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Knight of the Sword: Act 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Knight of the Sword". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Follows Knight of the Sword: Act 1

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Endings and Beginnings

Knight of the Sword

Endings and Beginnings

-Thanks to Cyclone Knight, Anime Ronin and Yorath the Wolf for their assistance in this story.

10 June, 1915 P.D.

Life has gotten interesting to be sure. The galaxy has taken a turn for the surreal. For the first time since we arrived, there is peace in this section of the galaxy. Almost a month ago, the Alliance Fleet arrived in the Haven System. Almost without a shot, the War ended.

It seemed that there was a coup shortly before the fleet arrived. Well, a coup and counter coup. Esther McQueen tried to take down the Committee for Public Safety, either to take power or to ensure her own safety. Apparently all it succeeded in doing was putting Oscar St. Just into power and getting herself and a lot of other people killed. Admiral Thomas Theisman initiated a counter coup against St. Just. His actions led him to take command of the entire People’s Republic, and take St. Just prisoner.

Upon the arrival of the Eighth Fleet in the Haven system, Admiral Theisman gave the stand down order to the Home Fleet. A message indicating unconditional surrender of the Haven System forces, and asking for a representative of the Fleet Commander to land and receive a gift for the Alliance.

Tom Theisman gave Oscar St. Just to the Alliance leadership as a gift, along with the entire State Security database as evidence for his War Crimes trial. The trial is set to commence sometime in the next three months, to be held on Manticore.

With the end of hostilities, a new government had to be put in place for Haven. Tom Theisman negotiated with the Alliance leadership for a government based on the long abandoned constitution of the Republic of Haven. Tom Theisman had the reigns of leadership, but he willingly passed them on to Eloise Pritchart, a former StateSec Commissioner. Theisman maintained control of the Republic military, and supervised the reorganization of the fleet, and the dissolution of the Office of State Security. He also began the hunting down of any renegade forces that did not comply with the cease fire orders.

Needless to say, things are looking good on that front.

As for things closer to home, we had a miracle. Xander was at death’s door. We had been told that there was no hope for recovery. We expected to lose him within a matter of days. Then, one morning, two weeks after his injuries, the nurses rushed in to the room due to changes in his biosigns. His wounds were healed. His skin was unbroken. His breathing was strong, steady and even. His heart was beating strong and true. Excepting the tubes in his body and in his throat, he was returned to full health.

It was a miracle, plain and simple. Of course, Xander faced another danger. He was nearly broken by the welcoming hugs of his fiancés; first Buffy, then she was joined by the others, not that I blame them.

There was a celebration on Harrington Steading to rival that of Steadholder Harrington’s ‘return from the dead.’ I had never seen Lady Honor cry, since I have met her. I saw in her the tears of a mother, grateful for a miracle. I saw in the rest of our family, by blood, adoption and by choice, shedding those same tears, lifting up joyful cries and in general celebrating life. It was wonderful.

The wedding is next week. Buffy has me as one of her bridesmaids. The logistics for this wedding are quite impressive and confusing; one groom and his groomsmen, and three lines of bridesmaids, one for each bride to be. The wedding dances look to be interesting in manners of logistics as well. Still, I get to dance with the Crown Prince, Roger Winton. I have noticed a few interesting looks coming my way. I figure if I can’t snag Xander for myself, a Crown Prince is a good second choice.

The Mother Committee consisting of Lady Honor, Mom, Grandma Allyson and Queen Elizabeth, seem to be loving every minute of the preparations. Xander seems nervous. I hum the Wedding March any time I see him, and get a death glare every time from him, and smirks from his armsmen.

-Dawn Summers

June 15, 1915 P.D

The wedding was over. The nightmare of preparations had been put into motion and the ceremonies went off without a hitch. No objections. No tripping over carpets or dresses. No stuttering over the vows that had to be repeated three times. No over eager Tree-Cats jumping into his arms, or on his back as the case may be.

There were just three beautiful women who had decided that they wanted to spend their lives with him, and that they wanted him to spend his life with them. There were parties all over Harrington City in celebration of the event. Anyone who just arrived in the last few months on Grayson would think that these religious zealots were nothing but party animals the way they celebrated.

Still, the war was over, so if people felt the need to celebrate, let them.

With his musings occupying his thoughts and distracting him from what lay ahead, Xander found his way to the suite on Serenity where he was travelling with his wives to his home in the Dale, his ‘lands’ in the Unicorn Asteroid Belt. One of the parts of the deal Xander had made with Captain Reynolds was to create a set of chambers for Earl Harrington to use as his own when travelling, as well as to provide a place for his new wives when they travel. Mal complained a bit, but when a new upgrade found its way onto Serenity, he got over it.

Xander opened the door to his chambers and noticed the ladies were not in the main chamber. He noticed the door to his room was sitting ajar. Wondering what they had planned for him, deliberately not letting his mind wander, he shut and dogged the hatch to the main chambers (you never knew when Jayne or River were wandering around) and opened the door to his room.

The sight within made his jaw drop and brain seize.

Three lovely ladies sat within, lounging in comfortable yet provocative poses, and each wearing clothing that almost counted as lingerie.

“uh… uh…”

“I think we broke him, dear Joanna.”

“I do believe you are right, Stacy.”

“You see Xander, we had originally decided to take turns with you tonight, letting each of us savor our time with you,” Buffy said with a very throaty purr in her voice, and a sultry smirk on her face, and a smoldering look in her eyes. Looking at the others, it seemed they all had similar looks.

Xander was starting to feel like a piece of meat that had just been thrown to the lions. His jaw tried to work, but his voice failed him.

“But, then we asked ourselves, ‘Where is the fun in that?’” And with that, they, as one, rose and started to slink toward him.

Before the chamber door was closed, one word was heard. Xander whispered, “Mercy…”

But they had none for him, and eventually, he had none for them.

Outside the main chamber, River smiled.

END Knight of the Sword

A/N- This is the end of this story. I am not really satisfied with what I put here, but it is now complete. It was a grand experiment, and now, it is finished. And believe it or not, there is a sequel in the works.

I had not intended it to have a sequel, but there will be new events. New allies. New enemies. the Honorverse, now, I guess, Knightverse, is now headed in a different direction.

I hope we all enjoy the ride.

-Drake the Archr

The End

You have reached the end of "Knight of the Sword: Act 2". This story is complete.

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