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Rupert's Game.

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Summary: Set against the back drop of the 'Troubles' in NI. The story is set in both 1986 and 2023; Willow and Kennedy find out something disturbing about Giles' past. Strong language, violence and lesbians!

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR1878,290063,08331 Jul 062 Aug 06Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Chapter One

“Rupert’s Game.”
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: None. However, mention is made of a British TV Drama called ‘Harry’s Game’, but this is not a crossover as such.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English! The story is written using English idioms throughout.

Timeline: Set in 2023 and 1986 in my Willow and Kennedy universe.

Words: 8000+.

Warnings: Some people might find this story controversial. The 1986 part of this story is set against the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Strong language, violence and no story is complete without those lesbians.

Summery: Willow and Kennedy find something out about Giles’ past and the history of the Watchers that could rock the Guardians and Slayers Council to its very foundations!

Background: In this fic Willow is 42 and Kennedy 38, they both have children one of whom appears in this story.


Rupert’s Game.

Imtheochaidh soir is siar
A dtainig ariamh
An ghealach is an ghrian.*

Fol lol the doh fol the day
Fol the doh fol the day

I will go east and go west
[To the places] from whence came
The moon and the sun.
Words from; ‘The Theme from Harry’s Game’ by Clannad.


London 2023.

Kennedy heaved another box of papers onto the table, Willow looked up and sighed.

“Just like Giles,” She said, “Even after all these years he still couldn’t get the hang of computers.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart there’s only another five to go.” Replied Kennedy as she pulled another box from a cupboard and put it next to the table where Willow worked. Willow smiled at her partner.

“What would I do without you?” She asked.

“Well,” Announced Kennedy, “For a start you’d have to move all these boxes by yourself.”

“True, true,” Willow paused for a moment before opening the next box, “What have we got here?” She asked as she started to sort through Giles’s documents.


At the age of sixty-seven Rupert Giles had still gone out chasing demons every chance he got. He was supposed to be the senior Watcher/Guardian and semi-retired but this did not seem to slow him down, until, that is, he got hit over the head once too often.

He had been up in Humberside (in the north of England) helping the local Slayer track down a particularly annoying Et’Agor-Rah demon that had been terrorising the population of Hull. Giles and the Slayer had cornered the demon in a warehouse near Hull docks, during the fight that followed Giles had been hit on the back head. The famous ‘Extra Thick Watcher Skull’ failed him and he died of a brain haemorrhage before he could be taken to hospital.

The effect of Giles’ death on the Guardians and Slayers manifested itself in an outpouring of grief never before seen in the history of the Council or the old Watchers Council. Giles had been like a kindly old uncle to so many Slayer’s; and the wise counsel to many a Guardian, his death had sent shock waves through the entire organisation.

Most affected had been Buffy. Willow had never seen Buffy look so pale and drawn as she did when she saw her at Giles’ funeral. Buffy had not been able to bring herself to sort through Giles’ effects or close up his London flat. This was why Willow and Kennedy found themselves going through Giles’ personal belongings one Sunday afternoon. So far they had found only meticulously kept financial records dating back to the 1990’s. Willow had done a quick check through Giles’ personnel Occult Library before arranging to have it moved down to the school in Cornwall. How she and Kennedy were working through what seemed like dozens of A5 notebooks that Giles had used to write down his personal thoughts and experiences.


“Mum I’m bored!” Whined the thirteen year old girl as she stood in the doorway to the lounge where Willow and her mother worked.

“Teenagers! Huh!” Willow rolled her eyes and grinned at Kennedy.

“Bored?” Asked Kennedy looking up at her daughter, “Bored when there’s all these interesting journals and diaries to read?”

“Yeah,” Agreed Willow, “It wouldn’t hurt you to give us a hand Anna.”

“But Ma’Will,” Complained the girl as she sat down at the table and picked up a book, “They’re all dusty and…and written by hand!” Anna said the words as if she was describing some vile demon.

“Where did we go wrong?” Asked Kennedy with a wink to Willow.

“Having them!” Smirked Willow, “That was our big mistake…and they were all such cute babies.”

“Mum!” Complained Anna turning to her mother for support.

“Don’t come running to me.” Said Kennedy airily, “I agree with Ma’Will. Look,” She continued, “Give us a hand going through these and we’ll go out and stake a vamp or two! Then take in a show.”

“EWWW! Gross!” Exclaimed Anna as she opened a diary and started to read.

“Kids today huh?” Asked her mother.

“Yeah.” Agreed Willow with a smile. “I wish my mother had let me go out staking vampires when I was thirteen.”

“No you don’t.” Said Kennedy, “You’d have had a screaming fit!”

“True,” Agreed Willow, “But it’s the thought that counts.”

Silence fell over the room as the Slayer, the Witch and the teenager started to read about Giles’ life.


“Mum?” Said Anna looking up from the notebook she was reading, “You better take a look at this.” She handed the book to her mother.

Kennedy took the proffered book and saw the look of worry on her daughters face;

“What is it sweetie?” She asked as she started to read.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Willow, Kennedy held up a hand in a ‘just-a-minute’ gesture, after a few moments she looked at Willow.

“Omygod! Will…you better listen to this.” Kennedy started to read aloud.

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