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Being Stuffed By Fluff

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Summary: Short, kooky, little crossover, between well...Buffy and a Mouse. Inspired by "Kingdom Hearts."

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Cartoons > Mickey MousePatKFR71989381,23031 Jul 0631 Jul 06Yes
Disclaimer: FOX, Joss, Walt...they're yours, not mine.

Dazed from the instantaneous journey, the four travelers fought hard not to collapse when their feet touched the solid, dirt path. Birds were chirping, the sky was blue, and there was green all around. Trees, grass, was the perfect picture of serenity. Even the air felt happy. They all--slayers and cartoon companions alike--looked around quietly, the former wondering what Disney hell they were in this time.

If Faith never heard another dwarf-sung tune again, she could die happy.

When Mickey Mouse showed up on the new Council's doorstep with Goofy and Donald Duck, saying that the First, having failed to release the Hellmouth's power, was now encroaching on their very real dimension, the two chosen ones--after their catatonia at the sheer impossibly of what they were seeing, ended--jumped at the chance to help. Corrupting that much goodness would make the First strong again, and they couldn't allow that. How could the trip possibly be bad, they'd thought?

It would be cute. Cuteness, however, was the problem. There was just so damn much of it. Donald and Goofy were all right (they were the girls' guides), especially Donald, because at least he had an edge. And some of the modern places were okay too (like Agrabah with Genie), but the classics? Eh. Faith wanted to tear into the Cheshire Cat something awful.

"Everyone okay?" Buffy asked the group, already getting sick of the randomness of their traveling.

"I'm still hot, yeah?" Faith answered with a grin, and the more petite slayer had to agree that yes, she was. "Then I'll get by. " She checked the other two. "Guys?"

By the look on Goofy's face, he wasn't entirely okay, and they got confirmation of that as soon as he fainted face-first to the ground in comic fashion. The girls tried not to laugh, but the duck just shook his head, covering his eyes with his gloved hand. "What a moron." Donald walked ahead on the path.

"Ya know, for a Disney 'toon, he's kinda a quackass." The brunette commented with a smirk.

Buffy knelt over the dog, shaking him. "Come on, Goofy. Get up." She stared at her fellow slayer. "I can't believe I'm doing this. Hallucinations are still out, right?"

"Go with it, B." Faith encouraged, grinning. "We oughta catch up."

"But we can't just..." It was then that Buffy heard a very audible snoring sound, and she realized that it was coming from Goofy, whose nose shook every time he exhaled. "He's asleep."

The Bostonian was biting her tongue to keep from laughing (*a lot*), and motioned for the other girl to let him be. He'd be okay there. Nodding, Buffy went with Faith down the path, until they saw Donald watching a familiar bear seemingly attempting to touch his toes. They were in front of a house that sat in the base of a large tree. Above the wooden door was a sign that read, "Mr. Sanderz," in child-like writing, and to the left was a blue bell.

"Oh. My. God." Buffy was wide-eyed, and felt a rush of giddiness bubble up inside of her that she hadn't felt in years. "Faith, it's...really..."

"I know." Just as stunned, Faith was surprised when words formed.

"Hello there." Winnie the Pooh greeted, seeing them through the space between his short legs as he bent over.

"Um, hi...Pooh." The blonde nearly squeaked. "What...what're you doing?"

"I'm looking at my feet." He responded helpfully. "Hmm. And I suppose I can't help looking at my legs, too." They were attached to one another, after all.

Faith's brow creased due to lack of comprehension. "How come?"

"Why, to see if they're backwards, of course." The tiny bear answered, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Do they look frontwards to you? Or sideways, perhaps?"

Donald brought a hand to the side of his head, and moved his finger around in a circle--the universal gesture for describing someone's, "not all there," mental state. Both slayers smacked him in the back of his head, knocking his blue cap off. "Hey!"

"Nope. They look nice and straight to me." Buffy assured Pooh, who chose at that moment to lose balance and tumble forward.

With an "oof," he landed on his butt. "Oh, bother."

The slayers took a seat on the log that was there on the ground. Donald roughly grabbed his cap and went storming off to get Goofy.

"So why would your feet not be the right way?" The petite blonde wondered.

"After my after-lunch honey snack, Piglet came by. He was going butterfly-chasing, so I thought, where there's butterflies, bees can't be much farther away." He giggled his "Pooh" giggle, causing his nose to scrunch up. "And bees make honey. You wouldn't...happen to have a spare handful or two, would you? My tummy is still rather rumbly."

"Fresh out. Be yours if we did, though." Faith told him, feeling bad for not having anything. They were definitely in the Hundred Acre Wood. "Sorry."

"I shall have to find a little before suppertime, then." He said simply, getting to his feet, and then appeared to be in deep concentration. "Excuse me, but...what were we talking about again? I forgot."

"You went chasing butterflies with Piglet and...?" Buffy supplied, sporting a big, delighted grin.

"And what?" Pooh questioned, not understanding that that was his cue at first. Then he giggled a second time. "Oh. Yes." He paused a moment, letting himself remember. "Well, we were having a wonderful time, and then suddenly, I wasn't following the butterflies anymore. I was going away to where they weren't, which didn't seem right, because I'm sure I wanted to go where they were...I think. It got very confusing."

Okay, okay, so *some* classics had their charms. When they found out what the First was screwing with here, there was going to be serious wrath.

The End

You have reached the end of "Being Stuffed By Fluff". This story is complete.

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