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Anita Blake, executioner, animator and...mother?

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Short scenes in the life of Anita Blake and her new role as mother...

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Anita Blake > General(Past Donor)lckybrFR138291,24729303223,34427 Jul 0630 Jan 14No


We were staring.

I knew we were staring and they knew we were staring but we just couldn’t look away…

There was two of them, it was amazing!

“Who is that?” one of them pointed to the car across the street. It was Claudia’s car today.

“My brother.” Delia answered, we were sitting in the sand box, and Faith had buried her hands in the sand
and her feet. The duos were new students, with curling blonde hair and wide honey brown eyes and thin frames. One of them had on blue jeans tucked into ugg boots and the other had on black jeans with white Mary Janes. They both had on the same frilly red shirt and red flower headband.

“Can we play with you?” the other one asked, her voice was soft, almost nervous. I smiled brightly scooting
over so she could sit next to me, “Sure. I’m Willow and that’s Faith and Delia, were sisters.”

The duo smiled, the one who spoke first introduced herself as Karen and her sister Emma and they were
twins, and then Delia noticed that the shirt was some French designer, and so were the jeans. She and Karen
became instant friends. Emma shook her head but smiled at me brightly.

“I’m nine, how old are you?”

“Eight, we all are. Mom says were triplets but we don’t look much alike. I look like my Dad.”

Emma laughed, “That’s alright my mom says not all twins look alike anyways. Do you want to be our friends?”

It was a simple question but Faith and Delia both stared at her, there was a reason we were by ourselves and
not with the other kids, “We don’t have a lot of friends.”

They shrugged, “Well, you’re sisters and friends and we can be friends that means we all have four friends
each. I think that’s a lot.” She nodded then looked over at Karen who also nodded. Faith grinned, “I like that.”

“Cool,” Karen helped Delia scoop sand into her lunch box, “Have you picked out Halloween costumes yet?”

“Were going to be vampires.” Faith nodded, Emma frowned but not like she was upset or angry just
curious, “How come a vampire?”

“Our Dad is a vampire.” Delia said it very matter of fact, “We want to be like him this year.”

“A real vampire?” Karen asked, “Like with fangs and everything?”

“Yeap.” Faith nodded, the twins glanced at each other Delia very carefully wasn’t looking up, and I waited for
them to bolt. But Emma suddenly grinned.

“That’s so cool.”

I loved our new friends.
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