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A Win-Win situation

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Summary: The PTB give Cordy a new life; a new chance at love, in Smallville, It's a Win-Win Situation

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Smallville > Cordelia-Centered(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1843,5740116,0772 Aug 0615 Oct 08No

Chapter One

I own Nothing! Cordy and her history etc. is of Joss's mind and Clark and his group is of the DC/WB dynasty
The Why:
The story of what Cordy gets into post “you’re welcome” episode…
Clark wants someone who can share his secrets and love him…His loneliness was sending this chipper senior into an Emo-like depression…he was good at hiding it but hiding isn’t living

This all made me think…hey the PTB owe Cordy big and they want Clark to be Superman…what better way to make a win-win situation than smooshing Cordy and Clark together?
BTW {in here are thoughts}
“Cordelia Chase. Come forward.”

Cordelia Chase walked forward in the minimalist realm towards the marble dais. She was officially dead now. Her body was in the earth, she even went back down to watch them bury her. At night of course, it would be unfair if two of her best friends could not attend. The service was beautiful she would have liked a more elaborate head stone with a more lyrical epitaph, but you can’t begrudge the grief-stricken, it was tacky.

“Cordelia you have aided the powers well. Far beyond what any of us thought you could accomplish.

{Oh thanks, that’s special}

But praising you is not the sole purpose of you being here, Cordelia, do you feel that your life. Was well spent?” The matronly power asked.

{Do I what? My life? You mean lack there of. I wanted love, children, to help more, to be more, I wanted a life that was older than a bottle of good wine.}

“I feel my life was really quite full and impressive for the length of it was but I ended up missing so much….” She trailed off. It was sad and bitter sweet, and then in true Quen C fashion she ranted a bit “I wanted a life, love, children, a career of my own, and yet here I am; non-corperal and very much alone watching the ones I love move on...And did you look at what I’m in...A flowy robey nightmare! I Just...I can’t believe that that’s it...I’m done...I’m sure heaven is great and all but. I can’t help but thinking that I got a raw deal...”

Cordelia seemed to hold of her self and shut her mouth...A more timid person would have slapped a hand over her mouth for fear of what else she would say, but Cordy just stood tall, sighed and looked straight at the powers and waited for what came next.

“Then I think we have another place in the world for you.” The Matronly power smiled.

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