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Captive Love

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Summary: TtH Summer Fic-a-Thon; Dawn is kidnapped, but it's not by someone out to get Buffy. The kidnapper is looking for her boyfriend, Adam Pierson.

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Highlander > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Methos(Moderator)KaylaShayFR1323,5811247,7582 Aug 062 Aug 06Yes


IllustrationTITLE: Captive Love
AUTHOR: Kayla Shay

DISCLAIMER: BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and respective parties while all things Highlander are owned by Davis-Panzer Productions and rest.

NOTES: Written for KatSqueaks for the TtH Summer Fic-a-Thon. Guidelines:
Dawn // Angel // Spike; Highlander // Firefly // Harry Potter
Romance between an older man and younger girl; A lot of drama, everything is tense...; Someone finding out something about themselves that they didn't previously know
Character death; Cheesy sexual scenes or scenes that are full of nothing but mindless humor; Slash

She opened her eyes, feeling an intense pain in her abdomen. As the seconds passed, the pain lessened. Disoriented, she tried to sit up and came face to face with Adam. As she stared into his eyes, she felt a sensation start at the base of her spine and it slowly crept up her back, settling at the base of her skull. Something told her that her world had changed again.

She ran her hand across the bloody rip in her shirt. Gingerly, she reached her finger inside and gasped as she felt the smooth, albeit sticky, surface of her skin where the sword had run her through. She felt Adam’s hand close over her own and pull it away. Looking back into his eyes, she realized that whatever had happened, whatever she had become, he knew the answers.

It seemed an eternity had passed as the two sat in a silence neither were eager to break. But Dawn had questions she wanted answered and goddess help Adam if he didn’t answer.

“So,” the word seemed to reverberate within the stone walls. “ I, um, I guess you wouldn’t know why I’m not up floating on a cloud, strumming a harp right now? Cause, hello, I seem to be alive and not even scratched after having an Ivanhoe run through me!” She stopped, having screamed the last part at him. She winced at the brief shadow that crossed his eyes at the mention of what had just happened, of what he had done to her. Dawn reached up to wipe the tears that were forming in her eyes, not even paying attention to the blood she had just smeared across her face.

Adam moved his hand to slide his fingers down her cheek and brought them to rest on her shoulder. “Dawn, if I could have done something, anything different, I would have. I should have been able to stop my thrust when I saw Cassandra grab you for a shield. It shouldn’t have been this way. Not for you.” He paused, thinking on something.

“Look, what happened,” Dawn snorted, “well, it happened. You were delivering a killing blow and those are hard to stop. If it was anyone’s fault, it was that bitch that kidnapped me.”

For the first time since waking up, she looked around and found no sign of the aforementioned bitch. “Speaking of,” Dawn waved her hand at the room, “what happened to her? After all that, I don’t see her taking off without finishing the job she started.”

Adam squeezed her shoulder, as if to reassure himself that she was really there, “She thought the job was done,” he said in a whisper. Then his voice picked up, “Don’t blame Cassandra. It was,” he paused to consider his words, “let’s say she had a reason for doing what she did. Whether it was right or wrong, that’s all in the eye of the beholder.” He wasn’t ready for her to know his past; he wasn’t sure if he ever wanted her to know.

“I should never have allowed myself to become involved with you. It gave her an opening for attack. And attacks are something I generally avoid.” He mumbled something after that, but all Dawn caught was “damn boy scout,” which only left more questions.

She reached up to run her hand through her tangled hair, but stopped when she remembered the still wet blood on her hand. “Damn, I’m going to need a haircut now. Cause this blood,” she tugged at a few strands for emphasis, “so not washing out.” She chuckled as the fact that she had resorted to her “family’s” way of coping; by focusing on the inane.

Adam looked her over, as if questioning her sanity, so she decided it was time to go for broke. “Well, now that we’ve bypassed the main topic enough, can you explain what the hell happened tonight?” She took a deep breath, “And please tell me why I’m alive.”

Adam regarded her expression, a mix of worry and anger. Compared to other people he had explained their immortality to, she seemed to be taking it all in stride. It was almost as if she was expecting some life altering condemnation to come from his mouth, which wasn’t far from the truth. Telling young kids they were going to become headhunters or die was MacLeod’s area, not his, especially in this age of television watchers and Internet surfers. So, he decided to skip around the subject a little more and hope she caught on. She was the top student in his class after all.

“Well, to begin with, you were wrong.” He thought that should throw her off for a minute or two at least.

Dawn just looked at him with confusion written on her face. “What? Wrong how?”

“Earlier. You said I was delivering a killing blow.” He paused to work out his next words, “It wasn’t a killing blow. It was meant to slow her down while I got you the hell out of here. And possibly the hell out of North America.” He watched the confusion continue on her face, her mind working hard to follow his words.

“But,” she glanced at the hole in her shirt, “how could that not kill her?”

Adam smirked as he turned her words back at her, “How did it not kill you?” He watched her mouth gape a few times before it straightened to a thin line.

“Okay mister, tell me everything now, or…” She looked around and saw the discarded Ivanhoe beside her, still coated with her blood. Smiling, she continued, “Or I will run that sword through you and see if you wake up too. Right now, I don’t think I care if you do or don’t.” She crossed her arms and gave him a pointed look, “But I kind of think you will.”

The look from her caused Adam to wince. It also reminded him why he was drawn to her in the first place. She had the spirit of a fighter and, more importantly, a survivor. With a new conviction in his heart, he knew she would get through this change in her life.

“Alright,” he started in and tried not to pull any punches. “You’re an immortal. You aged normally until your first death, which, if you hadn’t noticed, just happened. From this point on, you won’t age,” he paused to glance up and down at her body, “physically at least. You’ll have complete recovery from most injuries and any death except for one. Decapitation will kill you permanently.”

He stopped to gauge her reaction to this point. Unlike most, who started yelling that this was all impossible or that God had sent them back on a mission, she was quiet and seemed to be debating something. At least she didn’t look like shock was setting in, so he continued on. “There are others out there, Cassandra and myself included. Typically, we meet in battle, one on one, the winner gets the head and therefore the quickening, or life force if you will, of the loser. It is said, that in the end there can be only one.”

Dawn filtered the new information, but one thought pounded through her head when she heard the words about never dying. Buffy was never supposed to jump in her place. She was immortal; she would have survived. Of course, she would have been stuck as a fourteen-year-old kid for eternity, but Buffy could have been spared. Hell, everything could have gone differently. Willow may not have crossed the black magic line, Buffy wouldn’t have turned to Spike, Xander, Anya, Tara, the list went on and on. Maybe, just maybe, the First wouldn’t have gotten its foothold. The “what ifs” kept running through her head, until a sharp voice brought her crashing back to reality.

“Dawn!” Adam shouted at her for the third time and she finally jumped.

“Huh.” Dawn snorted as she pictured herself turning into Oz. “So, according to you, I’ll live forever, not age, unless, of course, someone chops off my head.” She was contemplative for a moment, “It must have been a bitch during the French revolution.”

Adam snorted at that, “You have no idea.”

Dawn looked at him with a slight smile creeping up. “So, I go around chopping heads off in hopes of being the “one” with all the power at the end.” She shook her head, “Just great, I go from the weird to the sublime in less than a decade. It’s got to be a record.”

At Adam’s confused look, she got back on track. It probably wasn’t the best time to talk about her “other” life. “So, what do we do now? I don’t think I’m up for beheading you or, you know, vice versa, but I could go for killing you a couple of times. I mean, you’ll get better and I think a little violence could clear my head right up.” She paused and looked over her blood soaked body, “A shower, I could also use a shower about right now.”

Adam questioned her sanity once more. “Let’s get out of here. Not every immortal tries to behead on site. Most just try to live.” He pulled her to her feet and then reached for his Ivanhoe. “I’ll answer your questions while you clean up. Then we’ll need to begin your training. Swords, martial arts, even firearms since not all of us play by the rules.” He spun her around to gaze into her eyes, “I thought that I lost you tonight. I will not lose you in the future because you lack the skill to defend yourself in a fight, or even fight dirty if you have too.” He pulls her into a tight hug, both clinging onto something that had only grown stronger with the night’s events.

After moments, or possibly eternity, Adam pulled away. “Eventually,” he cupped her chin in his hand, “you’ll need to “die” to your family. They will notice when you aren’t aging and it is usually harder if you hold on to them.”

Dawn smirked at the thought of what her “family” would think about this turn of events. To think that only this morning she was worried what they would think about her dating an older professor. She then watched said professor walk in front of her and a wicked smile came to her face. “You’d be surprised at what my family notices. And about that training,” she walked past him and gave his butt a firm smack with a quick cup at the end, “you better not expect me to be a pushover, or you’ll be sorely mistaken.”

She continued in front of him with extra sway to her hips. “By the way,” she turned to stare at him with large, blinking doe eyes, “if your immortal and don’t age, just how old are you? You see I have this thing for older men, which I totally blame on my sister.” She turned back around as she headed away from the stone room and into her new life. “Much older men.”

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Captive Love". This story is complete.

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