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Second Chances

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Summary: The Powers-That-Be couldn't save Mary Winchester from the demon but they could give her, and her unborn daughter, another chance at life. Now John Winchester and his boys discover that the woman that set them on their quest for vengeance is alive.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyChosenfireFR18912,0091310034,83629 Jul 0630 Oct 07No

A Time to Flee

Title: Second Chances
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: SPN season 1, BtVS season 5 AU
Summary: The Powers-That-Be couldn't save Mary Winchester from the demon but they could give her, and her unborn daughter, another chance at life. Now John Winchester and his boys discover that the woman that set them on their quest for vengeance is alive.

A/N: Sorry for the wait, the muse hasn’t been too interested in this piece but things should be changing. Here is another chapter for you loyal and great fans with a promise on another on the way. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Chapter 9 A Time to Flee

“So what did I miss?” Spike turned to look at Buffy stunned meeting her tired green eyes, she looked at Sam “and who is he?”

Spike smirked as he felt her hand tighten around hers happiness radiating off him “Oh him, that’s you dear ole brother, the other one is a lot less pleasant.”

Buffy and Sam’s eyes locked and a long silence strechted in the suddenly too small room. Buffy cleared her throat sitting up in the bed looking pale and she gave Spike a shaky smile her hand close to crushing his “So I guess I missed a lot didn’t I,” she looked back at Sam “is it just me or are you really tall.”

Sam dragged a hand through his har laughing nervously “I’m not exactly short.”

Spike looked between the two and gave Buffy’s hand a pat before standing, he cleared his throat “Well I guess I’ll just go converse with the good folks int he hall and give you two some privacy.” he smirked pulling out a cigarette setting it between his lips as he left the room wondering when in the hell he had turned into the poof.

Sam watched him go before turning back to Buffy and he slowly made his way to the chair Spike had vacated folding his long frame into it “So, he is aware he’s not suppose to smoke in a hospital right?”

Buffy grinned “Oh yeah.” she looked down laughing slightly before looking at him her eyes boring into him intensely “So you’re my brother?”

Sam moved the chair closer to her trying to shallow around the sudden dryness of his throat “That’s what they tell me.” He gave her a half smile “Dad and Dean are in the waiting room, I followed Spike back here.”

“Wow,” Buffy looked stunned “so the whole gangs here.” She shifted in the bed wincing slightly.

Sam’s eyes immediately filled with concern “Are you okay? Should I get a doctor?” he moved to get up but was stopped by Buffy’s hand on his arm.

“I’m okay, the last thing I need is a doctor. Just a couple of bruised ribs letting themselves be known.” Her hand clasped around his and her voice was sincere “Stay for a bit, this is sort of a big deal for me, meeting you for the first time.”

Buffy had grown up hearing up Dean and Sam, about her older brothers and her father. At first it had been hard for her mother to talk about, every story, every memory had been a battle for Mary to relay to her daughters. Graduallly though as they had gotten older they had learned more about the half of their family they had never met.

Buffy had always been curious but she had always thought of it as just a sweet bedtime story her mom told her. Even Whistler had never made it feel real to her, when he visited it was usually to chat about the end of the world and blabber about destiny.

To Buffy her family had always been her mom and Dawn, later that small circle had expanded to include Xander but the Winchester men had always been a distnat part of that, until now apparently. Now her real life breathing older brother was sitting beside her and it was real, he was real.

And Buffy had absolutely no clue how to handle it.


Spike took a drag of his last cigarette wincing as he realized he would have to buy another pack from the collecting of cash he had snitched from the Watcher. He blew out the smoke and crushed the bud on the nurses counter.

One of them, the not so pleasant red head that had let him past to find his dear ole mum a week ago when he had been on a blood run, glared at him and Spike offered her a sweet smile while flipping her the bird. Before she could get her panties in a twist he swiped the mess onto the floor and turned to make his way back to the waiting room and give everyone the good news.

As he was passing by one of the doctors, the one that had told them he would find out about the Slayer, Spike paused his eyes closing as he sniffed the air. If he hadn’t been in a hospital with all it’s pure, healthy air he would have swore it was a trick but the smell was unmistakeable, sulphur.

Spike grabbed a lab coat pulling it beyond as he ducked into the hallway where the chap had dissapeared. He grabbed a file off of the counter as he followed the man and two of his not so clean smelling collegues. He buried his nose in the file as he kept a few steps behind them listening to their conversation.

“Are you sure it’s Mary Winchester? Her and the John Winchester and his boys are here for the Slayer?” one of the men whispered and the wekaness in his voice screamed of minion.

“The Slayer is a Winchester, but she is hurt. Now is the time to strike.” the doctor spat back and Spike’s hackles rose. He wanted to rip the creatures thraot out but that had be in bad form adn he doubted he was the only demon in the place.

Spike the file on on of the carts and made went back the way he came his boots silently hitting the floor as he burst into the Slayer’s room.

“Sorry to break up the happy moment but we have a bit of a problem.” he skidded to a stop pulling off the white lab coat and tossing it to Buffy. “Black eyed, sulphur loving doctors who think now is the best time to rid the world of our favorite bitty blonde.” he pointed to Buffy. At his words the siblings immediately started to move, Buffy pulled on the lab coat standing with Sam’s help and the want to be a giant pulled out gun mouth setting into a grim line as an arm slipped around Buffy’s waist.

Spike snorted “Right then, lets go.” and he lead the way out of the room letting the siblings take the lead as he stood between them and the direction he had left the demon doctors.

“I knew doctors where evil,” he heard Buffy mutter “I’ve been saying it for years but no does anyone ever listen to me.”

Sam chuckled “Just don’t tell Dean nurses are, he loves them.”

Spike rolled his eyes following the pair.

They stumbled into the waiting room where the whole mixed matched gang was waiting and Mary was immediately on her feet crossing over to her children “Waht’s the matter?” her eyes flew to Buffy “What’s going on, are you okay?”

“I’m fine mom.” Buffy looked around taking in the people she knew and those she didn’t “but he have some company and need to get out of here like now.”

John came to stand beside Mary Dean on her other and Sam told them “Some of the Doctors are demons, none of us are in any condition to fight so it’s best if we go witht he flight option.”

John’s jaw tightened and he turned to Rupert “Your people have transportation?” At the man’s curt nod John turned to the group but before he could say anything Mary interupted him.

“We’ll all meet up at my house, they may not need an invite but we’re pretty well warded against demons, just in case,” Mary turned to Willow “anything you can do would be appreciated, I keep some of the more serious supplies in the cupboard by the refrigerator, Xander will show you.” The red head nodded and she grabbed Oz and Xander intending to use Oz’s van to get to the Summer’s residence.

“I’m going with my mom and Dad.” Dawn told Giles who had brought the youngest girl to the hospital and he gave her a smiel nodding in Joyce’s direction before following the direction his psuedo children had taken.

“Buffy are you...”

“I’m fine Mom, me and Spike will go with Dean and Sam,” she leaned forward to press a quick kiss to her mom’s cheek pulling the coat tighter “see you at home.” Sam gave Mary a reassuring smile and supported Buffy Spike trailing behind them.

“Take care of them.” John ordered Dean softly and his oldest son nodded following the others.

Dawn, still engulfed in Spike’s coat slipped one hand into her father’s and one into her mother’s giving John a wide, knowing smile “You should see her when there is an actual apocalypse, welcome to the Hellmouth.”


Three doctors stood around the empty bed and the taller of the trio sneered his lip curling up in distaste “He won’t be pleased, not to worry though, they won’t get far.” He turned to on of his collegues “Time to call ole Yellow Eyes, give him the good news about Mary Winchester.”

“Do I tell him about the Slayer?”

The dark haired, deceptively handomes man turned to look back at the bed his warm brown eyes darkening to become complete black “Not yet, she won’t be a problem for long.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Second Chances" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Oct 07.

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