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The Shade

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Summary: Out on patrol Xander runs into a spot of trouble. He ends up getting mojoed. Xander and magic just don’t mix. A new place, a new body, and no idea where he is. He now has power and a memory that is full of holes. What’s with the big T-shaped building?

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DC Universe > Teen TitansMerKatFR1324,31513010,23929 Jul 0625 Sep 06No

A poor confused Xan


The Shade

Title: A poor confused Xan
Author: Merkat
Fandom: Buffy/Teen Titans
Pairing: ??????????
Summary: Out on a patrol Xander runs into a spot of trouble. He ends up getting mojoed. Xander and magic just don’t mix. A new place, a new body, and no idea where he is. He now has power and a memory that is full of holes. What’s with the big shiny T-shaped building?
Archive THE STORY IS A BIT AU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17
Parts: many if I don’t get a road block.
Status: Finished? No.
Series/Sequel: Nope? No idea
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing. This story is AU. It does not fallow the story line. I love the characters Spike and Faith so I threw them into my story. But my story is about Xander soooooooooo any confusion shouldn’t matter because this story will be about Titans-universe.


Running down the alley Robin saw a dark shape disappear around a corner. Narrowing his eyes, Robin picked up speed. Looking at Raven at his side, Robin spoke. “Raven can you go farther up and see if you can spot someone ahead?”

She nodded and was gone leaving Robin to his chase. Digging in his handy tool belt Robin pulled out a pair of heat finder glasses. Placing them on Rabin narrowed his eyes at the red foot steps leading away from the ally, away from the direction Puppet King was thrown. Following the step’s Robin raised a brow as the foot printed went up a tall tree. Climbing the tree, Robin found more prints across the alley all the way to another building and to a next.

“Raven I’ve found a foot trail. It goes west.” He said into his communicator.

“Right.” Raven’s voice came through clear with the sound of wind in the background. “On it. I sense a powerful magical force just ahead of us.”

“Does it feel threatening Raven?” Asked Robin as he jumped from the tree to the building.

“No . . . It feels . . . confused. Scared almost.”

Robin frowned. “Keep on it. Whoever or whatever this is might need our aide in some way.”

“Right. Raven out.”


The boy sighed as he jumped to the next building. For some reason he kept thinking that it shouldn’t be this easy to move . . . That HE shouldn’t be this agile. But the more he thought the more disoriented and panicked he got. Where did the suit he was wearing come from? Why did he feel so attached to the axe he was holding? And why couldn’t he answer his own questions?!

Jumping down from a building he lands neatly in an empty alley. *How do I take this thing off?* He thought as he pulled at the costume. He gasped as the fabric seamed to slid off him like cold water. It puddled around him for a second before being . . . um sucked into his shoes!

Shaking his head, the young man walked out of the alley and into the light of the beach side. Back to the hot dog stand he was at before. He joined the crowd and was completely oblivious of the fact that a super hero ended up in the same alley seconds after he left it.


Robin cursed. The heat trail was going cold and the foot prints blended in with everyone else’s. He would not be finding the mystery person at the moment.

“Raven I lost the trail. Do you still have it?”

“No . . . The magic I sensed seamed to just close up. And my empathy won’t help in such a big crowd.”

Robin sighed as he brushed his hand through his hair. “All right. Lets head back to the tower and tell the others what we learned.”

The T tower

“Dude! Cyk I’m so winning! Ha!” Yelled Beastboy as he kept punching buttons on his controller. Cyborg growled as he pushed his owned video car to go faster. When he finally passed Beastboy’s green car Cyborg’s sour mood vanished.

“Boo-ya!” He yelled as he passed the finish line first. “Who’s the best now!”

“Rematch!! I want a Re-MATCH!” Yelled Beastboy as he waved his arms about.

Starfire watched as another game started. “Robin and Raven have been gone quite a long time? Yes? Maybe we should go and look for them now?”

“Star it’s only been an hour. Less then that really. Don’t worry. Rob and Raven are fine. Can tie their own shoe laces and everything.” Said Cyborg in a joking kind of way.

Starfire frowned. “I do not understand what does tying of the laces’ have to do with the state our friends are in?”

“It’s cool Star! It’s just another earth saying.” Said Beastboy as he put a fighting game in the computer.

A minute later Raven and Robin walked in. Raven sat down on the couch but Robin went straight to the computer.

“Friends!! You have returned! Have you found what you were questing for?” Asked Starfire as she flew to hover by Robin’s side.

“Not yet. But maybe.” Robin was currently typing like mad of the main computer. He was hacking into the security cameras of the public plaza, zooming into all the recordings near the explosion. He pulled up all the close up shots on the Puppet King.

Robin narrowed his eyes. “Here. Everyone come and look at this.”

Raven frowned. “There is something behind the Puppet King . . .A shadow.”

“Right.” It was a shadow. A human shaped one. Though they couldn’t see any features. Just eyes. The Titans watched as the shadow snatched one of the puppets from the Puppet King and twirled it above the freaked out wooden mans head. Then they watched as the other puppets were taken. Robin stopped the feed.

“Whoever or whatever this person is we need to know. Is this person a friend? Or is this shadow something we’ll have to worry about?”


Waiting in line the young man stepped up when it was his turn. Placing the money he got from the old lady on the counter, he smiled at the grey haired man in the hotdog apron. Smiling the waif of a boy pointed at the picture of a large hotdog with chilli, fries, and a drink on it.

“That one please . . .”

The old man gave a cheery smile. “Sure kido! A number 3 coming right up!” Taking the money the old man gave the boy his change and a number for when his food is done. Sitting down at one of the table the young man sat down with a lost look on his face. The old man sighed as the boy just sat there all alone.

“Momma! I have a number 3. Make that a double number 3.” He said as he looked out at the skinny kid. The boy needs some meat on them bones.

A lovely stout little red head came bustling out of the back of the snack shack. She was covered in flour with a bit of what looked like chocolate frosting in her curly hair. She held a plate over flowing with food in her small hands. She stopped and looked at he husband. “Oh, I know that look. Who is it! Who do you want to adopt this time, Poppy?”

“What? What look Clara?” Said the old man as he flipped some burgers.

“What look?! The ‘I’ve found a lost puppy can I keep it’ look. Nine children and you still want more. I swear Victor if you had it your way you would adopt every child in the world.” She handed him the plate as she rolled her eyes. Then she followed him to the tables from and watched him place the plat in front of a dark haired boy. She smiled as her husband and the boy talked for a moment. How her Victor found or met such children she did not know. Clara sighed. * Better go and make up the spare bed.* She thought as she went back into the kitchen.


“Here you go kido.”

The young boy blinked. “That’s not what I ordered . . . I think you gave me the wrong order.”

“It’s your order kido. Me and Momma are going to close shop soon. We figured you wouldn’t mind a little more food. What’s your name anyway?” Asked the old man as he sat down across from the boy. He watched as the boy frowned.

“I-I don’t know. I woke up and everything was different. N-not the way I think it was supposed to be. They were gone a-and I was here.” The old man frowned as the boy seamed more lost then before. The boy looked at the man again a confused searching look on his face.

“I think my name might be . . . Lex?” Lex looked at the old man as if he wanted him to confirm want he was saying.

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Lex. One of my daughters goes by Lex. It’s short for Alexis. We call her Lexi but her collage friends call her Lex. Could your name be Alexei or Alex?”

The young man frowned. “I don’t know . . .”


Lex blinked at the room he had been given by the Rodale’s. They were a nice old couple. But he was not sure why he was here. Why they would want to put him up for the night. Sitting on the bed Lex looked over his black axe. He had held it in plain view, yet no one seamed to notice it. It was like it wasn’t there to them. Even the solid silver circlets on his wrists didn’t seam to get noticed.

Pulling the covers out Lex had to wonder about things. Like the hero’s he had seen. Why did he help them? Why did he run to the explosion instead of away? Was he some kind of superhero? Lex chuckled at the thought. He the Zeppo a hero?! Lex blinked. Where had THAT name come from?

A *flash* of memory came to him. A beautiful brunette. Scowling at him. Kissing him in a closet. A red head snuggling with a shy blond. A dark sexy beauty fighting along side a tall slim blond in a leather duster. Shaking his head Lex laid down. He needed some sleep. Mr. Rodale had offered him a job . . . He needed to get up early for his first day as a fry cook.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Shade" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Sep 06.

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