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Second Chances

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Summary: The Powers-That-Be couldn't save Mary Winchester from the demon but they could give her, and her unborn daughter, another chance at life. Now John Winchester and his boys discover that the woman that set them on their quest for vengeance is alive.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyChosenfireFR18912,0091310034,83329 Jul 0630 Oct 07No

A New Life

Second Chances
By: chosenfire

Spoilers: BtVS- Up to season 4 but no Riley, Supernatural- Season 1 “Home”
Pairings: Mary/John, Buffy/Spike, Willow/Oz
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Supernatural and so forth and so forth.

Summary: Mary Winchester was given another chance at life after she died on the condition that she could have no contact with John or her sons until her unborn child had fulfilled her destiny. Missouri getting a message from the powers that it’s time forces a confrontation between John and his boys and tells them that Mary is in fact alive, and living in Sunnydale, California.

AN: Now has been edited, thanks to dharkcharlotte for betaing this for me.

Banner made by Dhfreak

Chapter 1

A New Life

Still clothed in the nightgown she died in, Mary Winchester stood in the empty hall, her bare feet chilled by the cool tile below

She remembered the fire that had surrounded her, burning her skin as she tried to scream, looking down at her baby boy.

Then it had faded away.

She had been cool, at peace. She felt herself floating and had known with a startling clarity that John and her sons would be okay. That she would be okay.

Mary opened her eyes to find herself in a large room of white marble and had doubts that this was what heaven looked like.


A woman’s voice entered her mind, filled with warmth and wisdom and a figure clad in robes approached her. “Don’t be afraid.”

Coming to a stop before her, the woman’s voice rang clear in Mary’s mind. “You were never meant to die this night, and neither was your daughter.”

Mary’s hand went protectively to her flat stomach, her eyes filling with tears at the implications of those words. She had only recently discovered that she was pregnant and had told John just the night before. He had been so happy and they both had known that it was a miracle. There had been some complications during Sam’s birth and they had been told it was unlikely they would be able to conceive again, but they had.

“She is meant for great things, that daughter of yours.” Another figure approached his voice cold and worn with time.

The woman picked up the conversation. “We offer you a second chance at life, for you and your child, but only on one condition.”

The man spoke “You must have no contact with your husband or sons; for their destiny is already set and you must not interfere.”

“At least,” the woman put in firmly “until your daughter has fulfilled her destiny, then it is out of our hands.”

The man told Mary sternly “If you disobey, then the life we give you we can just as easily take away.”

“I’ll do it.” Mary agreed instantly knowing she would do anything for her unborn child. Even if it meant not seeing her sons grow up or ever being in John’s arms again.

She felt a blinding pain go through her and fell to her knees. When it passed she took a deep breath and opened her eyes to see a tackily dressed man standing before her.

He offered her his hand helping her up and said, “Hey kid, welcome to L.A. I’m Whistler and I’ll help you get settled.

Mary Summers grabbed the bottle out of the microwave, testing the temperature on her wrist.

“Hey sweetie.” Mary cooed to the bawling infant laying in the bassinet in the living room of her new small house in Los Angeles, California.

The higher powers who sent her back had told her that her daughter has a destiny. Whistler, the Balance Demon that helped her set up her new identity, had explained to her that her child was going to be a major player in the battles to come and must be protected from those that would try to sway her.

Apparently, her daughter was going to be a powerful force of good.

Whistler stayed with her for a couple of months, teaching her how to defend herself and her child and the places to stay away from where the demon population was dense. After he had been confident that the Power’s plan was on course he left, promising to check in on her and the little one over the years.

Mary picked up the fussing child and coaxed her to eat, cradling the baby in her arms.

Looking at her daughter, Mary was reminded why she had made her decision but that didn’t mean she had forgotten. Dean would be five now and Mary wondered if John had gotten him into Kindergarten or if he was home schooling like they had planned. Sam would be over one by now and Mary wondered if he was walking and talking and wished she could have been there for those milestones.

She prayed that John was taking good care of them and that they knew how much she loved them. She was making sure John’s daughter and their baby sister, Buffy Anne Summers, had a chance at life.
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