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Vampires, werewolves, and guns?

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Summary: Answer to the Mommy Anita challenge by littleoldme. Willow 'drops' into the Circus. Oh what fun.

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredJellylegsFR1544,08667319,44828 Jul 0630 Sep 06No


Okay… this is my first attempt at answering a challenge. Especially a Buffy challenge with them being small chillens. Be kind.


It was a dark and gloomy night. Neither the stars nor moon were shining through the thick, ominous black cloud that hung over the sky like a final curtain call. All was quiet; the only thing stirring was the trees, as the cool wind swept heavily through the tomb stones as though it was running for its very life. Then all of a sudden:

“SNAP! I so win this round, Buff.”

“But Xander…” a soft voice whined. “You cheated.”

A cry of outrage could be heard. “Why Buffy, that you could suggest such a thing, such an atrocious act of-,”

“Xander,” the voice, the same as before, was patient, almost condescending. “Willow told me you looked at my cards when I was staking that vampire. That is SO cheating.”

For a moment there was no sound at all, the boy sitting with the girls unable to speak his betrayal.

“Willow, well I’m shocked. What happened to the yellow crayon?”

There was a soft giggle, then a louder one, until the three of them were laughing out right, not bothered if they attracted any beasties of the night.

Then a growl could be heard, and another, and suddenly the laughter stopped.

“Uh, my Buffy shaped friend, did you hear that?” the male voice sounded slightly frightened.

“Uh, Xander,” it was the second girl. “I think Buff should be more worried about if she SEES that!”

“Crap!” Buffy swore. “Willow, look out!”


There was a sound of an ancient, dead language being chanted, then…no more.


Green eyes opened on a soft, petite face, as the tiny red head moaned herself awake. Taking a quick inventory of the damage, sore wrist, back, and just about every other part she could thing of, she sat up.

And immediately crouched back down again, swearing at herself silently. She was in a coffin room. And the coffins were opening.

She stood, hoping to find something sharp and wooden, before the coffins could open completely, and found, much to her shock, that she only reached to the middle of the coffin.

“Hang on.” Willow muttered to herself. Her legs were still there. It wasn’t like they had been cut off at the knees or anything. So why was she so short? Then she noticed her breasts, or lack there of. It was like she hadn’t hit puberty yet.

Her hand flew to her hair. Her long, waist length hair, just like her mother had made her grow it when she was five.

Swearing seemed like a viable option again, but the coffins were nearly all the way open, and when she looked to the side at the one next to her, she could see someone with long, blonde hair rising slowly.

So she did what any sensible five year old would…she hid under the coffin.


Jean Claude came awake slowly, as he always did when the sun set. His power reached to those around him in the coffin room, reaching out to wake his vampires. He was connecting to Asher, bringing him out of his dead slumber, when he felt something else in the room.


Unearthly power.

And it was under his coffin.

Slowly, cautiously, he peeled the lid to his coffin off, letting it fall quietly to the side. Then, step by step, he carefully let his feet touch the ground, noticing as he did Asher’s coffin lid opening with the same grace his had.

One glance with ice blue eyes from the blonde vampire told Jean Claude that Asher knew as well. There was something, not of this world with them.

And it was oh so alive.

He walked over to help his lover out of his coffin, a pretence. Asher was by far capable of getting out of his coffin under his own power.

He used the opportunity to survey the room, but mostly, his coffin.

There! A flash of red hair, redder than even Damien’s, under his coffin, just like he had felt.

With a flash the coffin was tipped on its side, and revealed under neath the frame, a little red haired girl, curled up, her waist length hair peeking out.

“Um…” she said, looking up at them with sheepish green eyes. “Hi?”


So…what’d ya’ll think? Please Review… Reviews make baby Jesus grant all your wishes!
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