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On the road between Smallville and Sunnydale

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Summary: Red!Clark found himself a pet in Oxnard, Xander Harris. But what happens when the ring comes off. This is starts out a Clark/Xander but is really a Lex/Xander. Warning: This has some dark parts to it.

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chapter two

A Month Later…

Xander slowly got out of the king size bed and made his way to the bathroom. With every movement he made, he couldn’t help but pant a bit in pain.

His ass felt as abused as it had the night before and he knew sitting was going to be a problem for the next week.

“Where are you going?”

He heard a voice, muffled by a pillow, growl from behind him.

“To take a dump, why you want to watch?” he sneered as he shuffled to the door in front of him.

“Take a shower and clean yourself up,” he heard Kal demand.

“Yeah, I’ll get right on it,” he growled opening the bathroom door and slamming it behind him.

He heard a chuckle from behind the closed door and really wished he could run out there and punch the alien in his smug handsome face.

“Bastard,” he hissed as he stared at the toilet in dread…and here comes the painful, gross interlude.

After washing his hands and considering not taking a shower, simply to defy the asshole, he heard the doorbell ring.

He furrowed his brow at his reflection in the mirror. In the twenty-five days he’d been held prisoner at Kal’s apartment he never heard anyone ring the doorbell.

In fact, no one ever visited Kal; they always went out to meet people. Sometimes, when Kal wasn’t in the mood for his ass, he’d get some poor girl, stupid enough to follow him back to the apartment, to enter Xander’s hell for one night. Thankfully the girls were always given a ‘fuck off’ after Kal was done with them.

Xander’s thoughts were interrupted, as usual, by Kal opening the bathroom door. He stared into Kal’s red eyes in the mirror and tried to hide his shaking hands by placing them on either side of the sink.

“Stay in here,” Kal hissed.

“Ah, really? Cause I was really hoping to follow you around like a puppy,” he sneered.

Kal smirked, “My Xanny, always so feisty,” he said, leering at his badly abused body, “And don’t even think about not cleaning up. I want that ass sparkling for later!”

As the door slammed closed Xander gripped the sides of the porcelain sink tightly and stared in to his own eyes.

“You could just kill yourself you know?” he hissed at his reflection, “Just grab a blade and BAM…you’re off to never, never land. Buffy is not coming to save you, Xander!” He pointed a shaky finger at his reflection, “Do you hear me…Stop praying she will!”

His little daily conversation with himself was interrupted by a voice from the other room.

“Clark, do you know how worried everyone is about you?!”

Xander tilted his head at the young girl’s voice…it was one he had never heard before. She definitely wasn’t one of Morgan’s little minions. Morgan only hired guys and Xander had met all of them.

Some of them had leered at Xander when Kal paraded him around like the fuck toy he was…But the leers soon stopped after Kal broke a few wrists and growled MINE! With his hands gripped firmly on Xander’s ass.

Yes, Xander had become the official butt boy for all alien’s with super powers….Ah, his Dad would be so proud.

“You shouldn’t have come here, Chloe!”

Xander heard the young girl gasp and every part of the white hat scoobie Xan was screamed for him to run out and save the girl.

But, Xander wasn’t a fool; if he walked out there now Kal would hurt the girl more…Kal loved it when Xander pleaded for others lives….but not as much as how Xander would scream when he didn’t spare his victims.

“What happened to your chest?!”

The girl didn’t sound like she had been hurt and Xander almost sobbed in relief when he realized her gasp was one of shock and not of pain.

“A gift from my father.”

“Jonathan did that to you, Clark?!”

“Clark?” Xander whispered to his reflection. Why did this Chloe girl call Kal, Clark? He heard the dark chuckle come from Kal that meant a great deal of pain to those who heard it.

“Run, Chloe, run,” Xander whispered, hating himself for being a coward.

“No, Chlo’, Jonathan Kent is too much of a good old boy to hurt his precious Clack; my real father gave this to me.”

“Clark…what…I don’t understand. Your real father?”

“Clark’s dead, Chloe! It’s Kal now!”

“Clark, please…”

Xander turned around and fought not to run to the door when he heard Chloe scream out and a loud thump.

Oh, god he couldn't see another dead body…how did he ever think that he was use to seeing death when he was in Sunnydale? Here in Metropolis he saw real death, the kind where the bodies didn’t rise again.

The kind of death was always, ALWAYS final.

“I TOLD you, it’s Kal! Now get the FUCK out!”

“Fine, KAL! I’m leaving!”

Xander let himself sob once as the front door slammed shut, but began to shake when a large crash came from the other room.


Xander knew he was in for a world of pain, very, very soon…but it was worth it, if it spared that Chloe girl’s life.

Later that night Xander stared at the alarm clock on the nightstand, watching it blink 12:01 again and again… then, 12:02

Kal was holding him tight and Xander lay absolutely still. He knew any movement would make Kal hold him closer and make it difficult to breathe.

Sleeping next to the alien was like sleeping next to hard, heavy metal that was abnormally hot. It had taken Xander a full week to get over the feeling of constantly sweating at night and wondering if his skin would burn from Kal’s heat.

He had gotten use to it…as he had everything else….12:05….any second now…

“Lex…Lex, where are you!”

Kal called out in his sleep. Xander rolled his eyes; just like every night at 12:05…Kal began his nightly screams.

“Lex, save me…Lex, Please, find me!”

Xander snorted, save me…The alien always said that, like he was the one that needed saving.

“Lex, Oh god, Please…I-I don’t want this…Please Lex, Help me!”

Xander kept his eyes on the alarm clock…it usually only lasted around three minutes

“Oh, god Lex…I love you.”

Xander closed his eyes, how could a monster like Kal sound so young, so lost…so human when he said that…sometimes Xander could swear it didn’t even sound like Kal's voice.

Not that it mattered to Xander, he didn’t care if Kal loved this Lex person…no, what Xander thought every night when he heard Kal screamed out Lex’s name is….

‘Where ever you are, Lex, please stay away…Don’t let this monster find you.’
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