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Anita Blake, executioner, animator and...mother?

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Short scenes in the life of Anita Blake and her new role as mother...

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Chapter One

I know i didn't get into Willow, and Cordy's as well as Faith's head much in Long the Bridges so here are some scenes inside the girls life. There's no plot just some fluffy stuff. These drabbled do not follow the series at all, they are just u know, extras, no plot no particular, yea Enjoy!


disc:I own none of the characters which is why im poor now...

Anita Blake, vampire executioner, animator and...Mother?

(Anita’s POV)

We were going to be late again, and even though I knew this, my movements couldn’t be any faster as I rushed out of the bedroom struggling into a high heel while yelling at Micah to get their lunches ready. Delia wordlessly handed me a brush wincing as I pulled her hair into a French braid. Willow and Faith were already downstairs, the redhead being the first one ready like usual.

The witch was something else, usually the mother hen out of the bunch, my little early riser. Faith when she wasn’t being hardheaded are rebelling was usually pretty good at taking instructions, strangely she loved helping out around the house, unless they got her angry then she kinda blew up and acted like Delia on the other hand...She didn’t like messes so she usually got on the other two to clean the room, if I didn’t know any better I’d think she was some kind of princess the way she acted.

“Ow!” Delia whined, I apologized untangling the knot I’d made in her long hair, she was determined to get it as long as Nathaniel’s, something about being a mermaid…

“It’s 7: 50!” Willow yelled from the living room; I finished tying a band to the end her waist length hair, giving her a little shove towards her room, “Go get your bag”. I smeared some kind of hair concoction Delia made into my hair. I have no idea what she put in it but it left my hair shiny silky and tame! So it worked for me.

Since the girls dropped into our lives, things have been…interesting to say the least. It’s amazing how something small could cause a big reaction form them, like the first time we went out as a family to dinner and then a movie, I might have saw tears in all of their eyes. We all tried to shower them with attention as much as we could, many hugs and kisses, as they seemed to need it more than other kids did.

Which we all agreed was no problem at all; they were easy to love. Them being supernatural made it easier for them to slip into my supernatural life, and I still found it odd when they’d ask grown up questions about this world and often found myself fishing for explanations I didn’t want to tell them.

It was hard seeing them as anything but five year olds.

“Anita!” This from Faith though she didn’t sound as upset as Willow did at the thought of being late. Muttering to myself, I paused to check my reflection having to double take at the chocolate stain smeared across my skirt.

It seemed that children also came with mystery stains.

“Anita come on!” Faith yelled, “We’ll get in trouble again!”

Rolling my eyes, I grabbed a hand towel wet it quickly then rushed out the bathroom and down the stairs. Mr. Rivera the principal had it in for me, not because the girls were late almost twice a week but because it was I. Anita Blake zombie Queen and Coffin Bate, I have had people come to my job pretending to be clients just to get in my face about adopting the girls. People like me shouldn’t’ have kids they say, one even gone so far as to threaten to come to the house and take them away.

He had been a crazy one so because I’m paranoid by profession and I can’t always be with them I had a security system installed and Rafael supplied me with two guards that would be posted outside the school all day until they got picked up by either I, Claudia, Micah, or Nathaniel.

At first I thought the idea of bodyguard would scare them, but Delia thought it was cool, she also had Graham wrapped around her finger and was convinced he was her least one of the many she already has. As for Faith, she and the guards enjoyed talking about weapons way too much.

Swords, daggers, knives, guns, whips, handcuffs-I have no idea where she got that from-you name it she knows it, even jousting sticks!

I swear the kid was something else; I caught Willow demonstrating how to levitate sharp objects at targets with Bobby Lee. I was starting to think they were maybe a bad influence. When they were not talking about weapons, it was somewhat funny to see them interact with the guards. Delia managed to wiggle a promise out of Claudia that she would undergo a makeover; I was waiting to see that.

“What did I tell you about sharp objects?” I yanked my sheathed wrist knife out of Faiths hands and threw it on top of the refrigerator.

“Isn’t it to cold for a skirt?” Willow pointed out; I looked out the window and cursed again. It was pouring outside, stupid April showers.

“You don’t have time to change.” Micah replied handing me a cup of coffee.

“I know, I know.” I grabbed my files off the counter and kissed him briefly on the lips.

“Out! out! Come on!”

The three grabbed their lunches and scattered towards the door, “Grab the umbrella!”

I did not need three wet five years old in the car.
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