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The Witness

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Summary: Elliot Stabler takes the strangest witness statement of his career.

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Television > Law and Order: SVUAesopFR714625218,04931 Jul 0631 Jul 06Yes


AUTHOR:  Aesop


DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own the characters from either show and earn no profit in writing this.



Eliot Stabler resisted the urge to step back as the man leaned in and glanced around furtively.  The guy stank of cheap beer and obviously hadn’t bathed in some time.

Still, he was the only witness.  Eliot only hoped that there was evidence to back up whatever the man was about to tell him.  There was no way the old wino could testify.


“Yeah, I saw t’ whole thing!  Scary!”


“What did you see, sir?”


“You gotta protect me if I tell ya.  I don’t what happened ta that poor bastard ta happen ta me.”  Eliot assured him that he would be safe, and the man calmed down a bit.  “Just crushed his skull like it was nothin’ and then…”  He shuddered.  That was a reaction Eliot could understand.  Even in his line of work, it was rare to see someone who had had his spine ripped out.  “It was her!”





Munch looked up from the young woman sitting on the hood of his car.  Olivia was standing protectively close, smiling and reassuring her.  He moved a few steps away as Eliot approached and lowered his voice.  “What did he have to say?  Did he see who killed the guy in the alley?”  By the look on his friend’s face, he already knew the answer.  “Pink elephants did it, huh?”


“Actually, that would have been more believable.” Stabler answered sourly.  He nodded to the young woman.  “What about her?” he asked, drawing Munch further away.  “Did she see anything?”


“’Fraid not.  She’s pretty rattled.  Apparently our vic grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the alley.  Too dark to see anything.  Threw her against the wall.  That’s how she got that bruise.  He started to, as she put it, do things that weren’t proper.”


“So, a perv.  Doesn’t mean he deserved that.”  Eliot glanced toward the alley where the ME was at work.


“No argument here,” he agreed.  “She resisted and he banged her head against the wall.  She says she blacked out.  When she came around…” he nodded toward the alley and grimaced.


“Physical evidence?”


“They support her claim.  Clothes and hair messed up from lying on the ground, a little blood in her hair.  She’s not bleeding so its probably splatter from the vic.  We’ll cut her loose as soon as Olivia finishes talking to her.”  Munch glanced in the direction the witness had gone.  “So what did he say?”


Eliot snorted and couldn’t suppress a slight smile as he glanced toward the mousy Texan. She looked like she’d barely be 110 lbs soaking wet.  “That Miss Burkle turned into a blue monster and killed him herself.”



The End

You have reached the end of "The Witness". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking