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Set my soul on fire

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Summary: Faith Lehane and Dean Winchester wake up in Las Vegas and discover they got married in the Elvis Presley Chapel of Love.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR181133,27373218,73131 Jul 0624 Aug 06Yes

I'll always remember I had a swinging time.

Part One

Faith and Dean walked in stony silence together looking for Sam Finn. They were good at walking in silence they both thought.

Faith couldn’t stand it anymore. “So you figure that because this ghost was African American that’s why she’s possessed Sam, because of her Gran? That’s why there are no black people at this party tonight, and why Graham’s grandfather gave his servants the night off and hired a Chinese catering company?”

“Yeah,” Dean said shortly. “It’s the ghost's M.O.”

“I don’t like dealing with ghosts, too much bookwork exorcising them.” Faith stifled a yawn of boredom, just thinking about it. “That’s why you carry a prayer book round with you huh?"

“Yeah. All your crucifixes are because you’re physically fighting demons in South America? Are the stakes…what are they for...vampires?”

“No they’re extinct.” Faith began sarcastically. “Of course…” Dean put up his hand to silence her.

“Sam,” they heard Dougie shout panicked, from the midst of a large maze. “Get off, Christ!”

“A maze, shit.” Dean took out an electronic device that looked hacked together. Anyone Faith had dealings with in the army would have laughed at it. “It’s to the left.”

“Take my hand.” Faith went on the outside of the maze and boosted Dean up the hedge. He lay on top, as she jumped up and caught his hand.

“Nice to see what you can really do huh. Never suspected how much you held back Faith.” Dean smirked. He couldn’t help being pleased to be with her again, even in these peculiar circumstances. “We need to do this two more times by my readings. Um you’re falling out of that dress sweetheart.”

“I’m wearing a bra, like you haven’t seen them before.” Faith jumped down and helped catch Dean.

“Has Miller?” Dean asked her. He didn’t think Faith and Miller had made love yet. Dean had always been a good reader of people.

They could hear Dougie and Sam fighting, crashing against the hedge.

Faith helped lift him up again. “Just one question Dean, how many girls have you screwed since we parted in December two weeks ago?”

“Just one, she wasn’t who I wanted to be with.” Dean pulled Faith up, her dress ripped.

“Crap, I was gonna return this dress. You wanted to be with me I suppose.” Faith lay in Dean’s arms for a second.

He could smell the perfume he had given her on her skin.

“Well that’s a freakin' given.” Dean watched as she jumped down. Faith caught him again as he jumped. He stood in her embrace. “Faith we really need to talk.” They heard Dougie scream again. “But not right now.”

They reached Dougie who was being throttled by Sam. Faith pulled Sam off him using brute force. Sam had the strength of the possessed. Faith was far stronger than the average demon and was able to wrestle her down on the ground.

Dean snapped handcuffs on Sam. “I hope you’re not disappointed we never got to try these.” Dean joked to Faith.

Faith chuckled and picked up Sam by the arms. “Not really me any more.”

“What is going on?” Dougie asked hysterically. “Sam asked me out in the maze. I thought she wanted to do the whole Mrs Robinson, the Graduate thing. I was into that idea, then she turned all violent.”

“Dougie you’re not a rapist, but you’re still a freakin' retard.” Faith sighed as Dean picked up Sam’s feet. “Show us out of the maze and then find Riley.”

Part Two.

“That was an impressive exorcism. You really know your stuff huh?” Faith complimented Dean.

She was knotting the remains of her dress together in a spare bedroom. Dean had exorcised Sam in the attic, and then helped her back to Riley, telling Riley to let Miller know his family was safe now. They couldn’t find Dean’s father at the moment.

“Thanks had a lot of practice. So that kiss with Miller?” Dean was sitting astride a chair, leaning his arms on the back of it. Watching her trying unsuccessfully to tie a knot in her ruined pantyhose.

“I think it was just kinda a mistletoe thing.” Faith said carelessly. And an amazing New Year’s Kiss that got a little carried away. That was all it was, Faith told herself. She should get it on with Dean, take the familiar path with someone who wouldn’t be expecting things from her in the morning.

“Right,” Dean frowned at Faith’s futile attempts to repair her makeup. Damn he’d missed taking that mirror. “Is that what you’re gonna tell yourself huh?”

“What are you talking about?” Faith looked at him confused. “We’re fine now, you and me. You hunt ghosts, I hunt demons. All out in the open.”

Dean went up to her and put his arms round her waist. “And we’ll live happily ever after huh?”

“No of course not we’re not that type.” Faith acknowledged regretfully. “We both know that, ships that pass in the night. Well it’s night now isn’t it? Where’s your pass lover?”

“Don’t freakin’ use me Faith.” Dean put his hand under her chin. “I’ve done a helluva lot of thinking, and you’re still the nicest girl I’ve ever met and I still really like you.”

“I feel there’s a big ‘but’ coming my way.” Faith felt her eyes moisten. Why was she so fucking soft these days? What was wrong with her?

“But you don’t love me. You’ll screw me and it’ll be good baby. Christ I know how good we can be together sometimes.” Dean felt her press against him unconsciously. He paused and kissed her forehead tenderly. “And then I’ll have to leave, and you’ll have ruined your chance to be happy with a guy who could really love you like you deserve.”

“So you’re dumping me?” Faith bit her lip, bitterly amused. “Never saw that coming.”

‘Faith just listen and believe, just this fucking once.” Dean shook her gently with every sentence. “I can’t give you what you need. You don’t love me. Ya just too damn yellow to risk loving someone who can love you back.”

“Miller can’t love me.” Faith gestured round the opulent bedroom. “He comes from this! I’m a double murderer Dean. You are the nicest guy I’ve ever been with and you didn’t ever call me.”

“I wanted to call you, you never called me either.” Dean held her in his arms. “Ask yourself why you never called me huh?”

Faith was silent as she did some serious thinking, about Dean, about Miller, about herself.

“I didn’t call because I don’t love you.” Faith realized finally. Dean was passing up the chance to have sex with her, so she could be with Miller. Dean really did care about her in his own way. “You are a truly cool guy Dean, ya know that?”

“Put me in the nice box why don’t you? Next you’ll be telling me we can still be friends.” Dean pushed her away playfully. “Now scoot sweetheart, or Miller’ll never believe we didn’t make love in the time frame.”

Faith kissed him swiftly goodbye on the mouth. “We still could have, if you hadn’t insisted on freakin' talking.” She winked and left the room.

Dean stared after her. Yep, he’d been unselfish alright. Shouldn’t he be feeling better inside? Dean hadn’t felt so empty in a long while.

Faith found the others back with Vi. Riley had mud all over his white leggings, where he had walked into an ornamental goldfish pond looking for Miller’s uncle. Miller had a bump on his forehead, from retrieving his cousin from the back seat of a car. There was no sign of Kate.

“Is everyone okay?” Faith asked, walking into the room. Miller stared at her intently, trying to read her.

“Uh, we all look like something the cat dragged in, especially you and Sam. Vi’s still groggy from her drink spiking.” Miller stated expressionlessly. “Dougie went home just now with Mom and Dad. Told ‘em he got in a fight with some guys from his college.”

“Can we call a cab now and go home too?” Riley begged, his arms round Sam. “This Texan shindig is a bit much for a farm boy from Iowa. What with date rape drugs, and my wife getting taken over by an evil spirit and everything. Back home we just sing Auld Lang Syne to ring in the New Year. Sometimes we tip a cow, but that’s about it.”

They rode home not saying much. Vi was starting to feel normal again.

Graham’s mother was still waiting up. She took Vi in her arms. “You poor little girl. I heard about what happened.”

Mrs Miller looked at the others. “I’ll sit with her to make sure she’s alright. You Sam darling need to rest, I don’t know what possessed you to help save Dougie from his second fight.”

“Ah the Beaumont grapevine never ceases to amaze in its accurate recounts of events.” Miller kissed his mother on the cheek. “You’re the best Mom.”

Riley and Sam made their good nights and stumbled off to bed. Miller and Faith walked up the stairs to bed shortly after them.

Faith stopped on her landing. She wasn’t sure what she was meant to do next. Go into her room and sob over Dean, screw Miller on the landing? She didn’t think that was going to happen somehow. “Goodnight Miller.”

“You’re a slayer, you’re not tired.” Miller folded his arms and leaned on the wall. “When things got weird I popped a pill. I’m not tired either. Do you want to see my room? I’d want to show you it anyway. Pretend to be fascinated.”

“Just let me get out of this stupid dress okay? I look like someone almost succeeded at burning me at the freaking stake.” Faith went into her room and pulled on her jeans and sweater off the floor.

Part Three

Miller took her hand and led Faith up to the next level of the house. He showed her to a room built into the roof with sloping ceilings. He turned on one light switch, so the light in his room was soft.

Faith looked round interested. The room was masculine, and a time capsule of Miller’s life it seemed. On display was school football trophies, high school and college diplomas, a framed photo of his graduating Army class and a case with two medals mounted.

Faith looked at the medals carefully. “So you’re brave under fire huh?”

“Demon spew actually, but that would be kinda hard to explain at the army engravers.” Miller took her hand again, leading her over to his bed. He sat down on it. “I didn’t know if you’d come back with us tonight.”

Faith sat down beside him. “I didn’t know either. But in the end I wanted to be here with you. Not visualizing this room of course, although I have been kinda curious. That statue of Eisenhower is a worry.”

She looked at the board of photos beside his bed. There were a few of her there, a group shot of them all round a demon drug lords swimming pool in Ecuador, Sam and her having a snowball fight in Maine. One from the drive down to Texas with Vi. She remembered him taking that one, Faith and Vi had been play fighting with snowshoes over who rode shotgun.

“Do you jerk off to that?” she asked shakily. Faith just couldn’t help herself sometimes.

“The photo wall, well you’ll notice my grandma and Riley are up there so no. Thinking of you, frequently.” Miller admitted unashamed. “I’ve been fallin' for you for months’ woman.”

“What are we doing?” Faith plucked at a stray thread on the bed cover. “In your imagination?”

“Run of the mill sex fantasies, missionary position type stuff mostly. You’d probably find it boring.”

Miller raised her hand and gazed at the broken nails and scrapes on it. “I hate to think what that maze is gonna look like this morning.” He kissed her fingertips. Faith shivered.

“It does sound kinda dull, your fantasies. I’d need you to show me for real I guess, to know for sure.” Faith was sure he could hear her heart start to pound. Having intercourse with someone she knew loved her was diving into unknown territory.

“Well they always start off like this.” Miller tilted her head round and kissed her long and slowly. Faith felt her blood racing with the mixture of apprehension and desire.

They fell back on the bed softly kissing for a long time. Inevitably they started slowly removing each others clothing, exploring each others bodies as they did so. Miller pulled back the bed covers and they climbed carefully into bed together.

“Have you got protection?” Faith checked with him.

Miller pulled open his bedside table drawer, clutching a handful of condoms and slapped them on top of the tabletop.


“So I can find one while operating under limited brain function.” He resumed kissing her.

Faith was acutely gloriously aware of his hand stroking between her legs. Making sure she was ready for him. She was completely ready, physically at least.

He lowered his mouth down her collar bone, pausing at her breasts.

Faith was starting to feel all wariness go, only desire remaining.

“I still need you inside me.” She told him, as he traced an indolent circle around her hard nipple with his tongue.

“Soon,” he promised hoarsely. Miller needed to taste her first, to hear how she sounded when she climaxed, so he could judge the best how long to wait before he finally came himself. He probed at her with his tongue, lapping at her clit like a cat drinking milk. Faith tensed her body waiting for her orgasm to hit. Relaxing as an explosion of bliss shuddered down her body. She cried out.

Faith sounded like that. Okay. He could work with this. Miller grabbed a condom and put it on. Entering her leisurely, thrusting in and out of her in slow steady rhythm. It was unbelievably good. Faith put her hand over her mouth to muffle her cries.

Miller removed her hand. “Be as loud as you want Faith. No one can hear us.”

Miller reached to brush back her hair from her eyes, he wanted to see her face. He had the most intense pale blue eyes. Faith was beginning to see how it was possible to tell someone you loved them while having sex.

The radio alarm clock on the bedside table went off, the time reading three o’clock, blaring out “Rock around the Clock”. Miller punched it with his fist to turn it off, and Faith had her second orgasm, stronger than her first.

Miller continued to move slowly in and out of her unhurriedly. He came inside her almost unexpectedly it seemed to them both. He shook his head, dazed with the strength of his climax.

Faith could hear him muttering again as he kissed her neck, coming back down to earth. He twined his fingers in her hair.

“So too dull?” Miller threw the used condom in the waste paper basket by his desk in one perfect shot.

Faith shook her head immediately. “Wicked good. Was it how you imagined?”

“It was hard at first to adjust to the fact that Angelina Jolie wasn’t going to walk in and join us halfway through.” Miller teased her. Faith chuckled.

“It was better darlin’.” Miller gently traced the tattoo on her arm with his fingers.

“Your Mom’s right you have a light hand.” Faith smiled at him. “Should I go? Will your parents mind if I’m not in my room tomorrow?”

“I’m an adult. I’ve had girlfriends sleep over since college and don’t ever repeat the baking comment.”

Faith pulled the covers over them and snuggled into his arms. “Hey Graham, why did the freakin' alarm clock go off at”

Miller rolled his eyes and switched off the light. “Dougies little joke. I told you he was a retard.”

Part Four

April 2006 Beaumont Texas

Dean and Sam drove through Beaumont on their way back from Richardson. Dean explained how he had worked on a case there once.

“I’m telling you Sammy for a number of reasons, that New Year’s night was quite something. There was a good cafe nearby if I remember right, wanna see if it’s still there?” Dean suggested.

Sam nodded “Yeah, I need a restroom again too. I think I’m getting stomach flu.”

“Thanks for sharing bro.” Dean told him, “A bit too much information.”

They found the cafe still going strong. They ordered lunch. Sam went off to the men’s room. Dean picked up the local paper someone had left.

“Nothing that exciting happens here. Just anti-smoking legislation.” Faith said slipping into the chair opposite his. “Unless you’re here on something I should know about.”

“I’m just passing through. Was working on something in Richardson.” Dean explained. He looked at Faith curiously, soft natural make up, hair a little shorter better cut, smartly casual in a leather jacket and jeans, still sexy. Not a trace of the street left in her outward appearance.

Faith pulled something out of her pocket. “Catch!” She flung a crucifix at him.

Dean caught it. “What was that for?”

“I’d heard you’d died a coupla months back. I was just checking. You’re looking good for a ghost.”

“That shape shifter thing in St Louis huh, how did you hear about it?”

“Remember Andrew? He’s big on shape shifters.” Faith looked relieved. “I hoped it wasn’t you.”

“So what are you doing these days? Quite a suntan you’ve got going on in April, still working in South America?” Dean asked casually.

“Yeah, I’m up here for a week... got something important to do on Saturday.” Faith's eyes twinkled, she waved the back of her hand in front of him.

Dean spotted the huge diamond ring on her left hand. “You’re getting hitched to Miller I take it? Nice rock.”

Faith nodded. “White dress, bridesmaids, church, the whole freakin nine yards. I drew the line at a Confederate recreation theme. Graham’s Grandfather was bummed at first, but he’s over it.”

“Well that’s great sweetheart. Do I still get to call you that?” Dean queried raising an eyebrow.

“Why not?” Faith took her coffee from the waitress. “So how’s your Dad?”

“Still the same, working on something like a man obsessed.” Dean frowned. “Me and my brother Sammy were worried about him for a while. Still are.”

“So your brother is what... a lawyer now?” Faith remembered.

“No he’s working with me at the moment. Once you know what’s out there…” Dean took his lunch from the waitress. “So are you eating?”

“I was having a quick coffee when I spotted you. I’ve got a dentist appointment in ten minutes round the corner. Ya just the same Dean.” Faith shook her head in amazement. Dean dressed the same, he had the same cocky demeanor, but he was aging badly. He had the beginnings of anxiety lines and looked even more cynical and alone, than a year and a half ago.But she didn’t want to tell him that. “You haven’t changed a bit.”

“You have.” Dean smiled at her. “You’re still as hot as ever. But you look a lot happier than when I first met you. You’re I dunno... radiant? You’re not…?”

“No.” Faith waved her hand in dismissal of the notion. “That’s our big plan for next year. Hey did you and your Dad ever hear from Kate Lockley again?”

“No, why?”

“No reason.” Faith shook her head. It was Kate’s secret to tell, not hers. “I have to go and I can’t kiss you goodbye, small town and all. Plus I tell my fiancé everything, including I ran into you today. But I owe you Dean.”

“How do you figure that.” Dean said lightly. But he knew what she was going to say.

“For not screwing me that night, for making me realize I needed to go to Graham. Even before that, for being kind,” Faith sipped her coffee. “I’ll never forget how you stayed that first night in Vegas, when I was down because my friends had died.”

“I wasn’t… It was hard saying good bye to you that last night.” Dean remembered the pain. God it seemed so long ago now, he’d almost forgotten her. “Well I hope this marriage works out for you. Miller's a good guy he’ll appreciate you.”

“Good bye Dean.” Faith leaned forward, and kissed him on the cheek. “Take care huh?”

“You too Faith.” Dean watched her leave as she walked out of the café. He held her crucifix in his palm. Dean knew he would never see her again. He was glad he had been unselfish now, Faith seemed so happy.

Sam sat in front of him. “Who was that classy chick kissing you goodbye? Why the hell would she know a loser like you?”

Dean grinned and stretched out his legs, waiting for Sam’s jaw to drop open. He swung the silver crucifix idly between his fingers. “How does she know me, well we got married in May 2004…”

Part Five

April 2006 Vancouver Canada

“No Mrs Ferguson, that doesn’t sound preposterous to me at all. If you suspect your husband is a werewolf, my agency can confirm that for you.” Kate Lockley noted down the details. “Look we’re closing now and I have to go but I’ll call you back first thing tomorrow okay?”

Kate looked up and took her child from her nanny. “Sorry Fiona, she just wouldn’t get off the phone. Like no one ever married a werewolf before?”

“Yeah, I could tell she was chewing your ear off. I have to leave now Kate, see you at eight tomorrow.” Kate’s nanny took off quickly.

Kate took her daughter in her arms. “Mommy and Kelly going to go back home now?” she cooed into her daughter’s dark hair.

Kate decided in Beaumont that John Winchester was an obsessed maniac. Whose entire focus was on looking for the demon that had killed his wife. A future male mirror of her, who she would end up becoming if she didn’t take drastic steps to prevent her downwards spiral. If the way John treated Dean was anything to go by, she didn’t need his input into her child’s life.

Kate carried Kelly down to her car. It was always good to have someone to love who loved you back. Kate was thinking of getting a Labrador next to add to her quality of life. She hoped her boyfriend wasn’t allergic to dogs.

Oz had never mentioned he was allergic to dogs. Kate really must check this evening. He intended to come round at eight.

“Say good bye to Mommy’s office Kelly, wave bye byes.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Set my soul on fire". This story is complete.

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