just arrive here? On this beach? With the ability to let us in.’ Xander whined.

Suddenly headlights lit up the beach as a large car pulled up on the track behind the group. They all turned around looking warily at the four people who stepped out of the vehicle.

‘Huh’ was all that Xander could say. ‘Who would have thought?’

The new group drew closer, allowing Scoobies to see that it consisted of three men, one very large, and a blonde woman. Spike smiled as he recognised one of them


One man looked up. ‘Will?’



‘Who are they? Do you know them? How?’

‘Yeah fangless, how?’

Whilst both groups interrogated their fellow member, one new figure crept up behind them. From the dunes. Both groups jumped as Tara let off a high pitched shriek. A slight built man had grabbed her from behind and was now spinning her in circles murmuring her name.

‘Y’all here for Beltane?’ the man said turning around and smiling. His smile however fell as he saw one member of the group.

‘Angel’ he said angrily.

Angel growled, his face almost morphing. He spat out a name that mad some people equally mad, some people confused and others happy.


The End?

You have reached the end of "An Irish Selkie" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Nov 06.

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