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Inuyasha's Fruits Basket

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Summary: Tohru's class is on a trip to the local shrine. What happens when Yuki's fan club pushes Tohru into the well? Humor, romance, action/adventure and drama.

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Anime > Fruits Basket
Anime > Inuyasha
(Past Donor)FireDragonFR15713,583174,5922 Aug 0612 Feb 07No

Chapter One

Non Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover with Inuyasha and Fruits Basket.

This is also being posted at Fanfiction dot net as CallaRose4ever

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket or Inuyasha.

Possible spoilers: for Fruits Basket Volume 19 For Inuyasha the entire Anime series is game.

Hello everyone it’s me, Tohru Honda, again. It’s kind of sudden but right now I am on a field trip with my class. We have come to a shrine with the Bone Eaters Well inside. Here we are learning about the legend of the Shikon No Tama, or Shikon Jewel.

An old man stood before the class lecturing about his family’s shrine and the Bone Eaters Well. Slowly at first and then in increasing numbers the students wandered off to look around the Shrine; leaving the old man who continued to talk to himself for a long moment before he realized no one was listening. Tohru Honda was walking between Kyo and Yuki as usual when...

“Shigure San!” Tohru called out in surprise.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Kyo growled.

Shigure walked over a mischievous grin on his face. “Kyo, Kyo, Kyo...That should be obvious even to you. As a responsible adult I am helping to supervise your outing of course.”

“A responsible adult...that will be the day!” Kyo hissed under his breath.

“And the fact that you get to see high school girls never entered into it? Hmmm?” Yuki’s mellow voice accused.

But Shigure was already looking around at all the high school girls. “Highschool girls! Highschool girls all for me...highschool girls. Young nubile highschool girls!” Shigure cried out in a sing song voice as he was busy looking around at all of the cute highschool girls. Yuki and Kyo blushed a bright red. They could feel large droplets of sweat drip down from their foreheads and fall down to the cement below.

“Miss Honda...” Yuki turned to try and take her attention away from his cousins behavior only to find she wasn’t there anymore. “Miss Honda? Where did she go?”

“Tohru?” Kyo called out. “Well that’s just great! The pervert has gone and frightened her off!” Turning Kyo walked over to the shrine covering the Bone Eaters Well and looked in to see if she was in there. At first all he saw were Yuki fan club girls but then he saw Tohru in the middle leaning out dangerously over the well.

“I’m sorry I can’t see anything.” Tohru stated apologetically.

“Are you sure Tohru? Lean in closer and try again.”

“Tohru watch out!” Kyo shouted at just the same time that Yuki cried out, “Miss Honda watch out!” Together they bolted forward to try and catch her just as the fan club girls pushed Tohru in. Together the three of them fell in but when they should have crashed into the ground they continued through a tunnel with a strange blue light. Together they landed on the other side Tohru, a white rat, an orange cat and a pile of clothes.

Tohru sat dazed and swirly eyed for a moment. “Miss Honda, are you alright?” The small white rat asked.

“I’m ok. I’m alright.” Tohru stated her head still spinning wildly. Then she gasped as she realized Yuki and Kyo were in their zodiac forms. “Wow!” She laughed nervously and loudly, “That was an incredible magic trick! Ok, move it along, nothing more to see here.” She called up to the fan club girls at the top of the well. Only; they weren’t there. Instead of the roof to the shrine there was sky clear and blue.

Tohru climbed up the well to give the boys privacy to change back to their human forms. Once there she sat at the mouth of the well looking out at the landscape in complete and utter shock. There was no shrine and no buildings at all as far as she could see. She was in a forest glade. She walked over to where she saw the great tree. It at least was still there. In her shock she didn’t hear Yuki and Kyo as they climbed out of the well and came looking for her.

“Tohru why didn’t you answer us? We were worried about you?”

Tohru didn’t answer; instead she pointed her finger to the tree. “Th..that is the...the same tree as at the shrine. Wh..Where are we?”

“Don’t be stupid. It can’t be the same tree obviously someone is playing some kind of trick on us.”

“I don’t think so,” Yuki stated, “something strange is going on here Kyo.” Together they looked around at everything. Neither Yuki or Kyo quite felt up to their usual banter as they realized that they were in serious trouble.

“Were in the middle of the woods. What are we going to do? What about wild animals?” Tohru was starting to panic. She started moving around in wild and crazy ways.

“Miss Honda please calm down, We just need to stick together...We can’t be that far from the shrine. Maybe the well, we fell into, is connected to this well, we came out of...and we just rolled when we hit the bottom.” Yuki knew he was grasping at straws but he felt he had to help Tohru to calm down.

“Yeah right. Stupid rat! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.”

“You aren’t exactly being helpful you stupid cat.”

“Like I’d want to help you! I wouldn’t help you if you were at the bottom of a well.”

Yuki sighed and ignored Kyo as he continued listing all the times he would never help Yuki out. “Or if you were the last person on earth or if....”

“Are you feeling any better Miss Honda?” Yuki asked. She had stopped prancing around in a full blown panic but her eyes were still dazed and swirly. A loud rustling in the bushes snapped her out of it and she looked with wide frightful eyes to the thick growth.

“What if it is a bear? AHH IT”S JASON!!” Tohru shouted in fear.

“Ahh Jason!” Kyo cried out finally stopping his list.

Yuki sighed. He was about to explain Shigure’s joke he had played on them when a creature unlike anything they had ever seen loomed up over the bushes. It was around 10 feet tall and had large pincers. It looked like a giant preying mantis.

“I don’t think it’s Jason.” Kyo stated in a monotone voice. I wish it were though He thought to himself.

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