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Anita Blake, executioner, animator and...mother?

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Short scenes in the life of Anita Blake and her new role as mother...

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Anita Blake > General(Past Donor)lckybrFR138291,24729303223,34427 Jul 0630 Jan 14No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Paint a pretty Picture

Paint a pretty Picture

(Cordelia’s POV)

I was a queen because Micah calls me his Queen C and my room is purple and purple is a color for royalty so I MUST be queen. Damien calls me his princess, it’s not as high ranking as a queen but its okay because I love Damien and he’s my emerald eyed Prince.

Graham is my Prince too and Jason and Stephen and Caleb but Damien is my favorite Prince because he reminds me of Angel.

Sometimes I don’t remember him that good and maybe it’s because our memories of our other world is fading or maybe it’s because I’m just forgetting... Sometimes Willow forgets too, last week she couldn’t even remember what Xander used to look like and it made her panic because she was forgetting her best friend and it took Nathaniel a whole hour to calm her down.

Sometimes when I forget I go outside and sit down and I try to remember what it felt like to be in the Scooby Gang and the things we used to do, sometimes I’d remember their faces and the sounds of their voice but lately it’s getting harder and harder and it hurts my head the more I try.

Often times I think maybe I might go to hell because I miss the old world less and less. I really like Anita and Micah and Nathaniel and-well everyone. They take care of us, even our guards and I think maybe it’s not because they HAVE to but because they WANT to. But then again who wouldn’t want to be in my presence I’m FABULOUS!

When I don’t feel fabulous I’ll hang out with Damien and he’ll tell me stories, did you know he was a Viking when he was alive? He’s a warrior like Angel used to be and he loves me because he said so and he would never lie to me.

We play goldfish sometimes and sometimes he even teaches me how to sword fight, except we don’t use real swords only the plastic ones Jason bought Faith cause she kept trying to use Anita’s, usually we only go through the movements or the foot work, it never ever gets to be like a real sword fight because I’m five and Micah and Anita doesn’t let us play with sharp things ever since that time Willow had shown Bobby Lee how to levitate throwing daggers at Faith. The Slayer had caught them, didn’t even have a scratch but you’d think she had got hurt with the way Micah yelled at us!

“She’s staring at us again...”

I looked up from the puzzle in front of me, it was recess but since it was raining cats and dogs we had to stay inside. Personally I didn’t see any cats OR dogs so I have no idea where the expression came from...

Faith was sitting at our table in front of us, her head bent over the drawing she was working on. Faith drew really well not as well as Aubrey the vampire but close. Aubrey sometimes worked with her on how to blend colors and create smoother lines, it was helping. She was the best artist in the class; the best any of the rest of us could do was stick figures.

“Look at her.” Willow nodded towards the front of the class where most of the other children were playing. We didn’t have a lot of friends mainly because they were scared of us. I don’t know why since we’ve never done anything to them but I guess it could have something to do with the parents. It was no secret that some people thought Anita was evil and a vampire junkie since she was Jean-Claude’s sweetie and everything.

Screw them, we didn’t need friends.

I looked over at the table across from ours, Clair Winchester and her two clones were staring at us.

Kimmy was the quiet one and normally she wouldn’t say anything to us, but Danny and Clair were like the devils spawn! Just last week they had spilled pink paint all over Willow’s shoes.

In retaliation, Faith had ‘accidentally’ pilled her lunch all over Clair.

The memory of her blonde hair matted to her hair with milk, her blue eyes wide with rage brought a smile to my face.

Faith looked up then and I saw her wave at them, Kimmy looked down almost embarrassed at being caught staring but the other two didn’t.

“Take a picture!” I snapped pulling a face, the puzzle pieces I had dropped to the floor and I glared.

“Do you see something interesting?” Faith snapped, Clair sniffed delicately flipping her long hair over her shoulder.

“I’m just trying to figure out which one of you is ugliest.” She replied sticking her tongue out at us. My eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Okay! Time’s up.” Mrs. L our teacher called as she stood in front of the room, “Put the toys up, and back to work.”

Willow started collecting the numbers she had been working with to deposit back in the box; I started picking up the puzzle pieces ignoring Clair and her posse.

“Willow watch out! “Faith exclaimed I looked up just in time to see the witch trip over Danny’s out stretched foot, the plastic numbers went flying and so did Willow.

“You did that on purpose!” I declared rushing to my feet. Danny shoved me backwards and I stumbled.

“Delia has cooties!” he declared, I growled marching towards him.

“ I’m gonna-“

“No!” Willow struggled to her feet with a blush; she smoothed her long hair out of her face her cheeks colored. “Just leave it.”


The witch shook her head as Danny danced past, “I’m fine, and you know they’re dying for us to be sent up to the office again.” I snorted clenching my jaw.

Though she did have a point, it wasn’t fair.

“Fine.” Faith finished collecting the numbers then deposited them in the rightful bin before taking a seat at the table and continuing with her drawing.

“Scary cats!” Lea hissed from beside us, she didn’t like us either.

“Do I need to feed you your crayons?” I asked her with narrowed eyes, “Because I will.”

Lea was another of the kids who thought we were weird.
She resembled Faith a little. The dark hair and wide dark eyes the only difference being where Faith’s hair lay straight and thick if she combed it correctly Lea’s hair was wild and untamed curling just past her shoulders. The first week of school, she had been nice to us, but then Clair got a hold of her and she didn’t want to talk to us anymore.

“Let me see what you’ve got here...” Mrs. L came around to our table checking Lea’s drawing first. It was a grey round thing with triangle ears and big green eyes....perhaps it was a dust bunny?

“It’s my kitty Jingles.” She replied with a happy smile.

Gag me with a spoon.

We were supposed to be drawing our favorite animal and give a brief sentence on why we liked it so much.

“Oh Faith this is amazing!” Mrs. L leaned over Faiths picture. She had covered every inch of the white construction paper with color. In the center of the paper was a great tiger its yellow orange eyes calculating, she had even used pencil and pen for the stripes along with color pencils and crayons.

It was one of the nicest ones I’ve ever seen her do.

“Here, let me post it up okay?” she took the picture after Faith signed her name on the bottom and attached it to the tack board at the back of the room.

“I hate you.” I told her good naturedly, my little stick figure wolf didn’t so much look like a wolf just a stick with a bush for a tale.

She shrugged looking embarrassed, but I could tell she was happy.

It was nice to see.

Willow’s picture was better then mine, she drew a leopard caught in between human form. The eyes were lopsided and the face a little funny looking but it wasn’t too bad.

“That’s...lovely Willow.” Mrs. L smiled nicely looking a little confused but Willow beamed with pride. She liked coming to school even though we had no friends and we were always in trouble.

“I don’t think she meant to draw were animals.” Faith replied softly, the auburn haired girl blushed.


Rolling my eyes, I stifled a laugh. Soon it was time to go home and I got up to collect our bags and coats as Faith and Willow put the crayons away.

I eyed Danny as I passed, he glared at me and I looked away busying myself with pretending to check the pockets of my jacket.

The class started to line up by the door. We were escorted out in a single file, very neat and orderly so not one could snatch us before our parents got us.

As I made my way back to my sisters, I stopped by Danny.

“What do YOU want?”

I poked him in the chest roughly, a hand on my hip, “If you ever touch my sister again I’ll hit you so hard your grandmas gunna feel it.”

Frowning he brushed me off, “I’m not scared of a girl.”

I smiled then, “But I’m not just any girl Danny…I know where you live, and the boogieman is my best friend so you better watch it.” I poked him again for good measure giving him my best scary eye. He looked uncertain for a minute, please I sashayed away, I am a Queen and I always get my way.
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