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Vampires, werewolves, and guns?

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Summary: Answer to the Mommy Anita challenge by littleoldme. Willow 'drops' into the Circus. Oh what fun.

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredJellylegsFR1544,08667319,44828 Jul 0630 Sep 06No

Chapter 4...about Bloody Time, I know

Hey guys...sorry about the wait. But you all should know by now...I'm lazy.

Like to the tenth power.

Anyway, big shout out to those who reviewed, (thanks by the way):

Chajalive, arkeus, grd, Arjai, bluealieness, littleoldme, Bobboky, Alianna, WinterRayne, AriaDragoncrest, bratsky, crazykitten, and mithrilandtj.

And a good Rafael story, for you crazykitten, and yes there are only a few around, unfortunately, is Candlelight, by Mhalachai. I recommend reading the sister story first, or you may be seriously confused. Or you might be really smart and can pick it up easily. But I'm not. Lol. Either way, entertainment ensues.

Anyway, enough of my dithering. I'm sure the only reason any of you clicked the link to my story is so you can read it, and then review like good cherubs, or flame it. Not here my talking. And i seriously think i have verbal diarrhoea. Ok. Stop...Now.

Willow was sitting pensive on the back patio, swinging her short legs. There was a lull in the air, the afternoon light fading into the darkness of night. The vampires would be around soon to pick her up. Surprisingly, Willow wasn’t afraid. There was a different sense to these vampires. One of understanding. They had once been weak, like she. Before she had learnt to control her power.

There was movement behind her, and a strong smell of vanilla invaded the air. She turned to look up at Nathaniel. Willow loved his eyes. It was a lavender that she could stare into forever. And the rest of his body wasn’t anything to laugh at either. Just because she was stuck in a five year olds body didn’t mean she couldn’t think naughty little thoughts about him. Mentally, she was eighteen after all.

But she missed Oz. Her spiky haired boyfriend, often silent and unflappable would surely have something to say about the mess she had managed to get herself in now, even if it was just a well timed ‘Huh.’ Nathaniel reminded her of Oz a little, and not just because he was quiet like Oz. It was also in the power she sensed in him. Quiet, but ready to strike. Ready to protect.

She felt Nathaniel sit down next to her, and place an arm around her, drawing her closer in the cool air. They had had fun together today. He had gone out to get some books for her, the kind with the big pictures and even bigger words. There had been some explanations to tell when he had come home to find her reading the Encyclopaedia of Preternatural Creatures that had been in Anita’s bookshelf. It had been followed by an exciting game of guess that creature. Willow was amazed. There didn’t seem to be that many demons in this universe, or at least not like the ones she and the Scooby Gang had faced countless times.

The game had been fun until Anita had come home from an errand and found the heavy tome in Willow’s hands. Nathaniel had gotten an earful, making Willow feel bad. But as soon as she had started trying to own up, Anita had dismissed her as a five year old kid. Which made sense, seeing as Willow was in a five year olds body.

As soon as Anita was done berating Nathaniel, she had stormed off to put something that looked suspiciously like a box of bullets in her bedroom. Willow had immediately run up and given Nathaniel a hug. No one liked it when they were yelled at, and Willow’s reasoning was…everybody liked hugs. It was logic, especially to a five year old. And she had read in the encyclopaedia that shapeshifters liked touching, which she figured was why Nathaniel reminded her of Oz so much. He felt like a shifter as well.

“Are you ready for Jean Claude and Asher?” his voice was quiet, timid even, and Willow knew he was worried about her with the two Master Vampires. She nodded silently, secretly hoping to stay with Anita and Nathaniel a little longer. There was another name that had been mentioned around the two of them as well, Micah. Willow hoped he was as nice as Anita and Nathaniel. She also hoped that she would get the chance to meet him.

“They should be here in a couple of minutes.” Nathaniel said again, before they lapsed into silence once more.

That was until Anita came rushing down the stairs, a large duffel in hand, calling Nathaniel and Willow as she went. Nathaniel scooped Willow up, hurrying to Anita’s beck and call.

One look at Anita’s face was all Willow needed to know that she wasn’t staying with the vampires that night.

“Nathaniel, go, get some of Willow’s clothes. You’re both going to Richards.” Anita said sharply.

Willow craned her neck from where she was sitting in Nathaniel’s arms to look at the young man. He looked puzzled. Then Willow looked back at Anita and noticed the gun strapped in a holster to her shoulder.

“There’s been trouble at the Circus.” Anita said softly. “The Traveller just showed up, out of nowhere.”

Nathaniel’s eyes widened, almost imperceptibly, but Willow, who was looking back and forth between them, noticed. “Who’s the Traveller ” she asked softly.

“No one you need to worry about.” Anita said firmly. “Now go help Nathaniel get some of your clothes. Maybe some of those books he bought you today as well. I don’t want you reading any of Richards.” She said this with a hard look at Nathaniel.

He got the message, and with a sharp swing of Willow’s body that made her squeal in delight, they were moving up the stairs.

Next Chapter: Off to see Richard, but what is the Traveller doing there? Is he Friend, or Foe???

By the way, I don’t actually know when this is set, just that its after Nathaniel and Micah came into the picture…. And Anita’s not a whore. Lol. And I’m sorry about the small chapters. I cant seem to motivate myself properly to write longer chapters.


Tell me what YOU think should happen with the Traveller. Cos really, I’m just making it up as I go along. I have two ideas where this should go.

A) Traveller= Bad and after Willow. Pretty Explanatory.

B) Traveller is good, and is warning Jean Claude and all that about the rest of the Vampire Council making an appearance to capture Willow and do other nefarious things to her….

So tell me what you think. It takes five minutes of your time to bring a smile to a young childs face….hey, its cheaper then those World Vision ads… :) :) :) :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Vampires, werewolves, and guns?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Sep 06.

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