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A Win-Win situation

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Summary: The PTB give Cordy a new life; a new chance at love, in Smallville, It's a Win-Win Situation

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Smallville > Cordelia-Centered(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1843,5740116,0772 Aug 0615 Oct 08No

It's the Inquisition, let's begin...look out sin.

So it’s been … almost a year… freakin’ aye! But someone begged, and besides none of my stories are abandoned… they are just on hiatus… of the ages…

“Sit dear.” Martha, wonderful host as always, greeted Cordelia with a smile as she entered the kitchen.

“Oh, thank you. That’s really nice of you; everything smells wonderful, like at…” Cordelia trailed off. She had been somewhere, one time, where the person who actually made the yummy breakfast sat down with her and ate it. But she couldn’t remember who. As she slid into her chair she felt like she was slipping through some sort of fog…Her eyes filling up with memories without names, and names coming back without faces, she felt a tear well up and slide down her eye lash.

“What dear?” Martha prompted. While she waited she had sat down, waiting for Cordelia to finish her sentence.

Cordelia looked up. Her expression was one of someone almost completely lost. Not afraid but just lost, wandering through the expanses in front of them with no direction. Her face held this way for a beat, but Cordelia suddenly looked at Clark, and seemed to come back to her senses, even if she was still quite lost. “Nothing, nothing, I just can’t remember when the last time I had a home-cooked breakfast.” She smiled at Clark and at John in earnest.

“Well it’s time we dig in, a big day ahead of everyone.” John said matter of fact-ly, his tone not as kind as it could have been.


After eating breakfast and clearing away the plates they sat down in the living room, while Martha ruled the kitchen Jonathan found himself most able to control situations in the barn or the living room, and since Cordelia didn’t have any ears of corn growing on her, the living room was where John launched into what could be called the great Smallville inquisition.

“So Cordelia.” John said not enjoying the feeling of her name around his tongue (which was funny since it pleased so many others).

“So Mr. Kent.” Cordelia fired back. It was going to be a battle of wills if one of them didn’t start making some sort of progression.

“How’d you find us?” John said leveling his gaze at Cordelia’s eyes.

“Yellow pages.” Cordelia wouldn’t be ruffled. She knew only a handful of truths right now but one that stuck out in her mind is no one talks to Cordelia Chase like she’s a common anything. “Mr. Kent, I told you what I remember, that’s it, that’s all I have, the clothes on my back, my Swiss-cheese memory and the hope that I’m here for a good reason.”

“No wait a minute, young lady. I’m just trying to get an idea of who you are, and why you’re here. Secrets are not easy to keep Smallville, but this family has done a fairly good job for eighteen or so years.” Jonathan said carefully, giving Clark a meaningful look.

Cordelia followed his eyes and looked at Clark who was on the same couch as her, not cozy close but not at the other end. “A secret. What? Some big-bad loan shark is looking for the star quarter-back to throw the game or something?” Cordelia was still from a hellmouth, she knew evil when she saw it, smelt it or felt it, but nothing felt evil here.

“No. Cordelia, we don’t have any problems like that, Clark keeps himself away from gambling with his talents.” John answered smartly.

“Cordelia, honey maybe can you tell us more about yourself?” Martha was able to draw some of the tension out of the conversation by momentarily changing the subject.

“Well, I’m eighteen, a senior in high school, my boyfriend and I broke up, at some point, recently, I think.” Cordelia made a puzzled face, she felt the hurt and betrayal of Xander smooching Willow, but it all seemed so faded away, and she tried to remember why she had been out with Angel on a school night in L.A. which was… Not where she was living… was it? She continued with what she remembered. “I work for my friend’s private detective agency, sometimes. I have these crazy friends and we do a lot of studying in our library, with Wes, who is like the assistant librarian, he’s all British, but less tweedy than…” That other guy, she saw his face, he used to be Ripper, but now it’s…gone she knew him but the harder she tried to hold onto him the more of his name and self began to slip away. “I’ve been homecoming Queen, uh I had a horse for a while, I’m a terrific rider actually, I had these great Italian riding boots, that looked like the new Dior ones that were wait listed at Neiman’s, but I’d had the riding boots for years, when I wore my riding boots to school it was the funniest thing, Harm nearly died…” Cordelia realized somewhere after she started talking about Dior boots she probably was boring poor Clark. Guys liked to look at sexy boots, not hear about them.

It seemed Cordelia’s story fragments seemed to throw a wet blanket on Jonathan’s inferno of suspicions.

“Well it seems that maybe you really are just…” Jonathan searched for words as he cooled down.

“Lost.” Martha supplied helpfully.

“Lost.” John seconded compassionately.

“Well I can respect you wanting to take care of your family Mr. Kent, I mean for all you knew I could be some demon.” Cordelia realized about a second after it came out of her mouth what she had said.

“Demon?” John eyed her curiously.

“Did I say demon?” Cordelia laughed nervously. “I meant like evil doer, untrustworthy person. When you say someone’s a devil …you know he’s just the devil incarnate, it’s, it’s like that. Yeah, that’s what I mean.

“Well now that that’s settled, since Clark it seems you’ve taken the day off from school, you could run some errands for me?” Martha said diverting attention away from Cordelia.

“Sure Mom, just make a list, I’ll take care of it.” Clark said his eyes on Cordelia.

“And when you’re done you’ll go to school and find out what your home work is?” Martha said ever the watchful mother.

“And when I’m done I’ll go to school and find out what my home work is.” Clark answered.

“Take Cordelia, with you sweetie, that way she can see some of the town.” Martha added. Her eyes twinkling as she wrote her shopping list in the kitchen.

“Sure.” Clark said in somewhat of a daze as the two got up from the couch and headed towards the door, off the kitchen.

“Here you go sweetie.” Martha said, kissing Clark’s cheek as she handed him money for groceries and the list.

As they walked out the door and went to Clark’s pickup Clark turned to Cordelia “How’d you know I was a quarterback?”
Cordelia smiled “Somethings you can just tell.” She said “That and I saw your varsity jacket on the coat rack by the door. Besides what else would you be?”

TBC… hopefully sooner than last time…

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Win-Win situation" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Oct 08.

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