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Inuyasha's Fruits Basket

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Summary: Tohru's class is on a trip to the local shrine. What happens when Yuki's fan club pushes Tohru into the well? Humor, romance, action/adventure and drama.

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Anime > Inuyasha
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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Out of the Fire and into...

Inuyasha’s Fruits Basket. Chapter 10. Out of the Fire and into...

Tears were streaking her face as Tohru was thrown bodily into a darkened room. She collapsed to the wooden floor thanking her mother above that she could at long last feel the ground beneath her. Her heart racing wildly she looked up praying she wasn’t being fed to some creature. She had seen thousands of them before they landed.

Only the light from a single lamp lighted the shadows of the building she was in. The room was sparsely decorated. Only a table and two bed rolls were there. Tohru got shakily to her feet and tried desperately to calm down.

Mom what am I going to do? I was kidnaped...What if they are going to feed me to one of those creatures? If I can somehow get away how will I ever find my way back to Yuki, Kyo and the well? Tohru was in full blown panic mode and she hadn’t even realized that she wasn’t alone.

“Take deep slow breaths or you will hyperventilate.” A voice from the darkened corner penetrated the haze of her panic. Looking up Tohru saw who had spoke to her. It was a young boy sitting in a darkened corner. He was only a few years younger than she.

Kohaku rested against the wall plotting and planning. How will I ever get close enough to destroy Narakus’ heart if they keep me here all of the time? Kohaku took a deep breath. Patience, I must be patient. Wait down wind of the creature I am hunting until it comes into my sights. If I go running after it, I will lose the element of surprise. If I am patient, Narakus’ life will be in my hands. Kohaku chanted this litany in his mind. It was really difficult acting like a mindless puppet all of the time. The act was beginning to take its toll. I can do this. I just need to be strong, like father was before I.... He could not continue thinking like this. If I ever hope to atone for all of the things I have done I cannot think about what happened... About what I did. The shell around his heart was threatening to crack. He would be found crying and blubbering if he didn’t get control of his thoughts and feelings soon. Then Naraku would either kill him or erase his memories again.

The Soji door opened suddenly distracting him from his thoughts and a teenage girl not that much older than him was thrown inside. Kohaku blinked. That isn’t Kagome. He knew that Pythos was going to try and capture Kagome and return her to this building where Kohaku and Kagura were to keep her until Naraku would give them further instructions. He watched with bemusement as the young girl started to panic. He didn’t want to break his charade of the mindless dummy but he couldn’t stand to see her so frightened. If she doesn’t calm down, she will hurt herself. He thought and the next thing he knew words were coming out of his mouth. “Take deep slow breaths or you will hyperventilate.”

No! If Kagura or Kanna heard me, they would tell Naraku that I’m not under his control anymore. Then I will never get close enough to that baby he is using to hide his heart. I’ll never be able to destroy Naraku. Cautiously he looked around and realized that he was alone with the girl.

“Oh! Pardon me! I am so sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Tohru Honda. I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier, I didn’t notice you over there in the corner you see and I have been having the strangest day. Are you someone Snake San kidnaped too?”

Kohaku blinked. She was so different from anybody he had ever met. She was so friendly and cheerful, though he could see that she was frightened. Not to mention that she called Pythos, Snake San. She seemed very unusual. Her short kimono was like Kagomes’ and it was most revealing. Kohaku couldn’t help the blush that stole over his face as he considered this. Suddenly he realized that she was waiting patiently for his response.

“My name is Kohaku.” He stated. He had no idea how to explain his position with the evil Naraku. How do you explain that you were pretending to serve Naraku, the creature that used you to kill your own family? A creature of pure evil? How do you explain that he continued to commit evil acts on behalf of Naraku just so he wouldn’t be discovered, even after his memories were returned to him? All in the hope of being able to kill a demon baby?

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Kohaku San.” Tohru bowed politely. “Do you have any ideas about how we could escape from here? There were lots of scary creatures out there but I don’t think it would be wise to stay.”

“I can’t help you.”

“Well, maybe Mom will find a way of helping both of us. She is in heaven and watches over me. I think she sent me to the Sohmas. They have all helped me so much. It is like I have a family again.” Her last words were spoken in a whisper and were not meant for Kohaku to hear but he did. He couldn’t help but be curious about this girl. He had been so lonely for so long; the need for a friend was overwhelming. He asked her questions about herself and she ended up telling him about how her father died when she was young, her two friends Hanna and Uo, the family that had taken her in the Sohmas and above all her beloved mother.

She started blushing wildly when she realized how much she was talking about herself. She really wanted to know about Kohaku. Turning the conversation, she found herself listening to Kohaku.

To his own amazement he told her of his life, death and what had happened after. He told her everything things that were still a mystery within his heart he found voice to. She listened without judging him her heart in her eyes. When he was finished, he felt so light like she had taken the world from his shoulders and given him peace in it’s place. He could see some understanding within her eyes and wondered at its presence. How could she possibly understand how he was feeling even in part?

“Kohaku, I’m so sorry. I know I couldn’t possibly understand everything you have been through. I know how it feels. For a long time after my mother died I was convinced that it was my fault. I knew that it wasn’t my fault. But I couldn’t help feeling that it was anyway. If I had gotten up and said good bye to her would she have been a minute or two later and missed being in the accident? What if I could have done something to stop it from happening? I know you feel responsible but Kohaku you told me yourself that you couldn’t control what was happening.”

“I know. I was being controlled. There was nothing I could do. But that doesn’t change the fact that I did it. I am responsible for the death of all of my family.”

“Kohaku, have you ever thought that if you weren’t there they just would have done the same thing anyway. They just would have used someone else instead. Nothing can bring them back. Nothing can bring back my mother. In order to get by I try to honor my mothers’ memory. I try to live the life that she would have wanted me to live. I know you feel you have to atone by finding a way to kill this Naraku person but, I think your father would have wanted you to live. I think that your family would have wanted you and your sister to help and comfort each other. She is alone too. There are better ways of atoning for past mistakes then throwing your life away in one moment of redemption. It is a lot harder to live then to throw your life away seeking vengeance. I don’t mean to tell you what to do but I think your sister could really use you.”

“I don’t want to run away from facing Naraku. I can be strong even if it does kill me I will kill Naraku.”

“Death is the easy way out. It is a lot harder to live.” Tohru stated sadly. “If you decide to strive to live the kind of life your family wanted for you it will be hard. It is hard facing the fact that you are alive when they are dead. But Kohaku the best things in life come from the amount of effort you are willing to put into them.” Tohru suddenly blushed and became flustered from the look he was giving her. “I’m so sorry! That came out all wrong, I wasn’t judging you. I just want you to live and try to find some happiness. I am sure that is what your family would have wanted.”

Kohaku nodded, he had tears in his eyes. Was he just trying to escape the pain of living with loss? This girl, knew what it was like to live with loss she seemed to genuinely try to lift people up. When he first met her he thought that she was inhumanly upbeat. But he could see that while she did have pain and loss she didn’t let it drag her down. She instead tried to lift everyone else around her up.

Kohaku could fight and kill demons. He could face monsters that would cause normal people nightmares but looking at this young girl he suddenly found himself feeling like a coward. Hiding behind his oath of vengeance.

“Thank you Tohru. You have given me a lot to think about.” He stated as he became lost in his own thoughts. Then he heard them coming. “Someone is coming please act like I haven’t said anything to you this whole time.”

Tohru started panicking wondering how she was supposed to act like that. She wasn’t a good actress. They would know for sure. She didn’t realize it but in panicking she was acting just the way Kohaku asked her to.

What do I do? How should I act? What do I say? I still don’t know why they kidnaped me. Kohaku and I got distracted on other things. Ack! Tohru was shouting in her mind.

Kagura opened the door to see a young girl who was defiantly not Kagome. She seemed to be freaking out. Kagome would probably be shouting about something at this point. Suddenly the girl realized that Kagura was there and bowed. Kagura couldn’t help but pull a face in surprise at this.

“Hello! I’m Tohru Honda. Please who are you and why was I brought here?” Then she noticed Pythos behind Kagura.

“Oh, Hello Snake San. I am so sorry I panicked you see I’m afraid of heights and I have never really been kidnaped before. I’m a little nervous. Please will you let me go?”

Snake san? Thought Kagura laughing at the thought of honoring the snake youki so highly. She was secretly delighted that Pythos had messed up. Now someone else would be in Naraku’s bad graces besides her. Of course he might be in a bad mood because of this Naraku just might end up taking it out on me. She thought her bad mood returning.

“Pythos you fool! You brought the wrong girl!” She hissed before turning and leaving.

“What? You Ssstupid girl! Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t Kagome?” He shouted rushing at her in his anger with his fangs barred.

“I...I’m sorry. You didn’t ask.” She stated. “I really should have introduced myself!” She stated berating herself.

“Die!” Pythos screeched as he lashed out to bite her. Tohru brought her arm up to block him biting her but he only bit her arm instead and slapped her.

“Kohaku, get rid of her. Throw her out to be eaten by the demons of the forest, my poissson will kill her if the demonsss don’t. It will be Ssslow and painful.” He smirked and strode off.

“P.p.poision?” Tohru stuttered in fear just before she fainted.

A.N. Ok I feel so sorry for Tohru. She is having the worst day! I am not trying to torture her it’s just what needs to happen for the plot. I promise. Please review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Inuyasha's Fruits Basket" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Feb 07.

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