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Urgo's Return.

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Summary: After being torn from heaven Buffy could really use a vacation. Enter the mystical orb that will send her and her friends to the ultimate vacation location...or will it?

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Daniel Jackson(Past Donor)FireDragonFR15611,06522611,96830 Jul 065 Aug 12No

Urgo's Ultimatum

A.N. Sorry it has been so long my computer died and I lost a lot of my files so all of my stories took a detour. This has not been beta read I am not sure if my beta readers I had for this still know if I exist or not. It has been so LONG.

***Last time***

“That would be great, thanks for inviting us to stay with you,” Jack stated to the surprise of the rest of his team. He wanted to keep an eye on these people and find out more about the security breach, besides, it was looking like; if Urgo was back, he must be in these people as well.

***and now continued***

Jack looked out the window into his hostess’ backyard. Evening was well underway as the last lights of afterglow faded in the distance.

“For folks with hang-ups about mosquitoes they sure don’t seem to mind being outside in the evening; and I don’t see a single can of Deet.”

“You don’t think they are honestly worried about mosquitoes do you Sir?” Sam asked more to make a point than actually ask a question.

“Not unless we brought back those ones from P4X273 somehow.”

“This is highly irregular Sir.” Sam stated.

“Something big is going on with these people. I need to keep an eye on the situation. Besides it isn’t mosquitoes but these people are honestly trying to protect us from something.”

“I too do not believe that they are worried about bugs O’Neill. Miss Buffy Summers would not have the eyes of a warrior hardened by battle if this were the case.”

“The little blonde, a warrior? Hey Sam, Teal’c cracked a joke.” Jack smiled “way to go T. we need to work on your content and delivery but I am glad you are trying to cut loose.”

“I was not jesting O’Neill, Miss Buffy Summers is most assuredly a warrior who has seen many battles. She has the eyes of the Drak Nak Thor’el; haunted eyes warriors get when they have spent too much time in the front lines in battle. They always fight even in Kel’no’reem.”

“Teal’c, setting aside her size for a minute, she is a civilian, she is a California blond who or what is she going to fight to get that way?” Jack was honestly amazed.

“I do not know O’Neill but of this I am certain; she is a warrior who needs time away from battle to heal.”

“Jack, I think Teal’c is right. When I heard them earlier they indicated that if I was evil Buffy would have to take care of me.” Daniel interjected.

“Daniel, what?” Jack asked baffled.

“Er, sorry, when I first came into the store the shop girl Anya was acting sort of strange….”


Willow looked back to the house where she could see Buffy’s guests gathered around the kitchen table.

“So do you think they are with the initiative? They are definitely military and I am thinking they could be all sorts of trouble.” Xander asked.

“They didn’t seem to know a lot about Sunnydale, or us, or the initiative. But, you are right they are definitely military and involved with the mystic somehow.” Willow answered him.

“Why do you say that,” Xander asked?

“The books Daniel wanted to buy.” She explained.

“Plus I think that whatever is possessing us is also possessing them too.” Buffy stated.

“Yeah, that guy Murray put away more pies than even Xander.” Willow stated excitedly.

“Looks like the Junk Food King has been dethroned.” Buffy stated with a consoling pat on her friends back.

“Hey not fair; Murray is some kind of pie eating demon or something!” Xander objected.

“You will always be our Junk Food King.” Willow assured Xander. They hugged then turned to see Buffy with a far off look in her eyes.

“Hey Buffster, how are you holding up?”

“Hmm? Oh sorry guys I was just thinking.” Buffy stated and smiled too big.

Willow wanted to ask if it was about Heaven but didn’t want to remind her friend about how she had hurt her if it wasn’t what she was thinking about.


SG-1 listened to Daniel as he ran down what had happened in the shop before the others had come.

“My head is pounding. We have a once evil shop girl who seems to know about our extra terrestrial allies but not well enough to get it right, a tiny warrior with post traumatic stress who has been fighting, what, giant mosquito's?” Jack asked.

Daniel opened his mouth to retort. “At.” Jack hissed as him indicating that he didn’t want to hear it. “No Daniel this is ridiculous and right now all I really want to know is have we been infected by Urgo again?”

Taking a deep breath Jack closed his eyes and called out the annoying chip’s name. “Urgo.”

With a flash of light Urgo appeared before them laughing with a great grin on his face.

“Hi guys! I missed you guys so much, did you miss me?”

“Urgo.” Jack’s voice sounded threatening.

“Jack.” Daniel tried to intercede.

“At, Daniel!” Jack hissed to be quiet and turned back to Urgo. “What are you doing here Urgo? I thought you were going to help Togar loosen up. And no we didn’t miss you AT ALL.”

“Oh, not even a smidgen?”

“Urgo, answer the question,” Jack commanded.

“You can’t fool me big guy I know you all missed me.”


“Ok ok. Well remember how I said Togar was really mean and evil? We had a slight difference of opinion and we decided to let me make some new friends and they are a LOT better than Togar. Did you taste that circle thing with the meat and cheese on it, and the milkshakes and pies! Heaven!”

Then Urgo seemed to stumble on himself a little. “Ok so not really Heaven but really, really good. Even if it doesn’t compare to heaven it is still some of the best food in the Universe. Believe me I should know!”

Meanwhile outside, the others had decided to ask Buffy more about the demon possessing them.

“He was rather strange looking for a demon,” she was about to continue her explanation when she was interrupted by Urgo himself.

“I am not! Look how handsome I am,” he stated appearing before them.

“I don’t sense anything demonic about this guy.” Buffy explained to the others when they wondered why she didn’t instantly try to kill it.

“See she knows. Demons are all horny or slimy but look at me I am a handsome specimen of masculinity.”

“He looks like Captain Chaos.” Xander stated referring to the Cannonball Run movies that he loved.

“Ooh I like that! I like Captain Chaos,” Urgo said then, “Dun Dun Dun” appearing before them in a red cape and cowl.

“Xander what have you done?” Buffy cried out in horror.

“What? It is awesome, Captain Chaos is a good guy and so am I. I am Urgo.”

“Oh like that guy in Krull.”

“OH! Yes I like that. Urgo the magnificent, short in stature, large in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision.”

“You got that from my memories didn’t you?”

“Yes, I like the movies you keep thinking of.” Urgo admitted.

“Xander, stop thinking about movies,” Buffy commanded. “Now who and what are you and what is it you want from us? Oh, and what do you have to do with the military people inside?”

“I am Urgo and I am apart of all of you now. I am a teeny tiny microchip implanted in your brains. I used to be a part of SG-1 but they were grumpy about having me be a part of them but you guys are different you appreciate all the fun I give. Look at all the food we ate yesterday.”

“That was your fault, now I have an enormous credit card bill no thanks to you!” Xander growled.

“Did those military types implant you in us?” Buffy growled thinking they were dealing with another Initiative.

“No Togar did, you don’t remember him, except for Buffy she remembers him a little, when you did that memory spell. Until it went wrong and you started remembering being in Heaven with Daniel. You both are grieving heaven and I can help you with that. I promise I will help make things better you will see. I will be like Captain Chaos and be a hero like all of you guys.”

“Maybe we can get rid of him by going back to wherever it was where we got him in the first place.”

“NO, bad idea very bad, the people who implanted me into you all are vicious and mean there is no way of getting rid of me. They have to scoop out your brains, it’s horrible.”

“You said you were implanted in them before and they got rid of you somehow.”

“No,” he stated his eyes going wide. “I mean they thought that they got rid of me.”

“I think it is time we had a little pow wow with our guests. I want to know what they have to say about your claims that we are stuck with you.”

“No, you can’t take me back! I…I’ve deactivated Spikes chip!” Urgo cried out clearly panicked.

“You what?” Buffy froze and turned to Urgo looking ready to kill.

“I am serving as Spikes chip now, you can’t get rid of me or he won’t have a chip anymore.”

“Good then Buffy can finally slay Spike.” Xander stated but noticed how Buffy looked worried.


So Urgo went and revealed himself earlier than I planned so I am not sure how this is going to turn out for the rest of my plans for this story. I love comments and reviews but especially encouragement please.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Urgo's Return." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Aug 12.

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