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On the road between Smallville and Sunnydale

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Summary: Red!Clark found himself a pet in Oxnard, Xander Harris. But what happens when the ring comes off. This is starts out a Clark/Xander but is really a Lex/Xander. Warning: This has some dark parts to it.

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredFanSpagleFR18917,533119333,78731 Jul 064 Jul 08No

Chapter One

On the road between Smallville and Sunnydale, there’s Oxnard.

Fandoms: Smallville/BtVS/Batman
Pairings: Clark/Xander at first, but it becomes Xander/Lex
Disclaimer: I don't own anything,
Summary: The owner of a small strip club in Oxnard has video evidence of Morgan Edge doing something Edge wants no one to see. Edge sends his newest partner, Kal, and a lackey, to go get it.

Kal pushed the quivering man out of the car with a disgusted sneer, “come on,” he hissed.

“Y-you said, you wouldn’t hurt me,” the man whispered and flinched when Kal got into his face. The large green eyes flashed red as they bore into his.

“Listen, Jack,” Kal spat, “we do this fast and easy, and you and your little woman are Scott free, you got me?”

Jack Napier nodded his head frantically as his body shook with fear.

“Good,” Kal said as he stood up taller and looked up at the neon flashing lights in front of them.

“Inside there is a man named, David Nelson,” Kal said as he rubbed his thumb against the dark red stone on his middle finger.

“Your mission, if you chose to accept it,” Kal snickered for a moment, “is to distract him while I break into his safe and get the video tape he's holding over Edge’s head.”

“H-how do I do that?” Jack asked as he cowered next to the huge young man.

Kal turned and gave Jack a cruel smirk, “I think killing him will do just the trick, don’t you?”

Jack took a step back and shook his head, “K-kill him? No—I-I can’t, Mr. L.”

Kal grabbed him by the back of the hair, enjoying the loud yelp the older man made, “Jack,” Kal said with a tsk, “I thought you said you were going to be a good boy?”

Jack’s eyes grew huge, “B-But Mr. L, I can’t kill anyone.”

Kal pushed him to the ground and got out his cell, “Well, I guess I’ll call Morgan,” he said to the crumpled man on the ground, “if you’re not going to play, he and your pregnant wife can have a lot of fun, before he kills her.”

Jack cried out, grabbing the cell phone from Kal, “No, Mr. L, please, No!” he said crushing the cell phone to his chest, “I’ll play—I’ll do whatever you say.”

Kal nodded his head slowly, “and you’ll get rid of Mr. Nelson, like a good boy?”

Jack nodded his head frantically, still holding the cell phone tightly, "yes, yes, I promise.”

Kal smiled brightly and Jack could almost see a sweet young boy inside the monster, “great!” he said slapping Jack on the back and causing him to stumble to his knees.

The dark haired boy laughed, “Come on, Jack, lets make that new nickname of yours ring fear into the little people.”

Jack got up and rubbed his sore knees, he hated the nickname Edge gave him a few days ago. Red Hood, he grimaced--he didn’t want to be a villain, he didn’t want to make a name for himself this way. He just wanted to go home, get his wife and unborn baby, and get as far as he could from these mad men.

“Mr. Nelson,” Xander called out as he opened the office door slowly, “you in here?”

“Come in, Xan,” Dave called out, smiling at him as he looked up from the papers on his desk, “and how many times have I told you to call me Dave?” he asked as he pushed away from his desk and gave Xander his full attention. Xander realized Dave always seemed to stop everything when he came in—he liked that.

“Sorry, Dave,” he said as he kicked at the hardwood floor and glanced at the older man underneath hooded thick eyelashes, “it just feels odd, calling my boss by his first name.”

Dave chuckled warmly and Xan could feel those tiny butterflies in his stomach, “Xan, this is a strip club, we hardly follow formality around here.”

He laughed and felt himself relaxing like he usually did around Dave. The older man made him feel like home was only a street a way, instead of the five hour drive it was, “So—you wanted to see me?” he asked as he took a step into the office.

Dave nodded and leaned back into his chair, placing his hands behind the back of his head, “I heard you wanted to give the stage a go?”

Xander blushed scarlet, did Dave think he wasn’t good looking enough, “yeah, I-I was thinking about It.”

“Can I ask why?”

He shrugged, hoping the red in his cheeks were fading “I—umm—need the money.”

Dave nodded and got up with a single graceful movement, a move Xander desperately wished he could imitate. Dave was young, around 28 and looked like he should be on the stage, instead of managing it from behind. His smooth, white skin seemed to beg to be touched, and Xander really wished he were cool enough and old enough, to be the one to do it.

“And you wouldn’t mind a bunch of guys eye fucking, Xan?” Dave asked as he leaned against the edge of his desk and crossed his ankles.

He blushed again and shook his head, his longish hair falling into his eyes, “not really,” he said looking into Dave’s blue eyes. In some lights they looked just like Sp---someone Xander shouldn’t be having thoughts about.

Dave tilted his head, examined him closely as he ran the tip of his tongue against his teeth, “how old did you say you were, Xan?”

“Twenty One.” Or eighteen—but Dave didn’t need to know that.

Dave nodded, giving him a playful smile “and what if I told you, I don’t like the thought of other guys eye fucking you.”

His head shot up at that, and he bit his lower lip, “why is that?”

Dave chuckled warmly, “How about we talk about that after the club closes.”

Xander felt Mr. Happy harden at those words and--- yep, every other part of his body was also rising to shout an excited “HELL YEAH!”

“Yeah, s-sounds good.” And oh god, why did his voice have to break like that right now—damn it—act cool, Xanman—act cool!

Dave stood up and moved close, so close he could smell the aftershave and clean soap from his skin, “Meet me back here in an hour?”

Xander looked up into those blue eyes—blue, like morning skies, and he nodded his head like a fool.

Dave face lit up and he looked just as young as Xander in that moment, but that look turned into wide eyed fear as he glanced behind Xander.

“Aww, am I interrupting a tender moment?”

Xander turned his head slowly to see a young man, around the same age he was, leaning against the door frame.

“M-Mr. L,” Dave said putting a shaky hand around Xander’s waist and pushed him behind him, “how can I help you?”

Xander could honestly say he had never seen a more good-looking young man before, but there was something—even more powerful to this Mr. L, that had nothing to do with his looks or sheer size.

The young man screamed power and strength, and Xan wasn’t shocked to find him self shaking just by his mere presence.

“Jack,” the dark haired boy snapped still looking into Dave’s eyes.

A very thin, tall man walked up behind the boy, his head hanging down submissively, “M-Mr. L, I don’t see why I-I have to d-do this, if-if he already knows your here.”

Xander watched a dark smile appear on the young man’s face, “I already told you, Jack, you’re going to keep him distracted while I get the tape.”

Xander could hear the soft whimper Dave made, “I’ll give you the tape, Kal, p-please, J-just don’t do this—Edge can have it—no more games, I swear it.”

“Calling me by my first name, Dave, how very brave of you,” he chuckled, a dark chuckle that made Xander’s skin crawl, “and I know you’d hand over the tape, but see-- my little buddy here,” he said as he grabbed a hold of Jack and pushing him forward, “he has a little mission he has to do for me.”

Jack’s whole body began to shake, “B-but you said this was to distract him, you said I-I had to do this while you got the tape. If he’s going to give it to us willingly...”

“JACK!” The young boy snapped, “Shut the fuck up!”

Jack’s jaw snapped shut. “Now, you do what you agreed to, while I get the tape.”

Kal stalked in with confidant steps, glancing at Xander as he walking over to the painting behind Dave’s desk. Xan could feel the heat of Kal’s stares; it felt like he was being branded with a ‘K’ on his chest.

“I’m waiting, Jack,” he said never looking away from Xan. Jack closed the office door and Dave tightened his hold on him.

He realized, they could simply scream out---someone might be able to hear them through the loud music—maybe if he screamed loud enough—hell, it always worked in Sunnydale—but Buffy wasn’t here to save the day.

Xander opened his mouth to yell for help, but a gush of wind and a huge hand on his mouth, made him shallow down the scream.

“No, you don’t, boy,” The young man whispered in his ear.

Xander felt himself being picked up, as if he weighted no more than a feather.

“Please, Mr. L, leave him be,” Dave called out, “he has nothing to do with this.”

Xander felt the dark haired boy snicker in his ear, “oh, don’t worry, Dave, I’ll take good care of your boy.”

Dave moved towards them with shaky steps, “Jack,” Kal said with impatience, “will you kill him already, I’m getting bored and I think,” he said squeezing Xander tightly against his chest, grinding his cock into Xan’s ass, “I just found a new toy.”

Xander stared into Dave’s blue eyes, this wasn't going to happen, any moment Buffy would storm in and save them-- any mo-ment...he watched in slow motion as Jack put the silencer to Dave’s head. Blue eyes—so beautiful—and for one second his---“I’m sorry, Xan,” he whispered just before Jack pulled the trigger.

There was a moment of silence before Kal chuckled and Jack fell to the floor sobbing, “Well, wasn’t that just sweet,” he said into Xander’s ear.

Xander could feel the young man’s hand wonder down his back, “Xan is it?”

Xander shuddered, “Mmmm,” Kal whispered huskily in his ear, “I’ve always had a weakness for young men with three letter names...let me guess,” he said as he put his chin on Xan’s shoulder and stared at Dave’s dead body, “short for Alexander?”

Xander didn’t say anything, he couldn’t look away from Dave’s body—Buffy hadn’t come…He was looking at a dead boy. He heard Kal growl in his ear, “Alexander, right?” he hissed.

Xander nodded absently, but broke out of his stupor when Kal laughed, a deep full body laugh, “Alexander--Mmm, it’s you’re lucky day, Xan.”

Xander wanted to desperately push away, Kal’s touch felt like it was tainting his very soul, “do you want to know why, it’s you’re lucky day?”

Xander stayed still, unsure of what to say or do.

“Well, do you?” he hissed.

Xander nodded, “umm...okay.”

The boy chuckled, “because you, Xan, have the magic first name and,” he moved an inch back and ran his hand down Xan’s ass, “a tight little ass that gives you a ‘get out of being killed’ card.”

Xander nodded, “then I guess I should collect my 200 dollars and go free, huh?” he answered with a shaky voice—please, please, say yes.

“Nah, that’s not exactly what I had in mind, but cute try,” he said kissing Xander’s neck

“Jack!” he snapped a moment later.

“Y-yes, Mr. L,” Jack said as he got up from the floor and Xander could tell the man still had miles of tears to shed.

Xander felt a moment’s release of his waist, a gush of wind, and the next second, a firm grip on his shoulders. The fast movement made him stumble, but Kal only held his shoulder tighter.

“Get this to the car,” Kal said handing Jack a box, a second ago, he didn’t have.

Jack nodded as he grabbed it and walked with hunched shoulders towards the door.

Xan looked behind him to see the wall destroyed and a safe door swinging open, “what the…?” he whispered before the world turned blurry and a second later he was standing outside, next to a large black car.

“Get in, Xan.”

Well, it looked like this Kal was some kind of demon—great! How in the hell did they always seem to find him?!

Xander sat in the back of the car, as Jack drove and Kal sat next to him talking on a cell phone, “Yeah, I got it---Yep, our boy did a good job,” a dark chuckle as Kal places his hand over the mouth piece.

“Hey, Jack” he called out, “it seems Edge wants you to do just one more little favor, before he’ll give you back the little missus—that’s alright, isn’t it?”

Xander watched the older man began to shake and could hear the sound of soft crying, “Yes, M-Mr. L, I-It’s fine.”

Xander felt his whole soul cry out to stop this, what the hell was he doing? Letting this demon push him around, Hell, he came from Sunnydale. He fought against the big bad's of the hellmouth, for Christ sakes. He could deal with some simple thug. He didn’t have to think about seeing a gun pointed at Dave’s head...Jack pulling the--- No, he wouldn't think about it.

Xander glanced at the young man, who in turn looked deep into his eyes. Xander could see a red ting, just on the outer rim of the green orbs--hmm---maybe the ‘simply thug’ theory was a vast understatement but, Xander knew how to do this, he had four years experience.

“So, what kind of a demon are you?” he asked trying to keep his voice steady and desperate for anyway to not think about Dave.

Kal gave him a raised brow, “demon?”

Xander gritted his teeth, he hated when demons thought, all humans were blind to the real world, “yes, demon-- red eyes, super speed and strength, or are you trying to tell me all the cool kids are devolving superpowers now,” he said sarcastically—and yes, he knew it was a stupid, nervous habit, that always got him in more trouble—but hell, he was working on it. And it did help calm him down.

Kal didn’t seem put out by it—in fact, he laughed, “No Xan, this isn’t a comic book,” he gazed into Xan’s eyes, as if he were looking for something, “Jesus, there’s something--you remind me of him a bit--I bet you even read Warrior Angel too, don’t you?”

Xander nodded—who was he talking about? Who did he remind him of--he quickly shook his head. This demon thought he could change the subject on the Xanman, no way!

“I grew up on the hellmouth, I know all about you demons. So, you can stop lying—it’s kind of annoying, you know?”

Xander watched the green’s turn fully red, “I’m not a demon,” he snapped, “I’m not even from around here.”

Xander titled his head, his fear fading the more Kal showed his supernatural powers.

Gun were scary, and something Xan wasn’t familiar with, but this—hell, this was Xander’s play ground, “hell dimension—a god or something?” He asked—he thought he read something about them. It had said gods were commonly the most beautiful of creatures.

The more beautiful the god was—the more powerful they were.

Shit, he hoped this Kal, wasn’t a god—because, beauty was something this---whatever he was—had in abundance.

Kal watched him with curiosity, “You’re very odd, Xan, and no I’m not from another dimension— but a god,” He paused, then nodded his head; “I’d like to think so.” Xander rolled his eyes, how many times had a vampire, or demon told him that line.

Kal leaned over and pointed his finger up to the roof of the car, “I come from up there.”

Xander raised a brow. Well, there was something new, “an alien?”

Kal nodded—“Really,” Xan said, “you’re my first alien encounter.”

Kal leaned on him fully, his lips grazing Xan’s ear, “I’ll be your first everything, Xan, don’t you worry about that.”

Xander stilled as all the calmness he had felt, drained out of him, “umm, can I say no to the anal probe part of this abduction, and move straight onto, you taking me back to where you found me.”

Kal wrapped his arms around him and chuckled, “you can say no all you want, Xan, but---we aliens never let such handsome specimen go without a little anal probing.”

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